Goatwhore - Funeral Dirge For The Rotting Sun lyrics


02. Vengeance Of Demonic Fury

Condemned return of the crowned one Homicide of the first son Continuous trial of the forsaken Bleeding these sores Deformity of this new cult The inbred rising against the bastard law As the visual perversion of Christ sits between eyes of the judged Masturbate the embrace of dark Urine burns the eyes of the unconverted Harvesting the knowledge of putried elegance The broken crest Evolve as the squandered birth Brittle in poise To once again nourish from this embraced death Slaughtering these plagues Of the Holy Catastrophic profit Of unkempt dignity Enter this holocaust of the free Bring us justification for vengeance Destroyer of the sick accuser The sky denied Strangling the swan of starvation As birth covers the floor of the church Carnivorous grave worms hanging from hooks Devouring the gray matter of emotion I hear the salvation of Hell calling...Hell calling One more dead, One more lost, in a plagued existence...PLagued existence The chalice that bleeds youth for all The bone of wrath that breaks all will Unproficized legion Feeling the eclipse of portals Wage your war on sin The war between the lack of it will be you who casts the first stone Blind oblivion is just the beginning

03. Blood Guilt Eucharist

All the crucified bleed from ribs False words of the church Research of evolving change Tortured by the hand of fire Condemned to demise in lust This forgotten trial of the witch holocaust The harvest moon feeds swarm Bringing crops to fertilize the new breed The new plague, embrace swarm Cataclysm of the new found population control Sacrifice the mosquito egg Feverish prophecy born from the waters of storm Temples raised from the skulls of dead victims in battle for god All altars praised as the lamb changes form for prayer Burning fires led by trials of the unconformed Exiled bodies of the plagues burned for the comfort of faith Mythic beyond Raging waters of revenge Overbearing scroll Mistakes of your God Your Idol, Your soul Worship new found prophet Sickness waiting for the weak Lost pages of beliefs Denying bodies of the deaed Aggression your ruler Perish as slave to this hostile world Leper in colony of the born again This virgins bleeding deception inverted garde n of the first race Suffocation in starvation Sitting on the throne of the unforgiven Knees sore from crawling To make peace for insult of the grave Mercy for the dying May all be damned to follow this same fate No life is worth supreme sacrifice This funeral of the magnificent Crushed with tyhe sympathy for your dead Exiled to hear the winds of grief...Alone Restructured in a shallow place Perception now bleeds with these same writings of disgrace Sacrifice the kill to the Dark Lord Die for us, Leaving your soul to be crushed Taking form in hallucination Entering the broken seal of final creation Brushing the palms upon fields of gold grain This belief does not exist in the world that lives by no name

04. The Serpent That Enslaves What Is Worshiped

I am the snake redirected The left hand path paved with grace I am the lifeless that sheds its skin Swallowing myself in completion of the total self The endless round of existence Crushing all destiny of hope Completion within isolation Hell divine through six blind eyes Blank face of the transformed Breaching this cross you bear The black stares down Beholding the greatest slain A first step out of this old age A trial of lies once where wings soared Sits scars of a fallen icon Torn from this back of freedom We all descend to the lower world Rise Changed Venom of rebirth to engulf all Burial head down, Inversion of punishment Expulsion to the sea of disloyalty To never see again Entwined inside Chaos consumed This future of undying Rise of the uncrucified As the serpent climbs the cross of shame An unbound virus of agnostic rage Tainted skin with a touch of the perverse Cast away fron an unjust form of freedom Transformation of the snake A new oblivion of blasphemy She dding the skin of what used to be This war waged as all the horns of Jericho begin The death of all your deities Suspended from grace Worship a raised profit of nothing Filtering of the insane Perpetual feeding of this seed of chaos Embracing this revelation of entire dusk Fuse this self attained consuming of worship Milking the fated in resurrection for triumph

