Rosetta - Wake / Lift lyrics


01. Red In Tooth And Claw

I can't wash the taste of stone away
red in tooth and claw
we live the same way
mementos kept this real
kept home for me somehow
forgotten year / and cares
memories reflect, repent, relive
relinquish all we know, those
same mistakes again.

disengauge ascent
transmissions were lost when
satellites collide,
europa is waiting with her iron core
europa - burning dimmer now
set wings ablaze
its all i have of you - are radiowaves
this is my bleeding now
crying out for more(?)
the burden that i am
europa carry me

02. Lift (Part 1)

Wake, lift
Just melt be gone

Wake, lift
Lift copper eyes
And be gone

Wake, lift
Just melt be gone
Be whole
Wake, lift
Your silver tongue
Be gone

Inhale one more small breath
Feel transferring air
Blood begs for more
So sinking ships set sail
But Troy will still topple

03. Lift (Part 2)


04. Lift (Part 3)

Hold me down
Under waves

Ride and be whole
Lift and be gone

05. Wake

Giant o'mine
Lift your silver tongue to the wind

Rest your copper eyes on heavens low
Let your inner child take you home

Wake slumbering giant
Melt and show remorse
Among the gods we are
You had it all wrong
I'll wait, watch, wonder, and weep
I'll scream until the sobs flow
Until Europa swells again
Breathe and the sea will teem with life
Breathe and the land will sink into a flow
Wake you slumbering satellite
Wake you satellite wake
Among gods you scream, wait, watch, and wonder
What have you of Time?
How many cycles?
How many years since descending
You're the last of your kind
The last... 'O little prince'

06. Temet Nosce


07. Monument

We are moments, men, and places.
We are planets, monuments to stars
Monuments to stars,
They are the watchmen,
We are just men.

Release - Revolve - Renew

Inhale - Transfer - Release

These strings, I'd change the fabric to relieve.

These strings, hold the last of memories.

These strings hold the whole of every man.