Mandrake - Mary Celeste lyrics


01. Mary Celeste

Leaderless in mysty fog
no souls left onboard
abandoned sailing far from shores
denied to reach her port

Mournful voices, howling screams
are carried by the wind
in isty nights the ocean sings
of those who died therein

The whole ship a wet mess
vanished souls of Mary Celeste
this shall be their final fate
to sing the ocean's secret tale

Yearning ghosts on ocean's ground
still remain undone
with every fallen teardrop's sound
another verse is sung

02. Crystals Of Forgiveness

I remember thy voice as a promise
carressing my soul
doubt has grown and poisoned me
abusing angel's secret wishes
to fill the lack that though has left
with crystals of forgiveness

And these tears are just for me
to keep this sacred memory
sheltered from thy words
nothing but the truth has passed

Step closer, angel, touch my skin
enchant my heart with all thy sin

03. Fragile

Moonlight glowing carefully
caressing my mind's eye
with fragile moments of distress
memories (denied)

Voices whisper silently
Intensively my name
assuring me to find an end
their echoes still remain

Ghosts and demons, come to me
grant me sight upon the stars
i know, there is still more to see
inside it's only dark...

How i wish that i could speak
to someone by my side
and how i wish that i could see
a world before my eyes

Moonlight glowing carefully
caressing my mind's eye
i hide inside my inner self
since nothing is outside

04. Forgiven

Punish me, my darkness
as i wander blind
on paths i never dared to go
lead me until i find

And now that i am willing
to reach another day
i find myself forgiven
no words are left to say

Wipe me now, my silence
as i still am deaf
to words i never dared to hear
guide me until i speak

Awaken, oh my senses
as i cannot fell
dreams i never dared to share
lead me until i kneel

05. Adore

How long i drown you
in the sea?
how long will i miss you
to be free?

Oh, how i adore life
by god, it's just not mine
those single moments i enjoy
i could leave them anytime

How long can i trust you?
care for me
how long will i hold you?

Wisdom, fill my empty mind
divine shall i become
and hide behind my mask of pride
forgiveness yet undone...

06. Masquerade

I thought i opened myself
shared my deepest passion
was so sure that you beheld
my secret dream's redemption

Nothing here has ever changed
still i kneel in confidence
wait for the winds to take my hand
truth drowns before my eyes

Let me not see its honour fade
balmy pain in masquerade
please let truth retain its soul
far away we will grow old

All alone i find no grace
only last word's cold embrace
lost emotions i once knew
i give what i should take from you

07. Sweet Desolation

The voice of water awakens me
a tale of sorrow told
let me to its breathing listen
and in my heart its pain behold
as i leave i'll often turn
makes me think it's not in vain
unearthly singing guides my way
sweet desolation where i'll stay

Into some wond'rous worlds i'll go
and hide this pain you'll never know
predestin'd path, i folllow thee
keep their truth away from me

I turn to you, my dear bereaved
and innocence is called away
let me, for one moment please
find freedom, no more freedoms shade
this is what you all desire
life is here to onc expire
breathe a prayer into the night
to frighten death as he frightens light

08. Moments (Touched By Time)

Shelter me from what i feel
for what i know should not be real
silence breaks into my mind
i listen to its voice divine

A single moment, touched by time
so useless with thy words combined
growing through the past of mine
nothing yet remains

I wipe at their deceitful fate
wipe that all their pain is desolate
remember now what could have been
if only they could learn to see...

Painful seems it, death to serve
through broken mirrors i observe
birth again, and all the same
i watch them slowly pass away

A single thought by fear disturbed
what i now swear shall not be heard
no modern mind will know these words
since all have passed away

09. Breathe

Lie to me
shelter me
burn my youth
rape the truth...

Wound me deep
watch me bleed
feel my pain
all the same...

Pain will surely end someday
nothing here can harm me
pain will surely end someday
i am a widow of my grief

Cease to breathe
on your knees
fall asleep
cry for me...

All we've shared
be prepared
break my heart
never part...

Live my dream
still unseen
hope has died
so have i...

10. Solace

Will i find solace in a world without tomorrow?
will i find silence when i fall asleep?
deep slumber erases pain and all my sorrow
may i never wake up from this final dream

You should be thankful each time i wake up
another day to learn what patience mean

Seema so easy to betray those very moments
that i hide inside my faithful heart
voices whisper "never say you're sorry"
i never thought this could go so much too far

Have i lost the world outside my conscious?
Finally reached the desert of failed dreams

11. Life's Last Shore

I found way to just forget
to leave these days without regret
may they mourn and may they cry
remembrance will stay alive

Sin so far away from silence
this is where i long to be
another death to teach alliance
when will this empty world teach me?

An endless path through gloomy air
i implore thee, angel, never dare
to follow me until the end
i hope you'll never understand

Blessed i feel this world to leave
in the beauty of a silent eve
i've known this long before
so i will drown on life's last shore

12. Borrowed Life

On silent shores we once stood
listening to the waves
slipping into distant dreams
free to become slaves

In cloudless nights we once awoke
staring at the lack of light
hiding before worlds unseen
free to ignore their sight

Teardrops falling down
so mortal and sublime
i shiver as i speak
beneath the dawn of time

In dreamless sleep we once arrived
breathing impulse, borrowed life

13. Paralyzed

She noticed it in the way that he talked
she knew that he did not say what he thought
she just could wait for the time
he decided he would give her a sign
to stay...or to go away...

He was her harbour, her home
always there but also always alone
she forgot he wasn't stronger than her
and sometimes he needed someone to care
he couldn't say " i want you to stay..."