05. Chanting Bells Of Funeral Anguish

As this dark sun prepares its wrath in a form of black plagues Manifest the steel flame from the manuscript of blame Conjuring of Golgotha to find the outcast grave The curse of the nails that impaled this soul of disease Exhaling these locust swarms within the exorcist entombed Scars from the skies as hell crawls from this oblivion This funeral dirge as trumpets sound the Armageddon The blind child with the divine eye Carried along like dead young from the holocaust Mother blinded by birth of love Even as death rots its stench, The heretic wears the crown Sanitarium for the mental failure The baring of three crosses A birth of primates in acceptance of faith Savior in a scientific thesis Hail Mary, Uplifting the weight Trail of choices to end your fate Concrete ideas of hatred break Bury this burden of this choice to make Soiled from filth of acceptance Unlove of a pagan scapegrace Finding fear in the great beyond Left to scream in a cold alone As I call the storms of hallowed winds Upon the earth Come to me Oh, Mother night What woes do you hold for me Angels of doomed destiny return to fire Indecency never to be held in grace of good Decline to the lower world Descend into the flame Blind eyes of the burnt dead The final sentence by the judge of the dead placed Drowning in the river of passage to the mortal world Requiem for the demise of Asgard The whore lays with deception of touch Followers embracing the whisper of a silenced dying breath Ignite the hand of glory, Five flames, Poisoning the masses A plague will follow curiosity of Pandora's Box Rendered a kiss of shame Transvection beyond the light, Nail driving plagues Exorcism swarm, Storm raising, Splinters upon the cross...All lives lost

06. Sky Inferno

Lord of scald Steo forth for the nature of ruin Captivating the heavens with a scorn of burns from this rotting sun Dissecting the heavens for oblivion This frost of endless punishment Tha path I walk is paved with the ashes of corpses Beneath my feet are souls of thousands Crushed by one stroke of the hand of death To watch the Earth die within forgotten shadows Smear my face with the ash of dying Infernal region, World beyond the grave Destroying the disease that infests the Earth Hail storm of blistering stones And I hear the serpent's whisper To leave the heavens in flames Upon black stallions We trample your crown of thorns With furious fires of vengeance Your throne has ling since crumbled And the flames of the new lords rise Within the shadows of Satan And the angels shall be my whores Shrouded beneath blackened veils Arise in flames Credence in filth Uplifting a sensation of unconcern to set ablaze the northern divine Atheist on the forefront of conception Parche d theory to preserve the death of felicity Warmth of arctic apathy fills the glutton fat Absorb this seething expiration Melting with the obvious defeat of the city of God Ignite divination as it dies from this Welkin attainment The enflamed doorway to an unconverted malefactor...eviscerate

07. A Closure In Infinity

The crest light of divinity will never shine Contemporarily refined through a catastrophic hell Buried deep within the blood of traditional revolution A distrust to decipher man's evolution, The future never known A black hole of undivine nature for destruction of heresy The stellar cycle about to be sucked into the imploding dark star to resurface an early cycle of man for a new millenium Closure begins in collapse, Dissolving into the raven giant We are timeless...within damnation Outer descent thrown into a reversal of extinction No emotion within this promise of damnation On sorelines of the perverse The Armageddon of prophecies unfold This threshold of an event horizon Collapses into a closure of negative density Look past the stories of life Look beyond these lies of a garden of delight The serpents tale is only beginning of this interstellar rebirth Hell's cold fire Begin a cycle reborn Devouring of utopia Attain within non-escape Haste to collide with this transi tional barrier that makes a dead man free The cold ground is a warm death that leaves the personal idea of dying a lonesome rebirth Grasp towards the sky from within this depression As mountains of scattered head stones lay A far worse burial stigma becoming the inquisition The black heart of cold faith Bare this cross a tranquil agnostic epitaph The delivery of a condemned ideal The veil closes its swollen eyes from above This bitter evocation sealing the blackness of love

09. As The Sun Turns To Ash

Blindly walking against the outcomes of life Hallowed The kiss of decay in steps of two Empty bleak carrion Stripped of sensation Exposing the faith of beyond on your deathbed We are but worms in the fruit of expiration The most forbidden fruit of disease Unkept from dying Lost within a distand fear (Distant feat of dying) This idol of absolute Animals of the world feed war Pathological outcast of Christ Taking revolution for name Glassy look of the eyes Too deep for a living soul to stomach Images of the afterworld Leverage within the creation of ruin We travel through a doorway of nothing Enter afterlife of inverted faith Indulging in childhood fears To enter a mystery of ungodly ascent (Ascend) The never ending punishment of unfeeling to perish in a death of disregard Oppressive association in a vague cleansing of the irate Gold gates of the divine Breathe more life into vanity Material power, Human idealism A living myth of the trials of the abnormal Winged ugli ness in a shattered prism Soaring the scaled impiety to lay the trap With fruit of failure It leads our rebirth into the snake The darkness bleeds throughout the sky in plagues A deep breath of a martyr's dream Scorn of emptiness to be embraced in solitude Inhale this freedom...Justify our existence

