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Reclusiam - Reclusiam lyrics


01. Parasellar

Landscapes of pathology
Strangulation (of the optic) chiasm
Transcept of lesions
Distressing the axonal flow
Perception augmented
Vast and untenable
Tunnel of scars
Choking median eminence
Wilting parasellar malformation

02. Litanies Of Rust And Decay

There is no one left, nothing lives
Rust creeps heavenward along the spines of the earth
Cathedrals of iron and ash... stone and flesh
I saw them all burn, I saw the cities burn
The splendor of towers
Magnificent, lustrous
Lifeless husks sunken
There is no one
Rust creeps heavenward
We consecrate the beginning of no life and the end of all
We beseech nothing. Hear us and defile our works
We actuate the bonds of decline of want and willful wasting
All are blinded in thy vastness; defeated by wholeness; dumbstruck by emptiness
Thy light - which we both incant and bewail
Thy darkness invites contempt and wanton felicity
The mercy and spite strips flesh from bone
Completing all forms, all fibre, all fabric... Thou art the architect

03. Enim Corpus Meum (Hill 60)

Why am I here?

Cold, shattered, pain
Where shadows write nightmares gain momentum
A pyramid of rotting death
I am crawling through discorporated carnage
Endless dead in blood-drenched soil
Ghosts have cold hands and scars cover their rain-soaked faces
Shrouded in wiresand coffins of wood and metal
Blinded and choking and clutching their fleshless bodies
Ground into splinters and dust in the fields of fire we die
Shells fall like stars and they fill the air with smoke and cinder
Limbless and faceless and severed are the lifeless screaming
Eyeless, worm-ridden, their corpses fill the endless trenches
Sightless and deafened... Convulsing...
This is the end!

04. Scotoma