01. Fed Up
02. Desensitize
03. Substance
04. All Or None
05. Status Quo
06. Fuck It
07. Psywar
08. Take It Personal
09. Make Some Noise
10. Let Live
11. Thou Shall Not
12. Draw Blood
13. Down In Flames

01. Fed Up

There are no words that one can say
To justify oneself of existing conditions today
The race is on and yet the stakes are fucking high
So we gather all we can
Cause it ain't worth a shit when we die

For lack of resistance
We cling to our existence
Assuming position
Aborting your mission

Fed up with the fucking lies
Fed up with the world's demise
Fed up with the human race
I'll disappear without a trace

Trying times - no peace of mind
So we fight amongst ourselves
And we'll leave next to nothing behind
Fill the void - to satisfy
So we bite the hand that feeds us
A seemingly endless supply

In search for a saviour
Condoning this behaviour
Denial - we live in
When all is not forgiven

02. Desensitize

Forced into black - and this is all we know
Acquired taste to kill ourselves
For demon seeds to grow
Accept the fact - we're not the same
No right or wrong in casting blame
Incarcerate society for what is harsh reality

So what have we become?
Corrupt the only son
We search for reasons why
Until the day we die

No love, all lust, no truth or trust
What if your eyes desentisize?

Bypass the norm - and let the games begin
We'll take the world by storm
From the outside looking in

Obsessed with death - we grow old
Our callousness is twice as cold
We compensate morality to exercise authority

In time we'll see the light
For now no ends in sight
We need to make it clear
The reasons why we're here

03. Substance

Beyond recognition - We'll survive
Cause were down with the people
And that keeps us alive
It's mind over matter - and the beat goes on
Respect one another for now and when I'm gone

No need to deceive - we'd rather be real
You needn't believe us if that's how you feel
I've given the best of the realist in me
In waiting for something or someone to see
What we're made of

False premonition to cast a doubt
But there's always something
That we should live without
A shock to the system - cross the line
State your opinions and open up the mind

You're wasting away - year afer year
No promise to take time to notice you're here
A subtle persistence and time is the key
In waiting for something or someone to see
What we're made of

04. All Or None

Died beneath the red white and blue
All just because you did what they told you to do
Tried to buy a mind of your own
The system failed - for lack of interest in you
Countless episodes in violence took a toll
They kept the pawns at bay
Whith reckless abandonment they met their goals
Few tried to stand in their way

When peace defied the nation
They snuffed all need to know
Damned this generation
And fucked us - way to go!
Played us like a man
Who's qork is never done
Their wish is our command
And all they want is ALL OR NONE

Succumbed to laws of death but such is life
Sometimes you're bait - they bite
You tried to cut the tension with a knife
All efforts ain't worth shit
Painful proposition - take - do not refuse
A face to place the blame
I guess sometimes you win - sometimes you lose
It's how you play the game

Thoughtless revelations
Got no place to go
Mindless aspirations
Spoiled no seed to grow
The promise in the land
We'll reap if we are one
And now the time's at hand
And all we want is ALL OR NONE

05. Status Quo

Hands are tied - the scene is set
To take advantage of the meek
As sacrificial lambs are killed
The blood will run into the street
Mass migration - exodus
All lemmings forced into the sea
It's a masochistic attitude
But better you than fuckin' me

It's a fool's paradise
Who'll pay the price?
It's not for you and me to decide
Why piss and moan?
You're not alone
Stay shallow and swallow your pride
Hearts fill with rage
This day and age
Cry freedom and fight to be free
They can't deny my reason
I don't believe in the powers that be

Speak your peace and fill the void
Then let your will decide your fate
Spark a violent overthrow
And undermine the church and state
Break the silence - seize the day
The gut reaction is to kill
Fuck the system - seek the truth
For the cause I know you will

06. Fuck It

Took your cheap shots and now I've had enough
Life's a bitch boy when times are tough
It's best to burn out and worse to fade
I'm gonna punch the clock out with all dues paid

I hate the taste of your humble pie
And I'm walking out of here
With my head held high and...

I won't save my face
Or state my case
I'll speak my peace
Fuck it - just fuck it

Been a long time since I've seen ysou smile
Well I feel like shit cause I've been out for a while
I'm torn to pieces but the mind's intact
Yet the song remains, son - I got your back

We trust the good lord to see it through
And I'm never never ever
Givin' up on you and...

You won't save face
Or state your case
So speak your peace
Fuck it - just fuck it

07. Psywar

Documented tactics - our motives are clear
Anonymously bogus sent to you from us here
A lethal proposition that you'll read as you weep
While the bombings so relentless to deprive you of sleep

The torture never stops - no leaders give in
Yet the people have to suffer from desires to win
This hopeless situation seems to work itself out
To politically extinguish spreculation and doubt

And are we in control? If so, are we content?
Is god to save us all? Then so we must repent!

