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Pro-Pain - Pro-Pain lyrics


01. Get Real

Need on my left, greed on my tight
Secrets are kept plain as black and white
And its a killing machine
The best that there's ever been
Now feed, and give the nose a line
It ain't easy. Hard Defined
1986, L.A.'s Compton cocaine central
Crackhead politics...I feel
the international cause
it was plain and simply self inflicting
genocidal wounds that never heal... So get real
United we stand, divided we'll fall
You've poisoned our sons
and drowned us in alcohol
Now I'm gonna get you back
Prepare for a brutal attack
I swear I'm gonna take a chance
set up shop, take a stance
Into the pressure zone
Gotta crack the pipeline into Texas
and make sure another state won't deal
We'll seize the last of it
then we'll crush the system as we know it
breaking through all governmental seal...To get real

02. Time

It's Suddenly September
I like to listen to the rain come down
I was never very good company
You were the loneliest game in town
Lots of painful memories
all stored up in my head
like the day you chose the high road
and I took the low instead
Disappointment slowly turned to rage,
I guess it's the point I missed
When blood starts boiling all the world a stage
For some it's more than this
"So open up you heart and raise the son"
"God knows how long you'll be on this earth"
"Follow all the footsteps in the sand"
"Promise me you'll do the best you can"
You can't Turn Back.
I'm staring out my window
watching all the clouds go by
It's starting to look like winter
and it's getting kind of cold inside
I guess when all is said and done
I've gotta bow out gracefully
If time can make the seasons change
It's bound to make a change on me
Desperation rears it's ugly head
Give me the will to fight
Indecision Make the Final Call
Do you know whats right?
"So open up you heart and raise the son"
"God knows how long you'll be on this earth"
"Follow all the footsteps in the sand"
"Promise me you'll do the best you can"
You can't Turn Back.-time

03. No Love Lost

I've payed the fool before
it burned me to the core
I put my pride on the shelf
Lots of broken hearts to repair
So I learned to confide in myself
No rhyme, no reason, no place to hide
to try and escape the pain inside


Back in the day when we were so persistent
we would do anything for a shot
Pride ourselves alone on being different
we'd give everything that we got

Its been so long
my so called friend
In fair weather we will meet again


04. Don't Kill Yourself To Live

Let me tell you a story that you'll never forget
bout' making something outta nothing
try to show some respect
I made it to the top of the Empire State
and put the bald to the win town for those who relate
New kid on the block I'm Not "so to speak"
but I'll punch you in your mouth, your head, and your beak
You can tell your friends,your moms,and your pops
how I came from the bottom and made it to the top

SO outta my way
I'm coming like a freight train right on through ya
and if you thumb a ride I'll take you home
One million mile an hour of superficial power
We got nothing to lose but lots to give
Don't Kill Yourself to live

Looking out for you like the CIA
I'll try to get you off for nothing the American Way
Run you outta Dodge like a shot in the dark
just when you thought that you were playing
with the boys in the park
keeping you in check, don't act so surprised
when you wake up in the morning with me in your eyes
Making sure you don't end up like the rest
gotta give it your best, through the worst, if not the last.

05. Love / H8

Subculture in our public schools
Got real drunk and acted cool
Taught me how to hate myself
So fuck you and everyone else

In retrospect the wasted time brings me down
Thoughts of revolution follow me around
Everywhere I got it bugs me to this day
That most of us are causing all this pain
Yes,some I love, but most I hate

Strain the bullshit from my brain
Enough to make you go insane
Independence is extinct
SO try no to swim while we sink

Fortunately now I'm skeptical and wise
You can blow your smoke, I'll read between the lines
Everywhere I go it bugs me to this day
that most of us are causing all this pain
Yes,some I love, but most I hate

06. Life's Hard

What did the father say to the son?
He said crack the safe boy, get the gun
It's time to wash up the dirty hand
Gonna fatten you up kid, rape the land

Cause once we get some then we'll want more
It's safe to call this an all out war
You fend for yours, I'll defend whats mine
I declare discrimination by design

Life's hard. Can't let those who have, get.

Been at the bottom far too long
Get to cause of what went wrong
and set the sights on a brand new day
How nice to see you see things my way

I'll plot the course to proceed ahead
but the pain wont stop till I see red
Way back in the corner of my mind
I can see extermination of mankind

Life's hard. Can't let those who have, get.

07. Mark My Words

Welcome to my world
you better buckle up
A sudden change in atmosphere
is never quite enough
So I'll unpack you bags
sit down,relax, settle in
You just make yourself at home
and ask me where I've been

I've been all around, this fucking town
The people will constantly bring you down
and they'll carry on about what they've heard
You will see Mark MY WORDS

Disconnect yourself
from all that you love
we have lots of bogus shit
to fit you like a glove
the many promises they made they lied
They'll never cease to burn you up, inside

08. My Time Will Come

These eyes of destruction focus on you
welcome to war I wage
Relentlessly vicious, nothing to prove,
can you feel my rage?
Alone in the darkness, eager to kill,
I can't stand the sight of the sun
Those who have wished for my time to run out
you'd best tae your three steps and run
cause My Time Will Come

With mass calculations, strategic as hell
time marches on to the death
No circulation no source of vent
I can catch your breath
Patiently waiting I count down the days
and nervously try to stay calm
Fear is my weapon and I use it well
I won't retreat till I'm done
cause My Time Will Come

09. Smokin' Gun

I foresee the way it's gotta be
my intentions are to serve you wrong
I tried to find strength and piece of mind
when you put me to the test, but not for long

Pressure. It's always on
Sometimes you gotta take the ball and run
Power. It's all in my hands
but what will I do with the still smokin' gun

Feed my need to build a house of greed
Intentions seem to prove correct
The policy is simple the Plans all good
to rid you of your self respect

Pressure. It's always on
Sometimes you gotta take the ball and run
Power. It's all in my hands
but what will I do with the still smokin' gun

10. Godsize

Life's a game the way you play me like I'm some kinda jerk
You'll writhe in pain when I rock your mind till it hurts
Approach with caution best beware
Don't believe me, cause I don't care
I'm the greatest deceiver and you will see
that I'm godsize and I'll always be
Feel the blow when I pummet your head like a freak
Now you know its gonna take a toll on the weak
So tell me something I don't know
but you better think quick cause I ain't slow
Better bet your lifetime guarantee
that I'm godsize and I'll always be
Thoughts of warfare cross the mind choose your weapon, run
Hear the junter at your back fall to pieces, done
Death defying, hard to kill
Hence the "demon seed"
Take you down, snaps your neck, satisfies thy need

11. Blood Red

Oh, face the fact
that precious time you can't turn back
all hope is lost
when all possessions turn to dust
Can we go on
with so much promise dead and gone?
Now it's time to try
and give our best before we die
Days are gone, the nights are long
Live a lie, pain the sky'
blood red

Pray for our sins
we'll hunt you down and sell your skins
kill without the need
Rip your heart out let it bleed
Occupy the land
mass produce, and milk the sand
God will crush the earth
and recognize you all from birth
Days are gone the Nights are long
Live a lie, Paint the Sky
blood red.