Deathspell Omega - Clandestine Blaze / Deathspell Omega [Split] lyrics


01. Will to Kill


Thoughts are obsessing the mind
Like the haunting demons
They never let you
Drown in damnation of common man

Thoughts of homicide
Plans for murder
Everywhere I go
Comes inspiration to kill

Will for this awaken by surroundings
The miserable mankind
Thoughts possessing in silence
Strategies for mass-extermination

Will to kill
Will to eliminate the man
Satisfaction from ending life
Of someone you hate
Someone you deeply despise
And look down in disgust

02. Blasphemous Lust


Grotesque, bizarre, blasphemous lust
Possessed by perversion
Following the bizarre instinct
To holy places, sanctuaries of weak

Baptizing them in the name of perversion
Blasphemous lust of anti-creation
Seed of wasted life
Desecrating the holy purity

03. Raping the Innocent


Birth of innocence
Continuation of life
Curse of breeding
Sickness of pro-creation

Soft flesh stretching
Force tearing it to pieces
Innocent blood fuck
Raping the innocent

No more human breeding
Lifeless meat fucked to pieces
The end of human life
Raping the innocent to death

04. Genocide Operation


Destroyed, humiliated, killed still while alive
Skeletal bodies, eyes full of emptiness
Stench of death floating over moist soil
Where creatures dig graves for themselves

You lead to the death and creatures will follow
Will and power of mind exists no more
Cut their wrists and command to lie in grave
And their own do the rest

Buried bodies, piled corpses
Burned filthy flesh
Charred remains of the children
Mutilated corpses of women
Mutilated corpses of women
Crushed bodies of men
Altogether, like garbage
Just like they are,
Just like they are...

Lead them to death and they will follow
You command and they submit
No glory, no victory, nothing
Genocide operation, wiping out the worthless