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Morgion - Cloaked By Ages, Crowned In Earth lyrics


01. Cloaked By Ages


02. A Slow Succumbing

behold, i am your deliverance. look upon this nether steel: tearing away your soul, relentless. i am the dark night you fear.
seek your ruin before me, upon this earth your blood shall stain. a reckoning beyond all reason, hear the cries of your brethren,
lament. a thousand score i did fell. no spear did render, or axe did cut. your women shall carry my seed; forsake your children
to the wheel. upon the frost shadowed earth, lay the keep i shall homage. within i shall bury my riches, to count for centuries
here after. waiting and watching...watching and waiting. even after the last morrow i shall ponder, in a madness of my own
design. after this body is time, worn to dust, the nether blade is still mine forever.

03. Ebb Tide (Parts I & II)

laying upon the ocean floor. broken, torn or compromised. the irony of the nether gift; now an eternity of dark despair. fathoms
abound me everywhere. no need to breathe or eat, no need to sleep or see. in this lightless deep, below... upon that vessel, upon
that tide. a library of thought kept in its belly. i would sacrifice my very soul just to read one page, one word. the nether
bound with me, transgressing the passage of time. sitting, pondering...knowing that i'm doomed. hundreds of volumes of text.
pictures, words, learning. my love, my art, my knowledge...covered by the arms of the sea.

04. The Mourner's Oak

here, they shall gather among its bows and hither. in the spring or summer sun, bright are the voices they carry. deep in the
earth, its roots doth run. long has it been, how long shall it be. vast does its reach extend...season after season been. his
feet no longer travel, his mind now steps his bounds. the forest now his flesh, his bones to the earth in dust. nothing, nothing
but time to keep him restless. slowly, slowly aware of his suffering.

05. Trillium Rune


06. Cairn

here they lay within our arms. caressing this darkest purge. honing the darkness pure, bleeding the nether free... under an
earthen stone, she of cloak and crown, she of blackened steel...blessed be unto her. her soul, the naked blade; the color of
darkest lochs. her temperance, the hilt forged from silver winters. time is but a breath. age thus comes and goes. a pitiful
mortal coil; you and yours, mortal man. embrace her immortality. the nether three, nocturne sisters. they are the sentient
circle, the meeting point to the end.

07. She, The Master Covets

dark am i, dark are we. entwined, like the sun and moon. form and function. she, the raven watched. for i am the nether claimed.
deep, in slumbering feud...mastering the dream.

08. Crowned In Earth

i am the summer sun, the winter moon. i am the forest green, the desert sand. i am the ocean's depth, the azure sky. i am the
element to dream. come forth my shadow, beseech the child. in the deepest delve, shaping the nether rune.