Goatwhore - Carving Out The Eyes Of God lyrics


01. Apocalyptic Havoc

Watch the skies as hell comes riding in
On a horse of pale to name this wrath
Torturing worthless souls as this reign begins
This hand of doom is set to rule the world

A wilted faith in these times of regret
Sculpting death in madness obsessed

Words of this mayhem cast out loud
A timeless torture foretold in a sky of black
Torn souls from the mold of flesh and bone
Hordes of plague in this path of all decay

Obliterate the screams of the weak
Who needs a god when you've got Satan
No god to offer this forgiveness
No god to punish for these sins
Tormented for the prize of salvation
Broken loyalty to life after death

These dark thoughts of this revival
Answered by the prayers of this carnage
Confusion caused in the spread of horror
The answer to your nightmares has just begun

Forgotten praise of a savior from the rapture beyond the clouds
A burning fear of the wrongs that the slave has chosen

Cleansed in flame, purified through ash
These burning rites of the vengeful
The head of three faces, severed in confession
Ritual abuse to swarm the insects of famine

Endless weight of sufferance closing the source of breath
Battle call for the rise of genocide for the righteous believers
Unholy force to be summoned by the screams of slaughter
The wicked tongue of plague calling forth the death of god

02. The All-Destroying

Crumbling stone faces, dismantle this praise
Rubbing ash of conquest, across faces of war

Self imploding flame of birth
Scorn and hate risen from ashes
Diving the divisions of hell
Dare to go where evil has no shame

Revolting the presence of question
Concealing this senseless bitter blood
A hope for this landscape of terror, for the demands of this retribution

Raped soul of conformity
Let the blood flow from these wrists
Transparent emotion of rage, as flesh tears in the fall of hope

Reap benefit of gratifying torture
Vast scape of crimson realms
Welcome this dread of unknowing
No higher vision shall curse my
Thoughts of devastation
Digested and forced
This carnivorous state

Of primitive killing
Unleash hell's wrath

Swallowed in blood and fire
Assume the birth rite of murder
Great genesis of reprisal
Spreading great wings of war

Taking the lives, of this resistance
To fuel the machine, with endless carnage

Prolong the expectation of faith in the jaws of fear
Satisfied in this excavation of the heavenly womb

Fed by flame, nourished by death
I'm eating the blood
Tearing meat with teeth and nails
The all-destroying
Devouring the hearts of the ancient ways
A machine for the will of Satan
Whose tongues bless in diabolic spite

03. Carving Out The Eyes Of God

Bastards of madness
Call out this prayer of vengeance
Speaking to enemies through these wounds of redemption
Tearing out their eyes with horror

Behold this chosen new devise
As the silence pleads this forgiveness
A senseless begging for absolution
Upon this entrance into oblivion

This fallen angel of defiance, destitute to isolation
Hold tight to liberation, in the form of reprisal
Project of this restored frame, in these pain filled alterations
This new threat of changing life restless in this completion

Powerless you crawl like pigs
Soon to be slaughtered
Suckling to a faith that you avidly hoped would save you all
These offerings will bring us our justice.
For these years of diluted lies
The answers to our freedom
The answer to the death of gods

These hands held into the sky so the dark
Winds can taste the blood of murder

As the blackest hearts obey thoughts of evil
Deathlorn rites, endure the lust for revenge
Surrender the state of embracement and release
This life from the dark interiors
Discomfort of this assisted torment is given in these regards

A scourge of awakening
Prisoned in the rites of blood
Bestowed with ancient plagues, we will forge a disease
Of rape upon your ideals
Within this lifeblood we will find the truths as blades
Slice open their necks
The answers to our freedom
The answer to the death of gods

Once reconstructed the swarm will digest
The souls of this imperfection
Sterilizing faith bringer has discharged
This assembly of this damnation

Burden me with your weak
Curse me with your sick
In blood filled walls I lie confined
Carving out the blind eye of god

04. Shadow Of A Rising Knife

Blackest soul of this deception,
Instinctive downfall in the hands of justice
Deny these prayers of the feeble,
This mental hammer of a new abomination

Delusional pain of resentment
Phantom senses of this stolen purpose
Unknown birth without a reactive sense
This admiration of evil ways
Unite the adverse outlook of this faith
Assassins of this justice to be ripped of skin
Self-obsessed moral arrogance
Tyrant goals of these chained ideas
Committing acts of evil for the name of good

Fury that burned like the desert sands
I will not acknowledge this faith of lies
Beckoning this call for murderous change
Burrowing through these layers to the surface

