Dylath-Leen - Semeïon lyrics


01. Buy Me A Smile

All my flesh is disappearing
All my bones stick to my skin
My veine are an infinite flow of pain and suffering
Like a puppet, I'm dead inside

Sometimes, I buy a smile
To forget I'll soon be dead.
To hold my own head on my thin neck make me bleed

What are you saying ?
I'm not mad !
What do you mean ?
Yes I'm fine !

Do you love me ?
Oh, I loathe myself !
And no one else can feel my distress

That's all, my movements are becoming a macabre dance
And my heart a dry rock

02. Adorning Wounds

You're the black thorn on my brow that keeps me the right track

As my eyes turn crimson
As my thoughts turn into the jumble of an unsteady mixture
My arms embrace the horizon
In a shiver of sensual delight

You're the spear in my insides that keeps myself erect

Praises emanate from a lowering sky
Its blinding darkness makes me waver
And push me towards a delicious exhilaration
Do myself yours and eat me
I will be your wine and your bread
Your blood and your flesh

I can feel the holes extending in my blackbone
In a epileptic pleasure
Adorn my body of your wounds
You're the metastases that palay human being

You're my whole thing
My whoke life, my whole soul

In a spellbinding Hebraic praise you guide my steps
Like a Jesuitical transplant I live in you

03. Contain

Those thousand shadows are coming to feed the mill of my torments
Each one is a painful remembrace, a drop of icy light
A blinding flavour, a flagrance of blood

Is this fucking real or an I dreaming again ?

As stars are weakening and are becoming cold
As suns are dying and the space between stars is becoming wider
So the resistance I oppose is running low as my contact with the world

There are moments in wich I can not recognize myself
Sometimes, I remember all and sometimes, my jaws clenched by the horror
I discover the extent of damages I have caused, regaining reality

Everything has been written for me
And I can't do anything to turn the order of things upside down
Who's my master ?
I can't control my thoughts, my acts, myself
I don't wanna stay a witnes of my own life

By the emission of disparate frequencies I'm arbitrating
Lucidity and confusion
I'm lost in a lack of conscience, incapable of understanding what's happening

From the dephts of an undreamt abyss, advice are held
Each one is a voice coming with a purple reflect
Come to me scarlet lights, I can drink your putrid ray

04. Leering Sky

Torture began a long time ago
As I lost my childhood ideas
A notion of death invaled my mind
Dark clouds of nervous breakdown
And captured my mental health
Under the shadow of the great reaper

Today each hour in a torment, I'm looking for a providential help
But my nearest relatives don't understand, they don't understand
I'm just different, boring, unimportant scrap
It's not sensibility, everything's my fault
So I hate myself, I become a drug addict
Since I know I'll never find the necessary relief
To escape from the daily agony
It's like a fucking rope breaking my neck
A noxious influence, I'm a human wreck

Maybe one day will come the curing light
For now distress is my only company
This destructive pain absorbs my last will
I'm falling in the ravine of despair
Waiting for the end of that story
Holy recovery or abyss of death ?

05. Frozen Reflect In A Broken Mirror

My mortal frame doesn't let me be what I want to be
Consuming my brain, my wishes dictate my acts like a machanical cog

Who am I ? Tell me !
What am I ? Please tell me !!

Now it's time for you to know you are arrayed in a coat
Made of ignorance and narrow pipe dreams
All your being is locked in a crack depending of my wakening
You are just a friend working for me
A petrified slave, the prophet's shade
I am your unificent shroud what anyone sees when you're asleep
What do you think about it ?

