Deathspell Omega - Mütiilation / Deathspell Omega [Split] lyrics


02. Insanity Supreme

All my life is dedicated to the master of evil.
For him I shall send to Hell the bastard human race.
Since the day I was spawned on these lands,
I keep on bringing pain and death everywhere.

I'm at war while my eneies live for peace.
My kind destroys all the weak earthly creations.
Intense blasphemies, total impure sins, sick atrocities,
Satan's the cause for which I live.

Few are the strong ones that follow the dark path.
Mature as a whole shall be exterminated.
I'll never sleep even when the horned king call me back,
every day and every night I strike like a disease.

All my way of slaying give me pleasure.
I rape, I cut, I make them all burn.
With an insane perversion chaos I spread.

The satanic legions come from beyond death,
The world from the outside must perish in flames
And the souls we take shall feed our supreme wreth.

You can hear me tolling the knell of your fate,
But the last sound you'll hear is your final breath.
I'll reduce your body and soul to ashes.
It will take some time but victory is certain.

03. For Fire And Void Become One

Tonight there's a new procession.
Worshippers of the beast walk silently towards another church to take another life.
Our aim is to desecrate this weak creation that is mankind.
One by one, we kill these creatures full of disgusting goodness,
To increase the evil within ourselves.

Last time we slayed an old priest, and now we have a new borned child.
He will be baptized again but with his own blood...
We light some candles and prepare the altar...
The ritual has begun.

We shout demonic spells, the little larva cries, as we brandish a knife.
Blood runs from the altar and falls on the ground.
The warm entrails are hung on their cross.

In cursed chalices we drink to the reign of Satan.
Pentagrams are drawn on the wall of the house of God.
The bestial sacrifice is over.

We are the masters of terror, the shadows that will destroy your peaceful world.
Under the pale moonlight, tomorrow we'll strike again.
Our cruelty has no boundaries.
Just wait for your turn.