Malevolent Creation - Stillborn lyrics


01. Dominated Resurgency

Lust, lust,lust
Lust, lust,lust

No fear of touch
In its sadistic array
Anticipate the stroke
Of equal pain,pain !

Bred to please, single goal achieved
Dominated through life
Ecstatic release, well worth the price
Enslaved birth rite

Limbs twisting out thier passionate embrace
Blood gorging the veins, the veins
Swelling of the flesh, uncontrollable rise
To suffice the urge,of their calling's entice

No fear of pain, only excitement of fear
Drined and raw you scream,continue to endure

Dominated resurgency
No fear of flesh
No fear of domination

Restrained limbs mesh

No fear of pain, only excitement of fear
Drined and raw you scream, continue to endure
Bonded on tile, collared, alive
Next realm achieved, orgasms cry

Dominate, dominating, dominated,dominating
Dominated resurgency

02. The Way Of All Flesh

Naive victims fall easy game
No volue of life on earth
Cries for help go unheard
Will there be a rebirth
Rotten corpse satisfies
Hunger for black gratified
Abhorent death reality

Expression of art,killing machine
Spreading shock and dread
Sinister cackleof a razor shear
Compose the works of red
Unable to comprehend the stroke
Just strike out in pain
Hunger for black finally quenched
Set out to achieve and gained

Exposing the flesh that can never be
Feel it burn and die
Warped mind, endlessly search within
Senseless slaying buying time

Naive victims fall easy game
No volue of life on earth
Cries for help go unheard
Abort the hope of rebirth
Follow on trail of ruin
Gorging endlessly

Escape the torture of your being
Sanity never restored
It's the way of all flesh
It's the way of all flesh
Soon to join your ancestors
The way it's always been
Never to cheat the creator
Into the earth you've sent
And gained
And gained

03. Dominion Of Terror

Mindless souls gathered in
Life is taken away
One man ruler of their world
Live in agony
Grabbing wealth, hypocrite
The wandering get a home
Taste of anguish of the loss
Well cleansed brain, easier to mold

Locked youself inside of a dream
Mental pain venomous verse
Pawn instilled into a game
Faith will follow in traverse

Live the lies

Domination of terror
One man's hell
Union of your despair

Stocpiling arms for the end
Amassing food accumulation
Fortifying the shield of God
Silent wait for armageddon
Twisted minds forms this race
Into his shell, you've gathered in
Brain left to rot, gray matter waste
Aquired to complete his sin

Domination of terror

Mindless souls gathered in
Life is taken away
One man ruler of thier world
Exist in agony
Plays on emotions of guilt
Sucked into suffer
Church of your God always filled
Wealth is well ensured

04. Geared For Gain

Intrusion, truth twisted, accepting
Degraded, up-ended, Besieged lie
Gratified, careless dying, powertrip
No obstruction, guiltlessness, consious dead

Geared for gain

Hoarding everything you want
Nothing in your way
Squandering everything your soul
Remains empty

Breaking souls
Selfishness feeds your head,fills your need
Tormenting, soul-breaking acquired gain
Everything has a price, including life
Passed down, generation explotation

Hoarding everything you want
Nothing in your way
Squandering everything your soul
Remains empty


Breaking lives, breaking souls
Taking pleasure, in acquiring all
Garnish fool,knows no wrong
Amused by suffering, explicated sin
Inside the brain, undisciplined
Drawn to pain, geared for gain

05. Stillborn

My thoughts my mind's trapped behind
An inescapable wall of depression
Try to face it one to one, eye to eye
Accepting no lies
Cannot break my boundaries
Forever held in a grasp of despair
My thoughts all die
Before they are born
Expression of my mind suffers
Tormented under mental chains
Only alive to serve others
Caring nothing of my own pain


Stillborn, reeling of my mind
Fighting everything
No hope of ever being heard
To set it free

Just live to suffer
Trapped inside these fleshened wall
So many live, how many perish ?
Will never achieve its goal


I am dead before I am alive
Open wide and be force fed
Pitiful way of existence
What they instill into your head
Insight silenced before it escapes
Life left to rot in hell
Blinded by falsified hope
Succumb to your mental shell

I am stillborn

06. Ordain The Hierarchy

Disease-ridden inhabitants
Radiate through the rest
Healing mechanism triggered
Genocide of the human pest

Lives extinguished
Disaster encountered
World's repossession
Natural healing process

