October Falls - The Womb Of Primordial Nature lyrics


01. I
02. II
03. III
04. IV

01. I

There?s an absent of light, a hunger towards eternity
And a chained, primordial nature unleashed

From the womb of ash, to the stronghold of silence

The bloodlines of the past, the ashes of hope
Towards the horizon and beyond, into deeps and below

With the mark of the north, scarred to the bones

The chalice of past, the deep flames to aspire
The empty starlight subliming the blind

And outshining the pyres of the fallen ones
A thousand lifetimes, that has streamed to waste

The statues of stone and fire, the thrones of ash
The ever burning darkness, the luminous shadows

Towards the womb of primordial nature

The ardent souls roaming, towards the core
Casting the shadows, the deep abyss rising

The nature?s strength and the firm touch of mortality
Fading into the womb of primordial nature

02. II

The wounds are carved to the bones, the borders have faded
The yesterdays are hailed with open arms

Once lost, but now arisen is the strength of the old
And the firm beast within, the ruins lie ahead

No blood will be shed for the fallen, no seeds will evolve
No bridges ahead, all burned and for nothing

Where are the books that were written with that blood?
Hidden inside and forgotten, betrayed by their nations

The end of the nation, the cultural genocide
Where the path leads beyond the redemption, through the bones to the dust

The thirst of the nature?s darkest womb, a heritage of blood
Horns of the certain end, howling for the endless flames to rage

03. III

The wisdom of the old, a fathomless void
Prevailing the dogmas, hidden in the flames of alteration

These beasts among the men, the wolves of the doom
Caressing the prey, embracing the certain end

The endless piles of ash, the stones gathered as one
The streams of fire, casting the frames for tomorrow

The utmost ageless wisdom, reborn through the flames
The vast gloom of eternity, pyres of thousands rising

A crimson sunset, turned to raging, harvesting darkness

Ascent - The wolves of tomorrow
Reborn - The wombs of primordial nature

04. IV

A mark of the north, burned to the skin, scarred to the bone
Men howling like the wolves, the beasts of the unlight

It?s not salvation that draws near, but the burden of flesh
The strength beyond the borders, the nations tied to nothing

A grave of the broken spirits, the hollow shelters of hope
The white daughters of wolves, dancing in the embers of mankind

And like a thousand words of eternal hunger
Or a thousand pages written with the blood of the traitors

The death devouring beast now howls among the men
The bones forever marked and the skin forever marked

With a blaze of the deepest north, dwelling inside
Internal flame?s raging, like the final pyres of mankind