Warlock - Hellbound lyrics


01. Hellbound

Now it's time
Now I will try
To realise my desire
To strike back.

l'm prepared for this time
To kill demons of crime
I will fight
Fight for my right
For many years
I've been under a curse.

I swear I've been under spell
The time is right
I will free from this hells
Oh, everywhere I see
Ghost all around.

I'll take my weapon
Of attack
Without fear
Of death I wait.

I feel ghosts
Are all around
I hold my ground
To survive.

02. All Night

Your evil eyes are cold as ice
Your face is so wild
Like the beak of an eagle, that cries.

I feel the danger, but I can't break loose
My heart is on fire
And every flame is called, you

Can you feel my love?

You're gonna burn my heart...

Alright all night, alright with you
Feel all right all night
Take me, take me, and take me cruel.

You are talking of the night, the demon ready to fight
I'm your witch queen
And thought thunder and lighting we ride.

I feel the danger
I can't break loose
You are the son of the devil
l'm longing for you.

03. Earthshaker Rock

Hey you, whatcha gonna do
Watchcase gonna do tonight
Stand up and let it out
Metal rock is here tonight.

In the street a wave of heat
Burning half the town
Finish the day in a rocking good way.

Out of hell and out of fire
The night is filled with dark desire
Metal sounds will take you higher
Listen to the beat all through the night.

When you get here
You will see the light
And sounds will heat up
The heat of the night.

Earthshaker rock
Come on, make you tell alright
State of shock metal rock.

Higher, higher
Set your light on fire
You get higher
Bang your head, bang your head.

04. Wrathchild

Just beyond the neon lights
Where the city is full of rats
It's a never-ending fight
Between good'n'evil
You must be strong
Or you will die.

You got the guts
And got the power
To break out
So you ain't running.

This is your story
It's all about you
You beat up everyone in your way
Never satisfied
With a wall around you.

But you ain't gonna lose
Cause you're the one
Break the chains
You ain't gonna lose
Cause you're the one
To run throught hell and flames.

05. Down And Out

Hey guy
It's not in order
To walk around like the lads
Cause for people of my age
You're a stranger
You're from a distant scene.

Like a fox in cage
Like a junkie without it
And I can dearly make out
You don't have no die
l'd rather just forget you
Don't know what my life's all about.

And you run and run and run
Can't get away
You just try to escape
From your age l'm afraid
Pretending to be young.

You can't get it done
Down and out, you're a burn
You can't get it done
Down and out, you're a loser.

06. Out Of Control

Drums in the night give me a sign
I hear the sound of war
That is echoing thought the streets.

I can feel
Cold, metal steel.

The rhythm of death
Is burning in my mind all the time.

Running thought the night
To the master
With thoughts of destruction in my brains.

Out of control
I can hear the warlord calling
Give your soul.

The bells of fire
Ringing out so loud
Back to attack.

Drums of the night make me wild
The hounds of hell are getting closer
With their gleaming eyes.

07. Time To Die

Restless I close my eyes
Can't sleep at all
Think about my million lies
Think about my life.

When darkness takes over
I believe in damnation
Nobody knows my dreams
My fears and thoughts and pall my pain.

I feel the pain tonight
Blood in my eyes
Under the curse
Under the bad curse of nightmares.

Tonight it's time to die
The shadows take me
To the damned in the darkness
Tonight it's time to die
All my nightmares will Como true
Into the darkness
l'm falling with fear
Unholy faces come near.

I feel the pain tonight
Blood in my eyes
Under the curse
Under the bad curse of nightmares.

08. Shout It Out

Get away and start all over
Think about your own
Maybe you have to try
When time is right for you
Oh! You're gonna find a way
To make it all better
But leave the wail nightmare
Hear the sound of music
Feel the night is so remote.

So pave the way for
Pave the way for
What you wanna do
So do it
What you wanna do
So go and do it
Try to find your destination
Things can get you so high
When you know what's life
Then you can't get enough.

09. Catch My Heart

Tonight, the starlight flows into my window
l'm watching the wheels turning round.

Tomorrow sleeps in the same old lonely places
Just an empty dream filled with yesterday's faces
Can you tell me, where are my memories?

I was a dream on fire...

I want to dream on forever with you boy
But, I feel so blue.

Catch my heart...
Don't you leave me here, so alone.

Catch my heart
Catch my heart
Of I can feel it falling right down to the ground.

Too long, too strong
l'd trade all this madness
For your company.

When fortune and flame meet
They ask their price and you pay
Success in the name of the game
But where are my memories?