Stormwitch - Stronger Than Heaven lyrics


01. Intro


02. Rats In The Attic

Wake up, keep quiet
Can you hear the screaming, too?
Don't move, just listen
To the Knocks of the cloven hoof

Watch out, they're coming
Looks have encircled you
Cold sweat keeps running
Inroad out of the blue

Wicked, evil, malicious
Messengers of eternal fear

Rats in the attic
Bats in the night
Born in the fire of hell
Sensitive to light
Rats in the attic
Claws just like knives
Rats in the attic
Bound to take your life

Your heart is beating
Like a drum on the battle-field
Don't think you're dreaming
The bite's reality

Satanic smile in the window
Your guardian angel's on the run

Rats in the attic.

03. Eternia

Your time has come
So get ready for the journey
Take leave of home and sun
Out of the blue
The ferryman is calling for you

He meets you, he leads you
To the gates of eternal domicile
Believe it, receive it, a cut
Of the scythe hurts just a while

The city is reaching for you
Just like a bolt from the blue
The new dawn is still wet with dew

Eternia is calling out of the night
Eternia is calling

Stand up and fly
To the borderland of truth
Reality and lie
Never look back, soon the time
Will wipe away your track

No ashes to ashes
Leave this empty body far behind
No sorrow tomorrow don't need
To have the future on your mind

You need no silver, no gold
Whether you're young or quite old
Forget what the wise men have told

Eternia is calling.

04. Jonathon's Diary

Dark, strange Transylvania
Mysterious land
Where the Death's close at hand
The journey has come to an end
The coach arrives at the castle
He gets out and stares
Up the tumble down stairs
The walls are veiled in gloomy air

He's standing at the gate
Beyond someone's appearing
Whispering "I have been waiting"
Enter of your own accord
Eat and drink, tell me
Something 'bout your land
I'm interested in England
Show me the plans you have brought"

Now, it's time to retire
I think that you need
A rest that is deep!
But Jonathan can't fall asleep
Fog ascends from the valley
There is no doubt
The wolves roam about, with flames
In their eyes they swarm out

Nightmares strangle his neck
Make his heart scared
He's turning about while
A voice blares: "Don't think
That you are still free!"
No key to open the door
There is no key to leave this
Damned castle at once, he knows
That there's no chance to flee

Jonathan's diary, Jonathan's diary

Now a new day is dawning
The sky is aglow, my diary knows
The things that have happened ago
Watch out for his shadow
His fingers of ice
The greed in his eyes
He is the bat in disguise

Warning, with the help of the
Gipsy he's leaving, the coffins
Are gone, he's intending
To get to a new hunting-ground
London, watch out
His hunger's abandoned
There is no use if you run and
Hide yourself you will be found

Jonathan's diary, Jonathan's diary

05. Slave To Moonlight

Another sunset glow, another dusk
And I'm getting restless
There's a fire deep inside
I feel the curse's coming
True again, metamorphosis
My clothing gets so light

Foam stains the floor
I'm staggering to the door
The wolf's emerging more and more

Slave to moonlight, moonlight
Prowling in the blue night
Moonlight, moonlight
Sending out the spell
Straight out of hell

The forest's shadow is my
Only friend, when I scent
Sweet blood, hunting is a must
Start running, I'll get you
Nevertheless, I'm burning
With fever, rude animal lust

Damned to attack
Howling with the pack
The beast's not getting of my back

Slave to moonlight.

My conscience's been fading away
Like a flame in the mist
I bark at the pale orb
The curse is too strong to resist
When the morning comes
I know what I've done
When I'm lying naked in the sun

06. Stronger Than Heaven

Mandrakes, three black feathers
Dried up toads and rats
Spiders, human leather
Eyes and wings of bats

It's been a long way
But now you are here
We wish you welcome, never fear
Glowing cauldrons
Burning hot haze
Turning the atmosphere into a maze

When the night is falling
When the parson locks the door
When the shadow's calling
Our force is growing more and more

Stronger than heaven
Meet the witch
When the night is young
Stronger than heaven
No chance to run
Stronger than heaven
Face the fire
Of the black cat's eye
Stronger than heaven
We'll burn the sky

One sip of potion
Makes you able to see
The realms of everlasting
Black Mystery
Sweet decoction, hotter than hell
Your throath's still burning
You're under my spell

Move a little closer
Let me touch your feverish skin
Move a little closer
Feel the fire, taste the sin

Stronger than heaven.

07. Ravenlord

Grey morning, dawn won the fight
Daylight drives away the night
Fog's rising out in the fields
The birth of winter is in sight

Dark shadow's fall from the sky
They alight on gallows tree
Black feathers, amber beaks
Waiting for their Deity

Leaves are spinning 'round
Lost and never found
When the King takes the Crown

Can you feel
The autumn wind blowing
Ravenlord is coming to stay
Can you hear
The passing bell tolling
Ravenlord takes you far away

Sharp talons, pinions of ice
They obscure the new-born day
Hot breathing freezes to snow
Piercing caws lead you astray

Leaves are spinning round.

08. Allies Of The Dark

You are blinded by hundreds
Of flickering candles
They enlighten the hall
Curious dancers are spinning
All around you
You've never seen such a ball

Powdered face
Worn out black lace
You find yourself
In an icy cold embrace

Blood shot eyes
Silent cries, bats in disguise
Allies of the dark
Claws from the back
Lips at your neck
Allies of the dark

Up the left of his room
There's a mighty mirror
A lady's passing that wall
What you see makes you
Shiver and shake for she has
No reflection at all

Be my slave
Eternal slave
Follow me down to
The shadow of my grave

Blood shot eyes.

09. Dorian Grey