Wasting precious time defacing the place
You got the world by the balls with no saving of face
A fist in the air and a foot in the grave
For this "the land of the free" - "the home of the brave"

Objectives achieved - now it's time to get back
Twas a succesful operation - a strategic attack
The policy prevailed at whatever the cost
And so the stories were told of lives that were lost

The search for E-Z prey is what we must endure
In all a shade of grey - we took this road before


Calling all the shots - our decider of fate
Is so self-rightously twisted - a reason to hate
A lifeless depression sets over us
While we aimlessly cling to our thoughts of what was

And are we in control? If so, are we content?
Is god to save us all? If so, we must repent!


08. Take It Personal

I take to violence to break the silence of the mind
Well I don't really care for you and you know I hate your kind
Assassination per demonstration of the rage
This pissed off individual has recently come of age

You wasted all my time - when time was on my side
Life left to leave you blind my eyes are open wide
Don't stop to wish me well - yes I will have my day
My thoughts are "It's been hell" - now I'll be on my way

Take it personal

Mass destruction complete combustion of the soul
I'll make sure you eat your words and insist you swallow whole
An Alternation in all relation to the past
The consequence is: Most of us die young for living fast

I'd walk a thousand miles - just to do this all again
And revel all the while - with the few that I call friend
If I could change my ways - in the only way I know
I'd set the world ablaze - and call it even, so...

Take it personal

09. Make Some Noise

Enter the zone - our mission: Achieving the goal
We act alone - for reasons beyond our control
Under the gun - our power of reason prevails
Second to none - in whatever the mission entails

We're fighting a war
For truth and never more
The need to understand
So do what you can and you will

Open your mind - for we are the yet to be seen
Leave this behind for longing to say what you mean
Death and despair of endless relentless decay
Buyer beware - our choice is to live for today

We're fighting a war
For truth and never more
The need to understand
So do what you can and you will
Make some fucking noise

10. Let Live

On our quest for liberty
Can we live as one?
Got stuck here in survival mode
And the worst is yet to come
We passed the point of no return
As we watched the world go mad
If you've only got yourselves to blame
Well, that's too fuckin' bad

Kill time all day
At best you're wasting away
Breakdown defense
Lash out and break some fuckin' sense

Cause life ain't what you're worth
It's what you are

Ignorance is plain to see
And that they can't deny
They'll end us all eternally
Now it's a case of Do or Die
We pray they seek forgiveness
For the pain they put us through
No need to clear the conscience
They put the blame on you

A life to take
The choice is yours to make
What now? Let live
You took enough, now fucking give!

11. Thou Shall Not

Despite all the pain that we've been through, my friend
We search for a sign to guide us till the end
Believe in yourself - Do what you think is right
May your kids be safe and warm into the night
The blood, the sweat, the anger and the tears
Represent all our acts of faith throughout the years
Deceit is a means in which to measure gain
Never take the name of Lord Thy God in vain

From this day on - for keeps we play vain

We lost ourselves along the way
We sow our seeds and watch them grow
Content that god will never know

And thou shalt not...

Behold - the meaningless we must protect
The tell tale signs are there in full effect
Embrace the unknown as if it was your own
May the sun shine bright in times when you're alone
Remind us before the day that we're to go
To share our thoughts with those who care to know
We must give praise when goodness is deserved

And now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul to keep
And if I die before I wake
I pray the lord my soul to take

And thou shalt not...

12. Draw Blood

Draw blood for the kids who know no war
Fly high - god will let your eagle soar
Shed tears on the path in which you pave
Have faith and sacred vigilance will guard your grave

Gotta take good care for those
Who have taken care of us
There is life beyond our woes
So sacrifice we must

To love to hate - for twist of fate
A loss to gain - to die in vain
Draw blood

Stand guard - we defend with all our might
Pray god give strength to to what's right
Cast doubt on a way in which you live
I say we gave enough, there's nothing left to give

And the world becomes undone
When all the wars are won
Paid a price for liberty
Knowing nothing is for free

To love to hate - for twist of fate
A loss to gain - to die in vain
Draw blood

13. Down In Flames

Deep in the minds of us all is a need or a call
To adjust and release
You bury the past and you know it will last
But it kills you just like a disease
Cope with the pain just to drive you insane
As you think of an easy way out
But you stop to a drink and you think to youself

"And so this is what life is about?"

Oh, help is on it's way
Got the power to pull you through
Gonna take a big commitment, boy
When it's puttin' the hurt on you
Got the strength to lift you up
And get your feet back on that ground
Only you gotta save yourself
Cause they're lookin' to shoot you down

Stuck in a daze like a rat in the maze
And they don't give a fuck how you feel
Misunderstood but you did what you could
Now you're falling asleep at the wheel
Death has begun, so you turn and you run
And you give it your best but you fall
So you live for the day with a will and a way
But you're caught with your back to the wall

Oh, help is on it's way
Got the power to pull you through
Gonna take a big commitment, boy
When it's puttin' the hurt on you
Got the strength to lift you up
And get your feet back on that ground
Only you gotta save yourself
Cause they're lookin' to shoot you down

In flames!