10. Fires Of The Judas Blood

An angel of exile Slave to the betrayed Beware of those who collect feathers Fury of a mob raised by the horns of indecency Crawling as knives are lain on your back In heaven the sounds of freedom are dorwned for choice Hell born, Rising phoenix from this great void greater laws of man The unforeseen trail of the gods in theory of rage Reaching out to these knives Grabbing at all blades I've bitten the hand that feeds me I've embraced the hand that deceives me The Judas Kiss Following of the second fault of man Falling altar of Christ This betrayer in the choices of life Treachery in the fall of supreme These thrones of decay still stand unbroken Relics of the condemned hand Feeding the feeble History of the forgotten stigmas that men fear Transparent soul of the insecure one Just like lying alone as water fills the lungs No hands to reach for when all is deceit Within the soul of burning defeat These souls - Forged in flame These souls - The pathway of untruth These sou ls - Forgotten in shame These souls - Create curse in eternity One among many I am alone Time-decayed words of promise Harsh in beauty Darkness pains me A brotherhood of unbroken loyalty As the sounds of these nails being struck disrupts the winds Passion of enrapture in rage Balance of the grave Starving soul With ashes and dust These dead roses for the nameless Take me Into the mouth of decay

11. The Black Art Of Deception

Bastard Christ Second comign of sacrifice Release my chained hands No more virus of your worship Thrust of nails Into these wrists Sworn to death Reign of blood Seize the prophecy of the final sacrifice Great unclean soul, Offered in this final murder Hell will raise as the dead king returns from the afterlife Bring forth the death of God as the black lord comes to rise Temptation for the fault of man Ruin in the offering of self Valley of the exalted Rise before Satan, The new king Bow down to manifest this holy demise of the final Nazarene Creation Failed with the birth of man in the image of God Religious icons crushed with the transformation of the feverish Faceless messiah with horns of the reborn goat Rise great lord of the dark Kill Christ in final rite Behold...Lucifer ion rite of the silver star Call forth the legion of the flame Invoke the wrath of Dagon Black sorcery be thy name Falling into the deep sleep of Azrael My blood screams and burns through (my skin) Dead Christ Devil's sacrifice Reign of murder Return Unclean Raising the undivine

12. Baptized In A Storm Of Swords

I am alone Killing my thoughts of outcome Delusional virus of God On the verge of extinction Inwardly caged Empty in silence Offering to the suicide king Leaving the misery of God A storm of swords to end my life (Take me) A storm of swords to end it all (Drown me) Lacersations from the sky to baptize my soul one last time Rising from these seas of boiling blood (My own blood) Torn from this birthed tomb that had no bearing on your choices Still the dove of peace can not justify the bearing of the wounds of Christ The blade of release Uplifting in belief Eyes opening to black Reforming of this afterlife This flame to resurrect Following my own will Holding the blade to chest Escape from this scream of conjuring Inhaling the blaze of forgotten fire Scorching new blood to black Through the center of the rotting sun The sick angel with razors for wings Resurrect me and offer me to suicide again Faceless king engulfs me in freedom A Venus of horror made imperial Lay me back to soak my head in pure blood Bleeding from my wrist...this stream of independence As I raise my vision escapes Feeding this surgery of the lifeless Six - Sacraments of anguish and deceit Six - Shadows of baphomets horns Six - Fatherless bastards of grief Birthright of the damned We praise our soulds descent Bleeding like a cold river into eternal damnation These lacerations entwined (for) an alliance of the blind drink deep of desecration A murderous praise I vomit upon the holy altar Hooks of the embraced hang from the heavens Sucking the endeavors of pain Bleeding life from the lifeless As I soar on the tempests sharp wings Trading layers of flesh during intercourse Orgasm found in asphyxiation while losing life Tubes pumping fluid of evolution into a mutation for the birthing of the jackal Rising from these seas of my own blood As man's outer frame constricts with metal and tissue A scaffold of torture to be raised as an altar These interpretations of the surgical testament Lyin g naked licking these wounds of humiliation