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SIG:AR:TYR - Beyond The North Winds lyrics


01. King Of The World

In the distant North, beyond the Eastern Sands
From the winds of the South, far from Western lands
A shadowed throne He wrought, and the nine He taught
Of a future kingdom, of a distant time

The wise have sought Him, and the brave have fought Him
The false have worshiped Him, the true have revered Him
He whose fate, the spinning world lies
Within the mountains, far from ancient skies

And the dreams of an ancient sign, of a shadow far from time
And the priest whose next in line, bloodied hand on poisoned vine
In the light of the pure green ray, of the elder ones that stayed
And a world that's far away, in a night where there is no day

Few have seen His dreams, or heard the silent screams
Chained to this world, Rex Mundi...
Lord of creation, child of the black sun

02. Beyond The North Winds

I heard her call, I felt her breath
I heard her song, the call of death
Far from home, and far from life
In fields of glory, my bloody tomb

She came to me... across the sea

From Valhöll she rode, from halls of gold
To bear my soul, to His abode
To guide my path, whose fate it weaves
Through long-dead forests, and their graves of leaves

She came to me... across the sea

03. Pale Autumnal Moon

Silver twilight, a shining lake
Silent whispers through dying leaves
Heathen sounds in rings of fire
Drifting smoke through midnight trees

Mighty Ygg-ash, standing tall
Outstretched limbs to those on high
Starry brothers laugh together
Piercing through a blackened sky

Leaves dance circles, wind and rain
Casting shadows never-ending
Pale autumnal moon is weeping
Eclipsed by darkness fast descending

04. Under the Mountain

Deep in the darkness, where stars cannot see
Where rivers flow inward, where souls cannot be
Beyond the horizon, of fallen stars dreaming
The dark sun burns brighter, than sky brothers gleaming

From star-born creation, to far end of time
To dwell deep within us, to wait for the sign
Under the mountain, and under the sea
Our spirits lie sleeping, dreaming to be

The light that will fear us, and flees from our sight
The strength of the ancients, the sacred birthright
Far from the mountain, and far from the sea
Awaiting the coming, the true Northern king

05. Sword From An Unknown Hand

Were you forged by the Smith, of sturdy metal, and terrible blood oaths were you made...
Were you held by the Farmer, to ward the home and hearth, the land and soil...
Were you held by the Widow, husband lost in battle, she clutched thee in her empty bed...

Were you held by the Son, kin lost to march of hoofs, dreaming of revenge in later days when strong and steely
Were you held by the Warrior, to die an honorable death, to fly with the valkyries to the Golden Hall...

Were you held by the King, the axis of the people, guided by ancient blood, a fine and true ruler...
What wyrd shall pass upon you now, as you are now held by me, in my nameless sepulcher of stone

06. Etched In Stone

In the woods of the fallen
Dead leaves lie upon the snow
Elder oaths are long forgotten
And their meaning etched in stone

What is forgot shall be remembered
What is honor shall rise again
The fires forged ancestral spirit
Eternal flame within our kin

Scribed in circles sealed forever
Runic signs of ancient ken
For those in the distant future
In whose life-blood flows the same

07. Among The Ruins

Here we stand, at the shattered remains
of a beautiful, ordered world that once was
For when severed from the well-spring that breathes
life into a people... a nation...
And they whose thirst is slaked by the mirage of the modern world
cause the well itself to run dry

But only then will those with a true thirst,
a hunger for knowledge of a higher kind
Whose arms outstretch to the sky above,
and do not claw the earth below
Those who seek mysteries in higher realms will
breathe life into the well that once lay dormant

And rivers will gush forth, a spiritual wave,
whose ripples will be felt forward and backward in time
And its waves will lap against new shores,
and a people will once again gather,
to create new horizons, build new kingdoms,
forge new nations, from among the ruins of a lost world

08. The Way (The Path Less Chosen)

Silently I wait in answer, searching for the key
Elder souls of time forgotten, searching to be free
Spinning forth my soul child further, far beyond this world
Unleash the lost sun, burning brighter, let it light my way!

To guide me on my way
Let it light my way
To guide me on my way

Drifting far beyond the sea
Shadows dark and soulless be
Falling through the sky forever
Spinning sign of now and ever

Oaths are broken, bonds forgotten, the blood has run its course
The line of Men now long forgotten, severed from its source
A new breed dawns, the Northern child, is born on watchful eyes
The nine kings raise their scepters high, let it light his way!

To guide him on his way
Let it light his way
To guide him on his way

09. Far Away

Let me take you far away
Where the ravens fly
And the valkyries cry

Let me take you far away
Where the gold halls gleam
and Allfather dreams

Far Away... Far Away...

Let me take you far away
Where the high-ones meet
At the One-eye's seat

Let me take you far away
Where Baldur sleeps
And all creation weeps

Far Away... Far Away...

Let me take you far away
To the mountains high
That reach the sky

Let me take you far away
To the stars that shine
At the end of time

Far Away... Far Away...