I've got to forget the other to better keep myself in mind
I've got to forget this " you "
Who drains me to be nothing at all
Ear me damned friend before devouring my soul

I need consolation but you never give hope
I need to know and to see the sooth but you are such a liar
I need to be loved but all you can give is hate

06. So Ill-Fated

Wretched one, I don't want to be your pawn
You wriggle like a worm
I'm feeling like your wreck
I cannot speak, I cannot breathe, as you try to wrest my tongue

You need to kiss my stinging lips
You need to spread your hatred in my dirty body
I need to kill the larva wich sullies my bluish skin

I'm climbing inside you to soak you up better
Like an animal tasting its prey
I laugh in your face
Before spitting your mephitic fluid

I'm on edge and it's writhing me with agony

Wretched one, fool of rage
You are so ill-fated
You wriggle like a worm
I cannot speak, I cannot breathe, as you try to wrest my tongue

My tight nerves can't hold you any longer
You twist like a worm

I look at myself with a chilling smile, my mouth is full of foam

My frenetic nerves are broken now
Result of my raving lunacy which will take your head, as it took mine

07. Scars As Victories

Evil is a strength for each one can feel it
It's the image of what's choking and killing
But in fact I believe that's not such a wicked concept
Not like a simple effect making the corpses rotting or bursting our very eyes
Things are much more complicated to me

I don't want to suffer anymore as I have to drag an witchering body
Bruised inside as well as outside
I am learning to abandon myself to my fate in a languorous Lassa fever

We are just our own toys and I really like being conscious that
We can be other's if we consent
I can be the black light that never shines,
I can be the breeze that never blows

I'm living in the shadowy undergrowth far away from all conventions
I am the colour you can not see, the shade in the sky that
Can not disturb particles
I am the servant controlled by my own body's limits
People just see the face spitting death and feeding cerebral palsy
Over ten generations is me

No one can understand that I had to loose everything to make something Better of myself
I don't know if anyone could understand me and my need
To test myself everyday
To know if I still live

Each day I can contemplate the worm continuing his tiring work
Each day I can feel the icy presence of those thousand scars on me
Scars are victories, pleasure is a failure when it comes without violence

08. My Worldly Goods

I'm quite aware of what they say behind my back
I have to see beneath their apparent indifference

Why are you interested by me ? What do you really want ?
You can try to fool me but you'll never get anything cause I know

I feel their scratching claws upon my flesh
I attract them as I was made of solid gold but it's my own gold which is shining
They will never succeed in taking my goods

You can say you love me, I know you only want my empire
I'm delightfully alone and higher than those unclean insects drooling around me

I'm not so easy to convince, I know that everybody wants my worldly goods
My friendship is not for sale
Don't believe you can incite me to write your name on my testimony

I can feel their scratching claws upon my flesh
But they will never succeed in taking my goods

10. Abhoth

Limbs and gaping mouths are taking shape from the swamp
Pseudopods are drawing in this slimy liquid

My eyes can't free themselves from this greyish and syrupy substance
My eyes seem unavoidably filled with these images

I can feel the holling heat on my face, Is it for real ?

Obscene monstrosities continuously haunt my dreams
And try to drag me towards their last breath
You source of impurity that blemishes my sight and my reality
Stop crawling lasciviously inside me and suck my healthiness of mind
I'm no longer the master of my own dreams I'm dislocated and jaded
My heart's beating spread in a crystal clear and dull noise of which discordance upsets my stomach

Maybe the source of impuriry is only me ?

You infamous and appaling creature, get out of my pallid and confuse vision
Before I renounce forever to this quixotic life
To this eternal flaw that destroys the frontiers of my perception

11. In Memory Of Those Halcyon Days

Each sunlight is subverting our thoughts more than we could trust
Growing means learning to see the golden drawing made by
Embers on our skin

I feel so lonely everyday in the heart of this ivory atrium
Here I have to contemplate the silliness of smiles on totemic faces

I'm getting a than under the fire of dull disasters

What difference can I make between the one or the other ?
Wich bottomless horror would manage to wake my sleepy senses up ?

Each sunlight is subverting our thoughts more than we could trust
Growing means learning to see the golden damascening
Represented on the knife edge tearing our flesh
Blinding dampness drips on our rites

No strength can be tangible in those gardens of screes
Nothing can shock me anymore

This is why we're able to feel the real plenitude
We are the teratogenetic substance of this world

I have found my freedom in the ignorance of thing's worth
And particularly in human thing's