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Neurosis - Times Of Grace lyrics


02. Doorway

To burrow my way through death and flesh
All beasts I let out - Ill buried untold
To lock my cage - Unleash the fallen
Fear eyes contain light in my soul

Feral snakes collide burn in my skull
Freeing the circles - That night I saw a burial train
All thieves I bludgeon
From ice I burn breathe astral plane

Greyed eye enclosed - Seer east is gone
From now on, farther on

I'm nailed to the crossroads searching for the piece of me
That wasn't mine, blood dripping from my hands
My end has seen the figure of my lightkeeper
Standing in the doorway

03. Under The Surface

Behind a burning red fog
The great mind swims in confusion
Its blood ferments in anger
Honor and wisdom will cower

Your river's flow is damned all to hell

Drifting in a current to stagnate
Encircle the vision of rust

Your river's flow is damned all to hell

Strong hearts soar through blindness
Tearing the fog, tearing the eyes to clarity
To a place where truth is seen

Your shell is hollow, so am I
The rest will follow, so will I

04. Last You'll Know

He is the last we'll know - mercy for you
He is the last you'll know

All revealed in our solace - see three eyes
All our crimes trial waits everyone
The presence of old eyes is here
Grant me the pure heart - We've lived through
In times of light fire is water
Breath and reach to home

All answer, transcendence - All present
To guide us through terminus and feed us to light

05. Belief

Trying to stand clear of the scent of the dogs
In a sweat until I - Wave of extinction scatter seed
All that is growing clear energy

Within our vision hover wasps
Air and glower fill our veins
Heavy mining under the fall
Figures forming stretching on

07. End Of The Harvest

Like the walls of your stare, you will fall (within you)
Succumb to the new and give way
Old fields will fail (memory)
Yielding crops of rock ad dust

A book lies open, its pages crumble at your touch
Words breed lies (writhe)
Wind feeds fire unseen

Have you ever tasted the soil (destiny)
And felt your own death in your veins
Shield your eyes from the moon (found them all)
As it mocks your wretched self

With fire in your heart the truth lies clear
Words breed lies (writhe)
Wind feeds fire unseen

Bend your thoughts, unveil your soul
Now drink, revive, reach, scrape and bind

09. Away

Cease this long, long rest
Wake and risk a foul weakness to live
When it all comes down
Watch the smoke and bury the past again
Sit and think what will come
Raise your fears and cast them all away

10. Times Of Grace

The presence unfound comes to me now
Endure, see this knowledge denied out of mind
To deny - Until I say - Feed us alive
Sight as I speak - Inside us born
Cherished and driven

The secrets of stars hide within the grey
This grey will fade, so will the stars cease to shine
Fear realized - Come as shape - Feed desolate

Cull the snake, cull path to god
Make us see, wrath to survive
Darkness looms, the moons have stricken
Showing all, constant revision

All structures collapse, mysteries unfold
Borne from the skies in these times of grace

Prey device - Immersion - Feed us alive
Sight as I speak - Inside us born
Cherished and driven