Annihilate the living scourge
There is no coincidence
Cataclismic result
Final stage commencement

Return to dust
The fate instilled
Sealed with death

Ordain the hierarchy
Proper power is reclaimed

A world-evolved mind of its own

Not far from being done
Dug our grave, now we must lie in it
Reach out for reprisal
Cannot grip, can never grasp

Order of man
Now threatened existence
Feeble lives lie shattered
Power will disenchant

07. Carnivorous Misgivings

Taste of blood spurns the life
Sent of death drives it on
Live for the hunt,to dominate
Its instinct and desire

Tooth and talon dig at flesh
Snapping tendon and bone
Gorging on the freshly killed
Triumphant stand alone

Misgivings of a God that is gone
Era shut
Never to rule again

Live for the hunt dialed in
Predator above the rest
Seeking blood, its only religion
Alive to kill,wickedly blessed
No satisfaction in acquiring prey
Never receives its fill
Born for the purpose to constantly slay
To achieve an infinite kill

Tooth and talon ripping flesh
The snap of tendon and bone
Gorging on the freshly killed
Triumphant stand alone

Once walked the world a king
Nothing could stand before it
Hostile with purpose
Stalking the warm cruor

Constant hunt taking prey
Never receives its fill
Born with instinct to slay
To achieve endless kills

Power behind imagination
No throne could garnish it
Only to fall into extinction
Natural selection to blame

08. Genetical Affliction

Substantiate the right to hate
Violent shape takes on meaning
Passed down through the ages
Genetic spiral mutates
Growing affliction slices fate
One need, one soul, out of control
Wanders the world in search of hate
Genetic spiral mutates

Violence instilled
Aberated need to kill
No rational reason
To explain your bleeding, bleeding


Rise, anxiety grows in me
Alive, emotional pittance of life
Unleash, torn from the womb to bleed
Condemned, wreaking murder floods my sight

Letting of blood, evolved through time
Eventual demise, obsession of the crime
Cantankerous objective
Carnal thoughts guide the mind
Step inside this soul
Blood of others, your only find

Growing epidemic swells
Means of killing forever grow
Life has no meaning or cause
Feeling blood's valve flow

Violence never ceases
Entrapped by tis pull
Normal life is fleeting
Genetical affliction
Caught up in the demon race
To conquer all of life
Anxious sweat falls from the face
Genetical affliction

Generations continue to explode
Violence mutating
Afflication overflows
Genetic affliction

09. Ethnic Cleansing

Ethnic cleansing of a race
Taking life to save face
Turning on a life
Force to kill to survive
Prisoner of war
Sentenced to die to settle a score
Spewing forth the lies
Silence your scorn, silence your cries

It never ends, the greed for power
Conquering lands, declaring all die
Until the end, never falter
Perform the task, just do,not why

Waging on greed,never satisfied
Contemplate the waning of your fate
Simplify,conduct the genocide
Take back your land,so you justify

River runs red with blood
Ethnic cleansing never done
Scorched black bodies fill the streets
Slaughter continues

Crimes of war overlooked
Continue cleansing by the book
Escaping doom, trial of time
Your ethnic cleansing

No crime to coarse
Set to attack, follow course
Grip of death
Held in the balance, race

Strike first
Accept no fear
No remorse
Of your attempt

Challenge your God, challenge your beliefs
Inner struggle succeds
Cleansing of your soul,cleansing of race
Persist termination

Tools of war display their butchered work
Wholesale killing, dominating, race asserts
Played by a friend who delivers your repose
Ethnic cleansing maintains its flow

Entering a stage of no turning back
Works of war paint the world black
Disposing of an entire race
To put your religion in its proper place

10. Disciple Of Abhorrence

The brain reels with pain
Immobilized, laying in wait
Entranced by what you feel
Sent forward to uphold hate

Feel to urge exasperation
Do you suffer are you crazy now
Heavy breathing craving hunger
Dispense pain disciple of abhorrence

To feel nothing abstain from any love
To kill all life you live to abhor

To kill end life for spite
Hate fuels your vexation

Growing inside you
Swelling beyond control
Emanate your sickness
To dark takes its toll

Living for nothing more that hate
Your life committed ensures its fate
Miscreant living out your dream
Ending life with all its misery

A force you have created from
The ashes of your mind
Feel it taking over as it grinds your soul
Never escape its anguished blow
Lifelong curse silenced with death
How you long to crush out life
Satisfaction with your every act