Torture Squad - A Soul In Hell lyrics


01. A Soul In Hell

Fanatic for religion
Alone with holy images
She consumes eagerly
Gospels and prayers
Her mind deforms the real
Your fanaticism hit your soul
Screams invade the dawn
Insanity out of control

Crippled in a bed
Waiting the divine death
She agonizes in thoughts
As the shadows
Altered subconscious
To a catatonic state
A dark room will
Her grave

02. Criminal Brutality

Obscure desire
Intimate of anybody
Intention to finish
With all the life's way

You leave to possess for this
Marking Your Integrity

Violence opens the gates, evil covers your essence
Your eyes closed to the end. Living of the fear
Painful moments the taste of blood
The smell of death, hand that slay

You leave to possess for this
Priest of Criminal Brutality

03. Darkness Hides The Light

And the arrives
Bringing hunger and cold
Nuclear winter, acid rain
Powerous men to dust
Marked land by blood
Owing to the warlords

And the conscious few
Just think and cry
As the Darkness ...
... Hides the Light

Dead in the ground
Others searching for food
Hunger generates the madness
And start a macabre banquet
This man were a major people
Now return cannibals

And the conscious few
Just think and cry
As the Darkness ...
... Hides the Light

Advertising a new age of terror
Dark angels provide a mortal dusk
Warning over gruesome diseases
An heritage of power and lust
The world can't understand
And dark sows
Seeds of hate to grow

The peace, makes way to war
Dark Tales, written with much gore
And pain spreads, more and more
And the dark angels sow
Darkness Hides the Light

Deaths, bloody battles great damage
Cry in the land out savage
Only there is place, to the rage
Seeds of hate to grow
Darkness Hides the Light

04. Suffocation

Back to maternal womb
Looking for an unusual bordering
Shouting, suffering
Blood's flux
Gain the veins and arrives to the heart
Dirty blood for contamination
Generating anomalies
Decay arrives
Bringing a lot of unfortunes
The soul downs to the hades home

Rotten sociability
Cause disturbances
Among your equals is mortal
Grieves so frozen, insensible
Depression draws haziness
And of this union sprouts
The death... the end of all
Or another passage
To back again to the womb

Fell the heaviness!
My sweet home...
Death is the law!
Torture 'till die!

Risen Images
Heinous memories
Careless past
The eye of the future
Will almost blind
By slaughters in the past
And by atrocities of present