Paganizer - Deadbanger lyrics


01. Branded By Evil


02. The Mark Of Evil

Hordes of the dark now arise, Brining Chaos - chaos!
The gateway is flowing over, with the creatures of the night

Bleeding lands for the reaper, Evil now has risen
You fight the demons, Armed with steel and shield, oh yeah

Dragons they fly in the sky, Blowing fire - fire
Now is the time to fight, Rise with steel in your hand

The mark of evil - burnt into your flesh

The venom of evil, inside your flesh

03. Deadbanger

Bang you heads, yeah, to the music of Satan
Unleash the beast, that swells inside
Bang your heads, yeah

Blow out your head
Be a deadbanger
Come join the dead

Come on, explode, Into Satan's kingdom
Tear down the walls, around the beast
Obey the voice, In your blackened heart
Come on, explode

I see her face in the crowd
Banging her had so proud
Her fist held up high
She'll keep banging til the day she die...

04. Heads Of The Hydra

A creator seldom seen, is riding the skies
Wings of steel-clad fury, flesh of wizard lies

Forged in Satan's fires, Born to burn the earth
Mankind's greatest fear, by evil given birth

Controlled by spell-craft, secret magic words
Retrieved from beyond, distant darkened worlds

Once decapitated, it is not devastated
For every severed head, three new are breed

Heads, heads - of the hydra

05. Storms To Come

A storm is coming, destroyer of worlds
Winds of steel and chaos, brings us to our knees

A storm ascending, this time it's for real
Darkness descending, we put our trust in steel

We stand prepared to fight. We'll meet our fate tonight

The wind is tearing hard. Still we're standing tall
If chaos reaps us, as warriors we fall

Like a whisper of storms to come, evil will be done

06. Time To Burn

A time for warriors, fearless men of steel
Fighters on the fields of death, who will never kneel

Time to burn

A time for demons, evil spawn of hell
Blacksmith of Satan, ringers of his bells

And now it's time for us to burn
In the jaws of death we all churn

07. Sinners Burn

If disbelief is a deadly sin, then put me to death
If belief will save my life, it is nothing worth

I know a carnal truth, of flesh and bone
No lies from your mouth, can turn that to stone

And I know that sin is yours
And sinners burn...

Crucify my rotting corpse, or die for all sins
Neither way, no matter what you say Ill believe in your lies

And on the stakes they burn, those who believed
Who's laughing now? Not the lying creed!

08. Into The Catacombs

Upon the shoulders of man, the head of the beast
Worshipped by the evil hordes, dark evil lord

Carnivorous ferocity, a breed that should not be
A master of devilry, in sand enthroned

Into the catacombs, the fires burn
Into the catacombs, the shadows yearn

So feared by all of light, plotting in the dark
To bring on full demise, so the dark will rise

And let creations crown
Feel vengeance coming down
Feel vengeance coming - down!

09. Phantoms

Like a shadows in the night, fading away
A ghost without form, the father of all scorn

A dark formation, slowly taking shape
It can be the greatest fear, of your life

Like phantoms, slowly slipping away
Like evil phantoms, formless and grey

You cannot run, cause it is everywhere
It is everything, you ever feared

10. Metal Crusade

We believe in the sign of true metal
Death to false players of rock 'n roll
We hail the glorious sign in the name of metal
With leather and chains, spikes and blades
We are here to rock you - to hell!

We are the maniacs - come on and bang your heads
We are the metal crusaders - come on and hail the kings

We believe in the templars of metal
Warriors of the ancient metal gods
Pagan crusader, children of the night
With our swords in the sky with might and pride
We are here to rock you - to hell

Come on, clap your hands
Bang your heads for Satan