Baroness - First lyrics


01. Tower Falls

Lest ye be bold
Until the quickening
Unlearned and sill untold
Praise not this dawn
(That will become tomorrow today)
The soil pressed into dust by the heel
Below nothing can ever return
Tower falls
Reprise and reconvene
Take heed an emperor
Does not an empire make
Taste of this wine
(That has become tomorrow today)
Stolen limb from cast
Nothing will ever return
As we lie
Tower Falls
Search eye and you will find
Not idly they fly

02. Coeur

Earth burns
Earth turns
Coeur dans la mer
Corps dans le vert
Silent empty altar lies
Buried temple locked once again
Earth will turn
Dawn lies
Keeper Cries
Coeur/corps dies
Earth will turn
World burn

03. Rise

Greet the Sun
Serpent coils unwind
Pressure blood from stone
Now do valleys open wide
Now like rust do we reach out
Now do clouds burst forth under weight
Rest your shield
Lay down you plow
Wake Inhale Listen Rise
Have you ever seen the scarlet day
Or felt the calloused hand of age
You till the ground and bring to home
Muscle flesh and blood to bone
Taste this oaken grain
Grab its horns and not the reins