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Psilocybe Larvae - Agony lyrics


01. Kuiva

Music by Vitaly

02. Agony

Music & lyrics by Vitaly
Attraction of abyss
I'll never be back again
Through oceans of time
I feel my agony

There is no choice
Between life and death
And distant voice
Is calling down to earth


I've left myself and fear is gone
I've seen the world that has not come
I've torn the wings and learned to fly
I've been to the dark side

I know that days of grief
Are going to turn to leaves
As them we gotta fall away
And disappeared

Doomed soul is tired
Chaos in caverns of mind
Is that the deadline?

Agony! I've tried
To deceive my life
But the circle is closed now

03. Justified Crusified

Music by Psilocybe Larvae
Lyrics by Vitaly
The time is near
You are not here
Blinded eyes
Blame the skies

Lying world
Full of scorn
Will be devoured
By its void

Black horsemen of Apocalypse
Like shadows
Will bring deliverance

Justified... Crucified

Angels seem far away
They've just left their domain
Only death makes you clean
Everything else is unreal

04. Out Of Sanity

Music & lyrics by Vitaly
I'm living I'm dying
In damned world
Jesus, Satan
They're tearing my soul

Who are you? Who's staying on my way?
Are you my fear or my pain?

Out of Sanity
Out of Sanity
Out of Sanity
Out of Sanity

Fear of human
Like a cure
Acting slowly

Like a poison
Killing strongly

Out of Sanity
Out of Sanity
Out of Sanity
Out of Sanity

Let me survive
Sear me
My pain will be mine

05. Skywalker

Music & lyrics by Vitaly
I broke my chain
And threw it out
Forget my name
And leave me now

I'm going to fly
I'm on a way to the sky

So far away
The heaven's gate
Shining ring
Of starfield

So high
The freedom so high
Let's die
Up to the sky

06. Darkest Sun

Music & lyrics by Vitaly
Ride through the night
Not to touch the light
To scattered sky
Towards mighty darkest sun

Don't wait
till you scared?
Run away

Darkest sun
Won't you come?
Quiet and silent
Unchaining souls and
letting'em die

There is not enough time
To find yourself
There is not enough faith
To save yourself

Rejoice the down of age
Feel the sacred strength
It's coming
It's coming

07. Hostile Emptiness

Music & lyrics by Vitaly
Silence loneliness fear
Dreams darkness despair

I feel you again

Sorrow emptiness cold
Hate phobia doubt

I feel you again

The only thing that remains
Is the hostile emptiness

08. Battle For Your Mind

Music & lyrics by Vitaly
I'm hungry
I'm waiting for your

Re-load your brain
Press "play"
To virtual insanity

Cybernetic freaks
TV zombies
Digital lovers
Lustful users

This game has no name
It will never be the same

Battle for your mind

09. I'm The Bloodthorn

Music & lyrics by Vitaly
I'm the bloodthorn
Torturing the Godflesh
Wishful Idol
For your madness

Just another way
To another pain

Preachers! Lie for me
Lambs! Die for me
Preachers! Lie for me
Lambs! Die for me

Light the fire
Of your desire
Through the Hell
Make the spell

Just another way
To another pain

10. Dying Slouly

Music & lyrics by Vitaly
We're dying slowly
Day by day
Were we're going
So dim this way
Won't you remember
What you have done
When life
Is gone

I'm not afraid of the
World beyond
No one gets
My soul
Step by step
Towards the End
We will never change
The fatal thread

What does the future
Hold for me?

I'm not afraid of the
World beyond
No one gets
My soul

It's just a dream
That really kills

11. Awake

Music & lyrics by Vitaly
Awake! Day's slipping away
There's nothing to fear
All that's left is to die
Too late to dream and fly
The visions from otherside

Awake! Day's slipping away
Time to hide
Time to pray
The light will go out for ever
It's all over for your life