Sceptic - Internal Complexity lyrics


01. Alteration Of Destiny

Music by Sceptic
Fate modification is designed as your necessity
It cannot be treated as common as invariability

Lived his boring and hopeless life so quietly, so peacefully
His presence in the future seems to be perceiving negatively

Being nameless man deprived of soul - feeling nude
You have to force internally to change your attitude
Prepare yourself for approaching new part of you
Alter your destiny - do what you have to do

Avoiding sensations that could bring him to a bad end
To make all his finished up plans fail - impossible to mend

What was supposed to happen seems to look obviously
Now he knows that he can change his own life continuously

Unprepared by his simplified life for higher tasks
Steering himself by putting on his twisted mask
Suddenly realized that there's another he within
Creating shell over his life - nobody can close in

Unable to come out from the crowd - feeling completely void
Didn't need any help from outside or obstacles to avoid

Pass through his life - abandoned by plaintive dreams
Reaching his place in this world - too hard as it seems

02. Internal Complexity

Music by Sceptic
Meaningless man walking through the undiscovered land
Unconscious of his own stupidity continues lonely walk
Key to the future events keeping firmly in his hand
Doesn't have the knowledge what he has to do to talk

Internal complexity - beyond our choice
Being entirely imposed by divine voice

Purpose of his quest has never been so précised
Acting surprisingly - hiding, being still disguised
Asking if it would lead him into mental decay
There's no exception for existential dismay

Complexity of human mind - entire life inside lottery
Question with no answer for the weakest mind
Solution is more complex then precise machinery
That drills a hole into the heart of mankind

Having still as much to learn as our mentors to teach
Just a few more steps and target will be reached
The end of life's near - started with intellect infestation
Crying, suffer, torment, tortures followed by a vegetation

Each one of us has its way - decision has been made
Which mind will be invaded and whose you will invade

03. Suddenly Awaken

Music by Sceptic
Far beyond perception of men is their infamous ability to destroy the life

War began unexpected - starting unimaginable chain reaction
Poorly defended headquarters bringing absolute destruction

In split second becoming a threat breaching the border of human habitat

All kinds of war machines - setting in motion technological terror
Ground units quickly vaporized - unmerciful was an alien behavior

Creatures suddenly awaken
Army born of alien seed
Demons totally forsaken
It is a celestial breed

Prophecy said they will come for unique fame and glory
Long travel to the earth in millennial cryogenic sleep
Tomb forgotten by the elders masked by other stories
Raised from the ashes of their deep down buried keep

Warships vanished rapidly not even starting the fight
Astonishing but destructive is unearthly conqueror's might
Faintly advanced human kind will no longer be the proud ruler here
Race of demons providing new order, dominion of fear

04. Manipultaed

Music by Sceptic
Incessant prospecting about fantasizing of the others
Taken from the almighty one - the only thing he bothers
Related to unimportant dreams - one of them is free will
Thinking of what we wish to and simply turn it into real

Manipulated - we realized our lives are totally crashed
Mindless fleshes that cannot think - internally smashed
Became one of them - rusted, waited for the final command
Corrosion filled our veins with immense pressure - it's the end

Depriving of common sense is just a sample
How humans can be controlled - for example

Inhabitants of the outer world use it in a different way
Guiding our senses they are forcing us to go or stay
Changing thoughts into countless words we do not understand
We are a mean marionettes - our knees are gonna bend

Modified brain waves - for their own satisfaction
Manipulation causing complete mind destruction

All time we are wondering - aren't we suppose to be dead
For not listening - executing all those things ordered instead
They lead us and we follow - falling straight into the hollow
Being puppets steered from above - taking well-earned punishment

05. Knowing Nothing

Music by Sceptic
You know nothing about being, absolutely nothing about living
Subsistence you've just become aware of can be deceiving

That's why you repulsively behave to what you see around
Unfortunately you're not so sure what you hear is sound

So wise, magnificent - with extensive hollow filling your head
Cheated by your consciousness - as anchorite, not to be dead

You don't know anything about your life, about yourself
You cannot hear anything - senses are making you deaf

Boundaries around you - closing down, maintain to exist
Patiently trying to write out from the list of deceased

Cannot consume the voices of your inner intelligence
Being so curious of stranger's thought convergence

06. Anomaly

Music by Sceptic
Time and space were always immutable
These creations are barely detectable
Therefore this unique balance must be remained
In order to the totality could be still maintained

Over us - eternal threatening
Living constantly intimidating
Examining this disturbance
Without chance to exert any influence

Anomalies rule our worthless world perpetually
Become for all living creatures so commonly
Passing the test of taking control over these actions
Being uncertain if it won't drive us into destruction

Observing the appearance of spatial distortion
Attempting to modify kept natural proportions
At the end of cosmos unleashed from its shrine
Throughout the galaxy's coming ever lasting sign

Beyond the distant, unreachable, darkest locations of cosmos
Place where imagination and mind, time and space are mixed
Spacecrafts incapable to get so far, to the end of the universe
Where immense gravity loads are just a very beginning of the worse

Where you have to face and survive your inner weaknesses

07. Hidden In The Light

Music by Sceptic

08. Paralized, Mesmerized

Music by Sceptic
I will smile, while you still cry
I'll be in the light, while you still hide
I'll be far away, while you still sleep
And I'll always remember this, believe

The end of the road
The end of a love
The end of the game
The end of the fame
The end of summer
The end of freedom
Leaving you behind like

Paralyzed, mesmerized

I will understand, while you still ignore
I'll use wings, while you still walk
I'll tell the truth, while you still have to lie
And I wonder, why you stand behind just like...

The end of the road
The end of a love
The end of the game
The end of the fame
The end of summer
The end of freedom
Leaving you behind like

Paralyzed, mesmerized