Leviathan - Massive Conspiracy Against All Life lyrics


01. Vesture Dipped in the Blood of Morning

Heart replaced with stone and a necklace of scars

I plunge this equation into mine veins
Mine voice so far from mine voice
Mine hand so far from mine own hand
Voices from the angel on mine left thumb
Whisper terrible words and perversities

From a long flagellated vessel

Oh more, much much more is found of us
From the pandemonium
Begins the nativity of sin and death
Becoming most vain serpent
Everlasting perverse calculus

Heart replaced with stone
And a necklace of scars

From a long flagellated vessel

Now mine voice, mine hand, and mine heart
Herald the glorious becoming
The most vile of secrets
All of this troth
Given to mortification
Face down and obedient
Truths illuminated, no longer obscured
Full in emptiness complete
In wonder of malignant spirit
Impious yet desiderative
Plunge this equation into thy vein
Regurgitating on the crown of Sabbath

02. Merging With Sword, Onto Them

The essence of seraphim
Merging with sword, onto them
And the seamless garment like the morning
Dipped in the blood of men
Made as the filth of the world
And overwhelming to direct vision

Becoming the agents of torment
Veins filled with the serum of prophesy
Becoming the agents of torment
Eyes weeping the tears of prophesy
Become the agents of torment
Ears filled with the semen of prophesy

Ultimate acts of perverted intimacy
Nary a soul left without the punishment
Mountains now full of yours
Surrounded by their own graves
Let no warning sound from the trumpets of gold
Become the beginning of the end for the land of the living
Delivered to death those of the whole of the globe

From the death of all
Also claims those who call for it
And none shall escape this

Be as shadows amongst the nations
And cause great mourning

Wings upon wings upon wings
Cause men to die
Filled with iniquity and perfection
Swallowing the holy mountain of god
And its fiery stones
Incense down from capsized center
Raise this voice to the ashes of the world
Still hemorrhaging from the intoxication of rhema
Dwelling within the hand of desolation
Merging the sword, onto them
The heir apparent
And inflictor of delicious agony
The whole of the human race
Gone as T-lymphocytes

03. Made as the Stale Wine of Wrath

A glory that shines in every atrocity
Reveals itself in every vile act
Cleans itself in despondence
And the pit known only to broken men
Deafening are its secrets
Again attacking sanctity
With blasphemy and fornication
A law written as it is spoken
Past crooked lips
And the pit known only to broken men
Deafening are its secrets
Every particle of hatred
Sends direct for convocation
This world is for death
Parched and barren
Conduit to the suffering of the universe
And the grasp of its destructiveness
Cannot slumber
From this pit of degradation
Eyes, tongue and sword
Suckle at the honey
Sour, dejected and wretched
Risen above the calls of the flesh
Tearing deeper
Tearing deeper
And again the massive conspiracy against all life
No air
No exit
Futility is the first gradual
Then utter
All are, at once, taken to the destroying place

And under the crossroads
To keep the corpses down

05. Receive the World

Talons clutch high cheekbones
Phallus invades now swollen throat
A thorn reaches to fertilize the withered egg
Peril barbed and resistant
Emerging from tremendous heat
Primeval atom born of great fulmination
Gravitationally attracted to the forming matter

The inflation of the cosmos

Receive the world

Larva formed in glorious negativity
Another form readying the destroyer

The hideous is finally set forth

Face upturned towards the pillar that suspends Him
The brood of invisible ones shall never be named
Form without limbs readying the time end
The becoming of awe
Away from human frame

Form without limbs
Mouth beckoning the end of man
The unspeakable instrument will move through them

Reach within to see this free
And set fire onto me

And then the division
Division of most grotesque cells

06. Vulgar Asceticism

Given to utter vexation and vulgar asceticism
Revealing in the blows
From the unseen accuser
Not only to bear witness
But attain evidence
Skin becomes to the tearing under fresh affliction
Sweat now mingles with the blood of gross hematuria

From the head
Down the back
Passing the thigh
For it is he that breath hatred onto censuring
And the stones are covered with this blood
Arms to torso and leg to leg
Now adhered with this

Each new blow
A echo of the last
Yellowed orbs rolling under these eyelids
The limbs give way

The last cry of joy
Forever and ever

Chin bobs the shoulder amidst great pallor
This figure is now folded and crimson

Arms and legs bound with pus and wax-like crust
Covering the feet of the accuser
This work is complete

07. Noisome Ash Crown

Its essence lies dormant
Within every willing host
Waiting to release its malice
Waiting to spread perverse lies
Biding to crush and extinguish
Death stretches His arm
Across the whole of the globe
In His embrace
Blessed with blisters

Succumbing to its wounds
Every scar a joyous victory
Ever break open
Dispatching His ugliness
Across the whole of the globe
In embrace blessed with blisters
Depraved indifference to human life
Blessed with blisters
Now shown the fruits of suffering
And the grief of all that is made
Depraved indifference to human life
Blessed with blisters
Walking the fire
Behold and shine with purpose