Deathspell Omega - Sob A Lua Do Bode / Demoniac Vengeance [Split] lyrics


01. Forgotten Spells in the Forests Nocturnal


Eyes of infernal beauty stare
Deep from ancient forests nocturnal
Behind the shadows of your fear they lurk
Dwelling under a spell eternal

Bony claws stretches it out of the mist
Begging for their salvation
Imprisoned to dwell under a forgotten spell
In the realm of evil's adoration

Necromancers united aeons ago
Their magic powers to enchant the place
This forest was possessed by the night's spell
For all times and for every race

And every mortal who stepped at this soil
Was catched by forces infernal
To end his life in eternity
In forgotten spells in forests nocturnal

I feel the looks from their hidden places
The crueltiest pain I felt ever
I know that the night's spell imprisoned me
And I will rest here forever

02. A Silent Dream of Impurity


His eyes look so soft and clear
And white are his clothes
A creature, chosen to dwell above the clouds
Imprisoned in a garden of holiness
A sleeping angel
Malicious thoughts aren't welcome here
And a white spell of peace reigns over it

But a might insidious and dark
Is willing to desecrate the holy ban
With a black magic it's creating a dark shadow
And this shadow, full of evil, is trembling beyond the holy garden

Slowly it's entering the aura of the sleeping holy one
And he awakes, coz of a morbid feeling
He did never felt such a power
Did never felt such a lust

A wall of darkness is surrounding him
And the softness in his eyes is lost
He's entering the traitorous shadow again
And still more malice replaces his faith
The truth did kiss his blinded mind
Now he knows that there is a might, stronger than Heaven
And his eyes are turning black

03. Bells of Apocalypse


A frost-pregnant night is broken on
And twelve times beat the bell
The hour of the antichrist is coming
And the moon sets free its spell

Cold and frosty winds are blowing
And out of the earth beating infernal flames
Burning all scum of humanity
Burning all the Christian shame

And like a war horde we're running through the flames
Killing all, merciless and fast
Death and destruction is the new law
We're on the way to the forgotten past

And under the veil of destruction
We hail the apocalypse
And with a powerful beating they're singing
The bells of apocalypse

And the coldness in our hearts is unbearable
And the bells of destruction ring
Under the spell of hate we're marching
Under the bells of apocalypse

04. I Hail the Night


I see the dark clouds
Which are ruling this night of doom
Roaming slowly through the dark

And I see the birds of night
Their cries are painful
Their wings are beautiful black and large

And I see the moon with its cold eyes
And I see the stars in their pride
And I send my hails out into the darkness
Send my hails to the night

And a lustful feeling satisfies my soul
Dark thoughts roaming through my mind
Thoughts of destruction, thoughts of perversion
Can never the answer find

The light is my enemy
In lustful ecstasy
I hail the other side
I hail the night

And my ways goes through the forest of lost souls
Through the forest of nocturnal hate
And I lost my soul in these diabolical areas
And the path is darkened by a shade

I never want to reach the Heaven
Never want to serve the side of light
My life was dedicated to the power of the moon
And my thoughts are filled with the unholy might

I've reached my goal, found my place
Here I wanna die
Among these trees should be my grave
Here I wanny lie

05. Follow the Dark Path


All my life is dedicated to the master of evil
For him I shall send to Hell the bastard human race
Since the day I was spawned on these lands,
I keep on bringing pain and death everywhere

I'm at war while my enemies live for peace
My kind destroys all the weak earthly creations
Intense blasphemies, total impure sins, sick atrocities,
Satan's the cause for which I live

Few are the strong ones that follow the dark path
Mature as a whole shall be exterminated
I'll never sleep even when the horned king call me back,
Every day and every night I strike like a disease

All my way of slaying give me pleasure
I rape, I cut, I make them all burn
With an insane perversion chaos I spread

The satanic legions come from beyond death,
The world from the outside must perish in flames
And the souls we take shall feed our supreme wrath

You can hear me tolling the knell of your fate,
But the last sound you'll hear is your final breath
I'll reduce your body and soul to ashes
It will take some time but victory is

06. Morbid Rituals


Tonight there's a new procession
Worshippers of the beast walk silently towards another church to take another life
Our aim is to desecrate this weak creation that is mankind
One by one, we kill these creatures full of disgusting goodness,
To increase the evil within ourselves

Last time we slayed an old priest, and now we have a new borned child
He will be baptized again but with his own blood...
We light some candles and prepare the altar...
The ritual has begun

We shout demonic spells, the little larva cries, as we brandish a knife
Blood runs from the altar and falls on the ground
The warm entrails are hung on their cross

In cursed chalices we drink to the reign of Satan
Pentagrams are drawn on the wall of the house of God
The bestial sacrifice is over

We are the masters of terror, the shadows that will destroy your peaceful world
Under the pale moonlight, tomorrow we'll strike again
Our cruelty has no boundaries
Just wait for your turn

07. Yells From the Abyss


Death is not an eternal and peaceful rest,
A kind of beautiful paradise
Indeed you'll meet your almighty maker,
But he's not the one you think he is

There is no sweet kingdom of heaven,
Full of flowers and green landscapes
No god will welcome you with open arms,
Like a father who forgives all your sins

In fast Death is a sempiternal nightmare,
Where unknown tortures tear your soul to pieces
You left your body but you still feel the pain,
Imprisoned by infernal demons forever

In the deepest abyss, every human soul is the slave and the toy of Satan
His armies play with you till they are fed up,
And throw your spiritual essence in the lake of fire
Hell is the superior dimension that slowly annihilate the weak nature...

The torment never stops and you pray for a final death
You await an endless void that will never come
No resurrection will save you from this extreme agony
There is no escape from this world of suffering,
And in your previous world no one can hear you scream
Scream and taste our hate!
Total invasion will soon begin on earth,
Hell will rise from the abyss to eradicate each atom