Corrupted - Se Hace Por Los Suenos Asesinos lyrics


01. Gekkou No Daichi (Ground of Moonlight)

Indulged in lust and greed
Defiled soul
Sinful one who brought corruption
Say, you judge before tasting the water?

Rusty people break old rules
And long for wealth and fame
For their land of peace
Disgrace the gift of land

Tombstones to deceive the weak
Destination for the travel of the defiled soul
Polish to deceive
King's assassin

Roar of the soul yet to be ceased
To the land of hope
To the end of the ephemeral darkness
Moonlight lights my dreams

Ridicule to deceive the weak
Sinful one's destination
Filled at the bottom of darkness
Wise men who rule contradiction

In the hands of
The sinful one
Tightly gripped
Symphony of destruction echos continuously
In the passing time
Destination of power

The roaming of the soul still continues
The end of the last movements of the fetus
Quest for truth in my mind
Liberation of the sky is drawing near

02. Rato Triste

[Sad Time]

They repeat a folly.
Much life was under the sky.
Slaughter and biological weapons
what is their purpose?
architects, nature and the smiles of children
They took and invaded all.
Reports of gun sounds don't stop
night skies filled by ballistic trajectory

Sound of the destruction governs ears
Darkness governed by sadness and pain
Who believed that lie?
Who made exploitation profits?
Opening of a new time
It became the opening of a sad time.
deceiving each other with "globalization"
what are these things we believe in this life?

Controlled information
False justice

They are hero affectation.
They walk along the invaded way.
they shout justice and equality,
but nobody believes it.
Does slaughter produce equality?
Does a lie produce freedom?
Does violence produce peace?
Do you think that desire produced progress?

03. Sus Futuros

[Their Futures]

by the window
heavy clouds cover the air

all going ash-gray
all going black

nothing is always the same,
I have already become bored with their lie.

all going ash-gray
all going black

boys who cannot see their futures,
protected under the law
and looking for his existence in the death of others.

the police said on TV that
"my murderer son is better than justice"

we began to think that humans are superior to animals
that's a great problem we created.