Lilitu - The Delores Lesion lyrics


01. Only The End Of The World Again

I feel the needle, it breaks the skin
It's the end of all
I feel the walls, they are closing in
It's the end of all

Everything just falls apart, feels like the end

I've been in this same place before, seems so familiar
It's the end of all
Lying face down, I'm on the floor
The morning after
It's the end of all

Everything just falls apart, feels like the end

02. Even The Vultures Have Moved On

What did you think you would find buried in the dark of the night?
Holding you close, was I blind and naive?
Was it that obvious?
Nurture the need to conceal
We are going to lose it all
Given the chance to prevail, to rise up, but you've crawled into my heart

Given the time and the space we could escape the enemy
But there's a sense that all hope is gone on this desolate landscape
The scavengers scale for prety, you offer no reply

Someday you will find your way through time
Someday you will follow secure in something more

Sickly sweet, sinful greed
The leeches stake their claim
You offer a kiss and a sigh
Go ahead make your bed here of sand and stone
Plant your feet in the soil
Let the fertile seed sink in
The carrion doves, they command us beyond the dark horizon

Among the wastelands
Amid the land of broken hearts
It's just the a mound of flesh and bones
That's all we are, the cast of many faces, exalt the process
Now it's done even the vultures have moved on

03. The Delores Lesion

There's a bruised & broken sky, It's pressed up against us
But odds are there's a heaven burning down below
The words rise from the north and float there on the wind like a soft and subtle whisper
Immortal like a wondrous feeling, so profound...

Leaving the cathedral, angels open the gates
Reminders for the congregation like judgement day attend the keeping of all our glory
The scars cut so deep
Peering through our souls we've lost our way home...
Stripped of our dignity

Promises mean everything in a world so cold
Never to be redeemed
Will you suffer?

Her lachrymal squander in the distance
For lusts that she waits for so scorn
An image so pale and so pure, yet so beautiful
Her face is plastered on the walls and it seems so indelible
So unfathomable that we're both lost here

To commence the call and endure the struggle
What a stronghold to face
A command to fall, a condemned prayer
Have you fallen from grace?

Promises mean everything in a world so cold
Never to be redeemed
Will you suffer?


05. Follow Through

Every time you walk away, every single word you say, it just lingers there in front of me
Every time I hear your voice, it's though I haven't got a choice...and it's so hard to believe in anything

Run forever, run away in spite of all the pain
I doubt myself and I've given up on almost everything

Cry out for more when you want to close the door
Waste away
Follow through I hear you say

Every time you confront me, I'm the one who feels nothing...and I hate myself for what I have become
You gave me a second chance, but I threw it all away...and everything means nothing to me now

Run forever, run away in spite of all the pain
Feed the failure, ever after, tied to everything

Would you reach out for me?
It's just an empty space
Am I the one to blame?
Living for your sake
The moon it pulls the tides and the day breaks down
Within the starlit sky leave it all behind

06. Desolation Breeds

Striking body, soul and mind with everything I've seen, seems so out of reach adapted to time to it's place, to it's host, to restore some hope
The distractions, so stale, so futile

Silence tries to hide the emptiness inside
Deluding what you feel, what you thought was real
Silence tries to hide the plan that you contrive
The nothingness you fear now consumes you

Desolation breeds the bitter man you are
It's all in vain, the therapy
The conscious mind seems so powerless
The evidence is so unrelenting

How is it that you sleep?
A subversive release
The secrets you keep...they all define: A bias, an agenda, the people you hurt
Letting go of the solitude & denial

Descending down an unmarked path
Oblivion, the divine plan
Assume the role of someone else
Delay until the hours pass
Letting go, you can't hold on
A struggle to find something more
Enarmored by the shadow of one's self
Solace and damnation

07. Dark Haired Girl

We made it through September with lust and dying embers
Tell me is that all we were
Now look at what we've done
Look at what we've become
What three words will do?

And you said I won't be there when you fall, I won't be there when you break down

Dark Haired Girl where did you go?
You live in a broken world...and we stand alone
But darling who knew that when we were created we'd be suffocated by such despair and loneliness
Still, we stand as a witness and die by the sickness
That this thing called love induces

Dark Haired Girl where did you go?
In this broken world you left me alone

08. Fragments Of My Reflection

If I could be someone, I'd play the fool
With broken glass and shattered dreams
To gather up my memories of you
Failure sets in these wounds...and I'm torn apart inside this time
What's real draws to a close
A reflection of all I've done wrong

I'm not the man I used to be
I need grief and misery to set me free
Half of me is dead and gone

Of all I've ever tried to be
Reveals what I don't want to see
Fragments are all I have to document this life

Look away not to face the guilt & the shame...that weighs me down

I'm haunted by what resides inside or what hides behind my soul
Striving to find the core
The face appears in the mirror
The flaws and all the signs of age
Fragmented scenes from a memory
Struggling to find my own identity

Look away not to face the guilt and the shame...that weighs me down