Stormwitch - Walpurgis Night lyrics


01. Cave Of Steenfall

Once upon a time
Thunder and lightning shook the sky
The sea roared up
The fisher's boat was thrown about

He found a cave
That gave him shelter through this night
The sea, it calmed
On his way he heard a shout

The thundering voice led him
Back into the cave
There he saw a light
From an opening
A gleaming lake with gold
From the ship named Camilan
It could be yours,
why don't you grab this thing"

A thundering voice out of the sea
Steenfoll was his destiny

His greed for treasures
Made him wild and insane
He screamed out loud
And jumped into the lake

A hand with sharp, black claws
Reached for his neck
Condemned forever
It was for Satan's sake

A thundering voice.

02. Priest Of Evil

Now the last rays of the daylight
Slowly fade away
The night's closing in
Outside of the village
There's a meeting on the hill
They call 'the sin'

Torches blaze
The air is full of sulphur yellow haze
Holy beast
They've come to celebrate your bloody feast

Priest, priest of evil
Adores the number six six six
Priest, priest of evil
spits on every crucifix

Take the black chalk, made of bone-meal
Draw the evil pentagram
Satan will rise
Mix the fresh blood of a he-goat
With the ashes of a witch
Black sacrifice

Lord of hell
Ride out on your stallion, chime the bell
Duke of hell
Touch their feverish bodies with your breath

Priest, priest of evil.

Oh, make them cry, make them bleed
Oh, give them all that they need
Oh, all is well that ends well

Priest of evil, priest of hell

03. Skull And Crossbones

Caribbean sunrise
On the sea lighting rays
On the red horizon
ships appear with sails that seem to blaze
Forty fearless outlaws
Always ready to fight
They want gold and women
And a bottle of Jamaican rum each night

Try, try to flee
When you see
The flag of terror flying over you
Peaked grapnels crash
Through your ship
They attack out of the blue

Skull and crossbones, blood in sight
Burning sails light up the night
Skull and crossbones, piracy
They're the tigers of the sea

Greed for pearls and diamonds
They are hellbent for gold
Their notorious symbol
Makes every decent sailors'blool run cold
Like the mighty eagle
Diving down on the lamb
Pirates don't give mercy
When they fight and get the upper hand

Cold, blood-stained steel
Can you feel
The boarding-axe being pressed against your chest
Don't hesitate
Fight don't wait
Till the bogy seals your fate

Skull and crossbones.

04. Werewolves On The Hunt

Deep in the misty forest
In nights when wind stops blowing
And when the moon hides its face

Spit out of evil darkness
Hell's infants, night's black agents
Then Satan starts a bloody race

Thick fog leads you astray
Watch out, you've lost your way
You're feeling cold, feeling ill

The mob of beasts are hungry
They scent your sweaty body
They're doomed to hunt, born to kill

Dont't look back, they follow your tracks
You can hear them growl and grunt
Start to run, the chase has just begun
There are werewolves on the hunt

You're staggering on the wood-ground
You're stumbling and you fall down
Thorny branches scratch your face

Get up and keep on running
Get up and keep on running
No chance to flee their cold embrace

Don't look back.

Deep in the misty forest
In nights when wind stops blowing
And when the moon hides its face

The sound of crackin' bones
Echos through nightmare's home
You've lost your life at Satan's race

Don't look back.

05. Walpurgis Night

The time has come, the witches are ready tonight
On the hill, black sabbath, evil rite
They are descending on magical broomsticks
Riding on he goats through the night

Come nearer, come nearer
You can't resist their might
At walpurgis night

All around you can smell a nasty, strange scent
They are making oils from the bodies of murdered infants
They're dancing 'round a hot, flickering fire
Mixing poison, singing cursed songs

Come nearer, come nearer
You can't resist their might
At walpurgis night

Warted feed are trembling the ground like and earthquake
They are making love, with broomsticks with rats and with snakes
Holding crazy orgies with the devil
Praying to the master of hell

Come nearer, come nearer
You can't resist their might
At walpurgis night

06. Flower In The Wind

Cold misty winter, late afternoon
The time is short, is running low
On the river's surface, appears a mill
It sunk a long, long time ago

The old, lame miller goes ashore
I know what he's searching for

Death, pain,agony
Famin is spread all through the land
Death, pain,agony
The white fog is carried by the air

Pale, bony fingers search through the fields
They scratch out nourishing seed
The wicked miller fills his bags
With all the stolen winter wheat

He grinds the corn and flour fills the air
Flour turns to fog bringing hunger and dispair

Death, pain,agony.

Everytime when this fog appears
There'll be no harvest only hunger and tears

Death, pain, agony.

07. Warlord

Flashes of lightning
Destroyin' the peace of the night
On the horizon
There are great flames shining bright

He's armed, he's ready and willing
To stand and fight 'till the end
He's used to blood-shed and killing
Black Death is his best friend

Pain and torture, flames and slaughter
The smell of blood everywhere
Bleeding warriors, blood-stained armours
Dying fighters
When the Warlord's hot breath
Burns the air

He rules with terror
Mercy's a word he does not know
Wherever he stays
The sands of time are running low

His mother was a volcano
She spat him out in a stormy night
His father was the rolling thunder
He taught him
Son, you're born to fight

Pain and torture.

08. Excalibur


09. Thunderland

Metal nights in the city
Can you feel the heat
The aching in your soul
Silver chains and black leather
And you're breaking out
Of your cage-losing control

Rock Rock 'till the end

Come make a stand
In Thunderland
Come join the band
In Thunderland

Gimme sweat, gimme power
I want you to rock
Come on, stand up and shout
Stamp your feet, shake your body
Do it all night long
We all like it hard and loud

Rock Rock 'till the end

Come make a stand.