Fall Of The Idols - The Womb Of The Earth lyrics


01. Sown Are The Seeds Of Doom

The tribes gather at the midst of dawn
Settling over where the line is drawn
Fear in their eyes they gaze through the mist
To a field where reason has ceased to exist
With blank staring eyes they march ahead
Not really knowing that they're already dead

When heart dies and soul is torn
Sown are the seeds of doom
When minds astray and fills with hate
Sown are the seeds of doom

The ancient laws of lust and greed
For the glory of ancestral need
Lines drawn by ignorant hand
Not knowing what they demand
A price too high for a man to pay
Is to know that today's the day

Here we let loose the legions
Here we draw the blade
Marched the paths of glory
Towards our death so vain

Here we let loose the legions
Here we drew the blade
We threw our lives away
And only silence remained

02. Atonement For The One

Hunting your shadow you've grown weary in your play
Lost your will to carry on, so
Drink from the cup that holds your fire
Anyhow, you've lost your rights to survive
Time's passed you and soon we'll see you coming down
Failed in your quest to bring down the liar

All gods screaming, forever dreaming
Atonement for The One that came down

Let me take you for a ride through the galaxy
And behold! The apathy...
It's all losing control
Left aside to slowly die away
Time to move into the mirrorland
To focus your pain on everyone

Breathe your woes unto them
Let them all float down
So I will give them meaning

All gods screaming, forever dreaming
Absolution for The One that came down

03. The Grand Act

Vacant eyes gleaming with rejection
How much one can take until forgiven
Preaching to the pious congregation
Like throwing pearls before swine

Pawns shifting quietly between the extremities
Tainting the will to life, depleted to insanity

Stripped from all of it's given authority
Imperfection all laid to bare
Paralyzed by one's own insecurity
Searching for a god which is no longer there

Pawns shifting quietly between the extremities
Gnawing the right to life, depleted to insanity

Struggling between body and mind, how People can not be saved
As conclusions stare the one, mute, morose and gray

Pawns shifting quietly between the extremities
Gnawing the will to life, depleted to insanity
Silence is consent, the grand act adjourned
A cycle turning, nothing has been learned

As only doubt would set one free

04. Agonies Be Thy Children

Amidst shadows of night I make myself a seer
To see the answer through the stream so clear
That flows by endless rows of nameless stones
Piled upon the tombs of the kings unknown

Agonies by thy children, so we forsake this world

With this impending doom above our heads
We go hand in hand and join with the dead
Into realms beneath the womb of the earth
Baptised with blood, scavenged for rebirth

Agonies by thy children, so we forsake this world
To the land of shadows by the paths unheard

As thy world devours itself, we wash ourselves clean
The end is thy own making, all that was becomes a dream

We walk a darker path to see what lies
Beyond the skies of misanthropic wrath

05. Keep Wandering The Night

At night when the sacred hour is being mocked
Hoping to alleviate your misery you roam the concrete hell
Drifting through the blizzard, wondering how lonely you've become
And all the people you once knew, they have left you behind

Keep wandering the night
Leaving the lights so bright
Towards the endless blight

Dark gray sky crying this town gets to us all
Behind the curtains there's murder in the hearts of everyone
Depression you try to ignore but you know you're becoming one of Them

Cleansing fire
Ashes rising higher

Good intentions drowned in hypocrisy
This town eventually gets to us all
Inside your head there's no way out

06. Ungodly Thirteen

After nightfall, they all gather on the hills above
To celebrate the wicked deeds they've done
Franticly they dance, as screams cut the air
Offering a sacrifice as their master sits there

Men trembling with fear before the Ungodly Thirteen
(Unable to imagine what they've seen)

As the dawn breaks their Sabbath is done
And dreaded witch finders catch each and every one
Soon the court will gather to condemn their heresy
Locked in for interrogation, torture and misery

Suffering endlessly but their spirits won't break
The verdict is given: "to be burned at the stake"

So they burn...

As their bodies die to Hell their souls ascend
When they face death none will weep nor repent
Boldly they all stand still till they hear the knell
Not to serve in heaven but to reign in Hell

All are trying to get by the Ungodly Thirteen

07. The Walk

Past the icons of earthly woes
To a place without weary throes
Through the veil no man's ever passed
Unfurled lies the faith in the last
Mob chanting before the feast
Until the tide is unleashed

Each step hammers the soil
With revelations imbued in coil
One humming note permeates the air
As the walk descends into a lair
Where seven wives entertain the frail
Away from the unseen trail

The walk is for those who dare
Pass the sadist's glare

08. The Pathway

A new day for the fallen
The end chosen
The Pathway is open

Mortal struggles collide with fear
Dawn of mourning is drawing near
Shades of the world are bleeding dry
Storm approaches, devours mankind

Men fleeing necessity
Praying for forgiveness
Blinding light of desolation
Man's own extermination

The balance is broken, no sacrificial lamb to save us all
Bigotry and ignorance, tenets of our fall
As the frail veil of life is torn, with relentless scorn
All that was will perish as the pitch-black night falls

A breeze of hope dying away
Still present in debris and decay
A void of silence is all that's left
Among the ones in the cities of dead

It all comes down cold, for it is the order of things
We burned bright with passion, to the very end
The marvels we made lost in the sands of time
So many thoughts just echoes in the wind
And in the endless sleep we return back to it all...

Halls carved from human bone
Army of death on eternal march
As time turns and loses meaning
World shatters and is forever lost

Embrace the end