Stolen words that have been forged
From the neglected myths of knowledge
Stench of fear from the living reeks of cowardice
Casting this treason of life
Into the frozen word of loneliness
These conquests of hatred are a testimony
A world in which man spawned

Great praise that beings the rise tragic
Towering the skies in this complete wreckage
Cast into bowels of the abyss
Mankind created for this penance
Corruption lays so close to the voice that forces it

Black bleeding eyes of the pale horse
Entrance into the passage of war
These nails that were forged into the cross
Embracing of thoughts swallowed by the dark

Never kneel before this crucified image, never crawl before these enslaved intentions
These cultural evils are overturned for the rise of resenting wars
Strike out with self loathing infection, denying the cause for this blind redemption

Lying words from broken truths
Extract the resistance of change
Historic beliefs of this leverage
Begin this tragedy of existence

Spoken words of this final stand
Prophets will preach of laws that have damned the birth of man
These fears are entombed in books, that
Portray a tale of this revelation
Seeding the implements of annihilation
These worn analogies of the dying
Strangled thoughts with hell's eternal fire
Handing over the self you deny

05. Provoking The Ritual Of Death

Understood in the start of all endings,
I've wandered so far from this discipline
Unease begins this climb to stellar thoughts,
Causing this descent into cavernous neglect

Carving these Egyptians into flesh, for this damned access into the void
A white haze covers this perception, release me into the layers of this demise
Open these channels of this self-murder,
The wish to deny the golden flight of skies
Transcend into breathless expiration, upon the layers of this earthly prison

Prying apart the skeleton that is the cage to the soul,
Awaken from death as cage with teeth
Wreckage of emotion crumbled in this hateful
Obsession before this kiss of decay

Reborn without an emotional bond
To be cast into a depth of souls
Satisfied as i feed in cultural habit
Upon the buried trance of a savior

Unseeing i fall into starless rituals,
In this defiance the decay is born
Growling hunger of eternal rest,
Spreading like a virus of ravenous wolves

Absolute in confines of breathless domains,
Peeling off this skin to shed this essence of shame
Exposing the truths behind this eminent return
That has been bred in burning earth

Without worth i climb
Lost to this darkness, emerging from black
Hallowing these souls that have defied this cryptic heart of wrath

All will be burnt
All will be lost
As this veil of blood will pour from the skies
Washed of all that is pure

Be the tool that defiles
That carves the awareness from fragile minds
Burn out the sky
Black out my eyes
Unwrought vision for this sick design

Destroyed the emotion of the heart to
Conquer this place of death

06. In Legions, I Am Wars Of Wrath

The bellows breath
Fueling the fire of wrath
spoken in a tongue only embraced by cast out gods

Thrown from the heavens like discharged light
A thousand year exile beneath this sulfur cage

Prying open the cranial vault for this source of passage
Utter the incantations of this vile onslaught
Spinning webs up to the stars for insurrection
Inviting this disaster to the gardens of Eden

Sink these teeth of blasphemy into the skin of faith
As weakness devours this broken intellect

White eyes grasp white fires and the black shadow of death
Reborn through frenzied tasks to sacrifice the hung words of Judas
Upon a throne of suffering with visions of hateful awakening
Permit these words of hell to be written among the upper regions

Lies! Lies!
Swallowing the poison in which to despise
Journey through this mental torture
Filled with hate in veins of this desire

Rise! Rise!
Through this inquisition of the storm of bane
Sorcery of intellect to enslave these virgin minds

These godless wounds shall bring the skies below the earth
Reaching forth from the judgment in his wicked defiance
In legions, i am the words of spite and hate
In legions, i am the wars of wrath

Tranquil curses in winded swears
These solid wishes of creations end

Forewarn in anthem of whispered deaths
Transcendence defines this sadistic life

In rage i become the virus, revenge is what is to be bled
Exhibit of morbid reactions that pave roads
With the slain remains of the dead
Resurface the bones from these mental
Chambers of this secret abyss
Heaving the words that will open
The gates of this vengeance

