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Asphyx - Embrace The Death lyrics


01. Intro


02. Embrace The Death


03. The Sickened Dwell

Stench of Death welcomes you
In a crypt of agony
Dwelling in morbid thoughts
Awake, forgotton misery
Crawling maggots paradise
Rats consuming flesh
Hanging stiff on hooks
In the statement of his Eden
Searching for the truth
Root of life
Sickening experience
Reaper's knife
Sick, evil, god, The
Right, wrong, human
Beast, angel, divine, morbid
Labyrinth of mind

04. Streams Of Ancient Wisdom

Streams of ancient life flowing down
Below visions of the past
enter your mind the past goes
By as you sleep at night
Journey of forgotten souls through the
Ancient night walking through
As you scream temfied those
Who once were cry out to you
The past goes by as you sleep at night

05. Thoughts Of An Atheist

I haven't seen a Jesus in my life
No wonders and no golden paradise
Are you still too blind to see the truth?
Your gods are dead and they will never rise

Submission to illusions of your fear
Afraid to be alone if doom is near
Worship your gods and pray your love
Keep silent derision from above

Thoughts of an atheist
Aversion for your failed gods
Thoughts of an atheist
Religion has bloody thorns

Naive belief in "holy" lies
Ignore the sad truth - close your eyes
Adherrence to a cross - symbol of death
Follow a dead mean with thousand voices

06. Crush The Cenotaph

Naked bodies stand in line
waiting for their turn to die
echoes of tormented souls
slaughter, that has been unfold
frenzied eyes look into the past
wasteland, forever it will last

hatred has returned
the cross that now will burn
result of centuries
the prophet only sees

chambers, incineration, death
ashes blown away by divine breath
almighty hand closes the book of lies
eternal peace is glowing from their eyes
fifty years, the overkill begins
from the graves the bodies will rest in
people deny their sickened sides
wars, they are sacred rites

07. Denying The Goat

Born to bow to the altar of the lord
Learn and pray
Watching you from above to dominate
Manipulate with this book

Caress an abstraction
It's only in your mind
Useless denial of reality
Denying the goat
The root of evil is you
Centuries of inquisition
to burn your own mistake

Your eyes are the eyes of the goat
Your horns are your faith and your cruelty
Your thoughts are corrupted with deceit
Honesty was burned at the stake
Agonize, brutalize crawl in disgust
the end of the truth is the beginning of your fate
The horns and the eyes of a goat
Deceit is the name of the game

08. Vault Of The Vailing Souls

Silent whisper from the children's grave
Testy the horrid deeds and grief
Eternal cries echo through the vault
And moan their dirge to the infanticide

Enticed children followed to the vault
Trapped to satisfy his perverse need
Haunted hiding place of violation
Mentally disturbed by morbid passion

Vault of the narrowed vailing souls
Echo of their moaning in your ears
Invective unrest longing for return
The silent dirge of sadness will remain

11. Eternity's Depths

You fall into embrace
Caress the dark
Flying across the desert
On the wings of the master

Eyes, they pierce
Rude awakening

13. Mutilating Process

Come with me to Satan's reach
Try to look through Satan's eyes
The power with which Belial writes
Desecration life defiled

Mortal fools on the other shore
Virgin Mary Satan's whore
Time has come, truth turns around
Satanic chaos, cause not found

Mutilating process, decay
Of the defiled minds
Living structures, chaos
Truth has been revealed

14. Streams Of Ancient Wisdom

Streams of ancient life
flowing down below
visions of the past
enter your mind
the past goes by
as you sleep at night

Journey of forgotten souls
through the ancient night
walking through
as you scream terrified
those who once were
cry out to you
the past goes by
as you sleep at night