Fall Of The Idols - The Séance lyrics


01. Nosophoros

From the land beyond the forest Nosophoros befalls

It will come in black and as the third sailing on a phantom ship
Tolling bells summon us sinners to repent as the Day of Wrath is here

The dreadful lord of the rats walks among us and greets us with a smile
Taking us all by the hand we join his dance as patches on our skin grow black

Scourge devouring the faithless lands
Vanity lashed out of blistering coil
Hope redeemed yet through blood
Still despair triumphs thru the divine

Our strength quickly fading away by every strained breath
Suddenly like a wind it passed above our heads and we're no more

Downtrodden we died for our sins we had to pay

02. The Conqueror Worm

The bell tolls up on the hill calling mourners to arrive
The coffin on altar shrouded in flowers a mute monolith of death
From the bible the priest reads his words won't soothe the grief

All roads they lead to a grave
In death we're all the same
No matter what you've earned or found
Your carcass will lie rotting in the ground
In the end only death will prevail
All struggle, striving... all in vain
The only hero there is the Conqueror Worm

No kingdom of heaven for you my friend
When the lid is nailed it is the end

Icy rain falls down as the coffin is laid down to the earth
Thus a life ends but questions remain is this really all there is
It seems so futile this earthly yoke
When the only reward is a cold damp grave

03. At The Birth Of The Human Shadow

At the birth of the human shadow, in the séance of the spirits of grief
A world made for Pithius and Belial for this wanderer it offers no relief
I see myself in those stagnant figures standing on fields which lie before me
In my miseries I understand the truth, to exist doesn't mean the same as to be

At the rise of the human shadow, as demons creep beyond the veil of life
Burning torn branches of Sephiroth darken my days into endless night
Against the light as a shallowly hush I revive the legends amongst the barrows
Caressing faint thoughts of deliverance
I reach towards the rapture of fading shadows

Abhorred will be my deeds, let the ritual commence

Aeons connecting, a plunge into worlds between
A moment, a cup of sacramental denunciation
Willing the arcane revelation as laughter prevails beyond reason

At the fall of the human shadow, in flames and billowing black smoke
From shards I create myself again and set my foot on a hidden road
Conceived on the moment of Erebus in joy I bathe in my newborn might
Without fear I journey ever forward where out of shadow shines a light

Reborn to cast the light of Morning Star

04. My Home The Gallows

I turn out the lights one by one
And leave on this weary hour
No more warmth of the sun
As all things sweet are now sour
The trail I've taken is my own
The burden of life I have known

Where I go you can't follow
A path of pain, a path of sorrow
All which you cannot understand
I meet my fate in the break of dawn
Gazing to the east I take a stand
And in the twilight I am gone

My drained coil quivers in silence
As I make my home, the gallows

Boldly I commit the cardinal sin
For no hell is worse than this state I'm in
As precious this gift of life is
It's better to bow out than fade in miseries

I ask for forgiveness
As I make my home, the gallows

05. Cathedral Of Doom

Up there the gates are now forever closed
Only downward you may go

Abandon all hope as you enter this cathedral of doom
As hooks of the pious mark you damned flesh
Humid walls echo your prayers for redemption

Longing to undo your life's in vain
In gloom and grave disdain, you are here to stay

Blood curdling in everlasting acts of confession
Every aspect of your being scrutinized, resolved
Twisted figures abstract and cold condemn you

Martyrdom, sacrifice
Thoughts that stain the mind
All alone, lunacy
The bane of the virgin kind

The cadre of faceless automatons annulling life
From resurrection to oblivion forevermore
Down below worn chains clattering without end

Only through devouring flames the innocent will be absolved

06. Cold Air

After the nightfall to the shore my trail goes
Through the adorned fields where crosses grow
When night terrors reside the waking world
Feasting on screams which no one heard
A sea of pending questions drown my heart
No answers given for in morning tide we must part
Cold air creeping through skin
Woes born out of worlds apart

Tonight only the sweet flags rustle in the wind
I think of those against whom I have sinned
Once again I stand here alone, sand on my feet
Like I couldn't resist the ageless whispering sea
Murk's of mist glide in pale light of the moon
And I fear that morning will come way too soon

Reaching for something, no longer there
Just empty faces in still cold air

Rolling tides so indifferent toward us
All hopes and dreams meaningful as dust
An image disappears into veil of the night
A lingering ghost which shuns all of the light
Just memories remain it's all said and done
Dying slowly in the light of a hallowed sun
Cold air creeping through skin
Waiting for the end to come

07. An Age Comes To Its End

From the times of in Arcadia ego
Folk mesmerized by the wonders of ratio
But some foresaw the pathway to power
The ancient philosophers stone
The bells of hierarchies
As an age comes to its end...

The law of as above, so below
The shepherds herding man's fears
Strings attached into shadows
Calling the hives to unveil the plague
Ordo ab chao
As an aeon comes to its end...

Assimilation of the volition
Gullible eyes turned into glass
As habeas corpus is sacrificed
And global panopticon is forged

Imagine a boot
Stamping on a human face - for ever...

No jesters to hold the mirror
No mirth left to share
All bent down before the pyramid
For lions have come to feast

The beacon, the saviour
Has robbed human of it's will