07. Reckoning Of The Soul Made Godless

memory of these blood stained faces,
in the darkest corners of primeval wisdom
she lays awaiting the masters of faith

mistreated actions take form, in an outlet to avenge this rage
drowning within the spiral of this hellish plane

a naked body layered with sigils of this summoning
these preaching altars transformed for consecration

like blood and fire
in the sacred chalice of Satan
i hail the blood stained horns
the goat of a thousand young

clandestine episode of inflicting torture,
on the self to culminate the powers of evil
an urge to take lives in these sadistic ways

reflection of horrific gaze
frozen with blurred visions
trembled lips beg in whispers
to represent the force of this offering

convert the virgin essence,
in offers of rape to the black goat
sanctified gestures of the perverse
attained in the source of anointing the god of fire

my name is spoken
echoing through the void

disciples of the damned
march into the fires

treacherous disciples
that brand the names of hell across virgin skin
forcing a trauma that induces this demonic hallucination

bleeding soul of the virgin whore
swallowed in the storms of flesh
a rising dawn of cruelty
awaken the impure

perception of the deviant, to the judges of mankind
slashing her wrists and arms, in hell their hearts lie

this proof of devotion
it had death's face
anticipate the cry of a hundred prayers for the release of pain

this eve of lucid conjuring
defiled notion of praise
fatten the beast with her flesh
her screams are unheard, except for the dead

adorn this whore of god with horns
screaming fury of eternal escape
conceptual journey to seek the birth of evil

arouse her fury in various states of amputation
crawling epidemic in quiet confines,
this falsified concubine of the heavens

08. This Passing Into The Power Of Demons

the eyes of this disgorged life, their faces are scared with lies
scratched marks on the walls in place of words
washed out, condemned, unearth this relic of the lecher
contorted spasm of demonic control, cold-blooded, impassive

hesitant in this disaster
fear gaps this subconscious plane
heavy breathing in final words
comprised in fragments of suicide

keeper of dead souls in the scythe of passing,
tormentor of self misery, a moment of weakness
carrier of the secret to annihilate the universe of
all that was living, deceiver of lifeless entrance to the beyond

crafted massacre from the undivine
a nomad of accursed paths
spitting poison from distorted tongues
this guardian of the cursed

chanting these words of possession,
calling to the burnt kingdoms
these ashen angels with the
horns of these superior demons

loss of faith bleeds from sliced wrists
wretched thought of this self intervention
sinful tongue will act as the spawn
for the words of this incantation

holding innocence as a caged animal to be
absent for recover in a later cause
heavy breathing in hellish attack,
god of heaven holds no ground in this place of black
sympathy dies in this immortal state, forcing the divine into killing their own
rise from the remains of this revived pandemonium

this face of evil covered in prolific tunes
a ceremony of these inverted rites
hate enduced fever of heavenly domains
inflicted rage from this evil spirit

secured in this cleanse, of transient minds
crumbling savage esponse, sanction is questioned

sensory degeneration, of positive emotion
upon the return, the rise of demons
endless suffering, prevails the host
ingesting this saga, from this place of cold

09. Razor Flesh Devoured

stealing souls for an urge that was kept a secret
fade in this memory, as these curses exit lips
digesting the power of dead space filled with betrayal
this evolution has passed down these genetics of evil

this message woes, ripped of emotion
conspiracy of poison, the target of bloodlust
black veiled whisperers, touched by the wicked
grey twilight of this might, a return from hell

as the bloodstained vision engulfs this purpose
awaken in the eclipse of self consuming rebirth
peeling back the skin of flame to rise up from this fire
these layers of apocalypse cover the sky in hatred

memories washed away in corridors lined with decay
demands by oblivious parasites of cradled fear
fluids drained in this task of a souls devourment
not a ray of light that breathes in this lack of hope

unleash the morbid, hear the call of wounds
this misfortune rules with a plague of rot
executing ritual mutilations of tradition
personal damage of bitter movements in staggered thought

scarification of entrance to this chaos
swine of forever, butchering the ageless
suffocate them with this fire
in strikes of rage flesh is torn by thorns that crown kings

effigy of a frozen vision severed of limbs, cast from the bone of angels
distinct venomous behavior, placed on this pedestal of the revealing terror

this evocation of wrath
these words that will take all life
a mouthful of revenge
choke on the virus spreading within, soaring deeper into the solar burn

entwined in the lateral movement above,
flesh covered grounds of massacre
only the most deviant of these supplicants,
will have forged the new worlds vision

10. To Mourn And Forever Wander Through Forgotten Doorways

Screaming chasm into these emptied voids
Senses aroused by the undoing of creation
Weapons of these vengeful arrangements
To coincide with this mass fall of imperium

Immense columns holding up the heavens
Collapsing from the might of the choirs below
Burrowing hallucination from the infested carrion
In this apocalypse for the millennium of the sun

Visualize the final stance of promise as blood pours out of the stars
A decay that serves as the portal into the gates of the great ancients
Tides of this distinct neglect awaken those who left behind the pride of liberation
Eating their own pulsing hearts in punishment