Karma To Burn - Karma To Burn lyrics


01. Ma Petite Mort

I look forward to my death
Excitement has me short of breath
Catholics have me mystified
When they're good, they're afraid to die

Laughing at the law, the brothers say you like to get high
Mother said "You're gone", tripping on the fourth of July

When Lazarus died Jesus went
To read up on his faith in death
Bridge of souls that beg the rest
To build this dream they must invest

02. Bobbi Bobbi Bobbi - I'm Not God

Down to the flower, down in the dirt
A girl named Bobbi, washes her hurt
Her momma kneels down, [?]

Don't buy any longer
Dont buy any more

Under the stone lies Daddy's head
Under the stone, in the cold, to the shade
Fellow died burnt from the sun
Dried for days and had never begone

Daddy, do you like me? (Do you like me?)
Ever get with me?
Daddy, do you like it? (Do you like it?)
Take it on your knees (knees)

03. Patty Hearst's Closet Mantra

Another winter has past and gone
All his desires still remained
Having God on the run
Another winter's on it's way

They like to suck the dead to life
Smell the rot inside
Hearts, hands, eyes
Eyes, eyes, eyes

Too many people have lost their souls
Damned to a life of decay
Been a lover for far too long
Without the power to refrain

04. Mt. Penetrator

Our lady of more [Repeat]

Our lady of more, this saddened whore
How I adore her, when she's on the floor

Lonely love is blind to ashes
Lonely love is blind
Lonely love is blind to ashes
Lonely love unwinds

She's like the twilight, their needle sings [?]
Skin of the mayflower, a pale reflection brings

05. Eight


06. Appalachian Woman

Appalachian woman
A blizzard tearing screw [?]
Of what she sees before her
She'll suffer once for you

Appalachian woman
Shooting savages from her head
Rapid eyes are burning
Of the wine that drunk him dry

All my friends are alcoholics
Temptations drip from their eyes
And man I'm so tired living in this shit
Cast iron hate, black angels to the right

Steaming locomotive, she's past the '68
Butchered on the highway, there's glitter on the rain

07. 24 Hours

[Joy Division Cover]

So this is permanent
Love's shackled cry
What once was innocent
Turned on its side

A cloud hangs over me
Marks every move
Deep in the memory
What once was love

Oh how I've realised
How I wanted time
Thought it too protective
Tried so hard to find

Just for one moment
Thought I'd found my way
Destiny unfolded
I watched it slip away

Excessive flashpoints
Beyond our reach
Solitary demands for
All I'd like to keep

Let's take a ride out
See what we can find
My newest collections of
Hopes and passing times

I never realised
The lengths I'd have to go,
All the darkest corners of
A sense I didn't know
Just for one moment
I heard somebody call
Looked beyond the day
And there's nothing there at all

Now that I've realised
How it's all gone wrong
Gotta find some therapy
This treatment takes too long

Deep in the heart of
Where sympathy felt swayed
I got to find my destiny
Before it gets too late

08. Sixgun Sucker Punch

A pale, haunted man
Walks through this crowded land
He holds his gun like a girl
Teared down this last stand
Choking on spit and lead
He wants his women to scream

The lights shudder, reach you motherfucker
The lights shudder, reach you motherfucking clown

You're not alone, man
Cause when you die it's like, like falling asleep
Only you never dream and you don't ever wake up
I only strip the bleeding

09. Thirteen


10. (Waltz Of The) Playboy Pallbearers

Why do I borrow, Cecile my dear?
Battling with no-one, you'll have to kill
Why don't you kneel? I never will
Now that I'm missing your backpack still

Just hang on, while the sun still shines, on and on

Am I in your gutter to sell all my fears?
I'd like everything I came here to steal

Just hang on, while the sun still shines, on and on

Last time you borrowed seems all too real
To suck on reality until you bleed

Take all you can swallow, Cecile my dear
This is your home to show to ever leave here

11. Twin Sisters & Half A Bottle Of Bourbon

I love to ruin my tent, I love the romances
From the bag of angels a sawn-off broken wing
They're drinking whiskey, they're getting high
They cast the shadows and the passing of the summer sky

The passing of the summer sky
The King is dead, the well is dry
The well is dry

She's shooting broken arrows, she's shooting crooked smiles
All along that wicked bench from the belly of a swine
She's pouring whiskey, she's getting high
Too scared to see herself, reflections of the devil's eyes

Reflections of the devil's eyes
The King is dead, the well is dry
The well is dry

The need may be your twisted needs
It may be you're crave
To rest my head on souls of fire
Sight the swarm I kiss my eyes

12. Six

"Hey! Hey! He was fine, just we sell out."

They come to feast on purist man
They come to feast on mortal tan
Filling their bodies with disease
Swollen still like killer bees
For that lack from their prize
They fucked their children, staring eyes