Psilocybe Larvae - Non-Existence lyrics


01. Castaway

Music & lyrics by Vitaly
You see the words are turning to nothing
You see our daydreams have become a nightmare
Castaway... you burn again
You know how many souls have fallen into chasm
The silent look of cold graves impales your eyes

And you're trying to understand
To touch the dust by hand

Do you see the demon in the mirror?
Does it make you remember anything?
You hope you never see it
Outside the dream

And you don't want to see that dream
But it's more than real
The dream must continue

02. Sleepwalkers

Music & lyrics by Vitaly
Let's hide under the veil
Of non-existence
There is nothing other than
Our dreams
Let's rush into the
Violent tempest
Where rainstorm
Will free our mind

Cloaked in lunar silk
Walks the lunatic

We live inside a dream
And in every breath
We try to catch the wind
And disappear

Cloaked in lunar silk
Walks the lunatic

Our souls are given life by the night
Where every instant is everlasting
Our hearts are filled with an orphan moonlight
Where every instant approaches the everlasting

We live inside a dream
And in every breath
We try to catch the wind
And disappear

03. Let The Flame...

Music & lyrics by Vitaly
We live awaiting death
We die awaiting life

We're blind and only feel
Cold breath of funeral wind
The silent whisper of truth
Will never be heard and understood
Hiding the sinful frenzy
Under the mask of piety
To kneel, to pray
To touch your scares again

Weep over the wounds of your Lord
Mortify the flesh, give him your blood

Let the flame purify our bane

Through the tangled corridors of life
We run to the trap with hope to see the light

04. Cold Desert Of Eternity

Music by Vitaly/Andrey
Lyrics by Vitaly
Cold desert of eternity
Looks at my reality
Infinite space of dying word
Expands its shores

Frozen steel of heaven's spear
Will pierce our fragile sphere


I'm silent wind that blows the sand of life
I'm trying to find concealed light
To enter the door that leads to a void
To see eternity in my lonely tomb

05. Non-Existent World

Music & lyrics by Vitaly
Non-existent world
We're gone ... long gone

Nothing left to lose
Nothing left to find

Someone's has torn our page
From the book of life
We walk this way
On a sorrow drive

There is no place left to go
The thread will be torn
Non-existent world
Is coming from beyond

06. Great Silence

Music & lyrics by Vitaly
I weakly flow in infinity
Of reverie
To disappear like morning mist

Rolling over dark brink
How does it feel
To be broken?
Aspire to endless fall
All - never to return!

Great silence! I feel your breath
I know that death
Is creeping near

And I fall again
And my light is dying away

Great silence! I wait for a blink
To dissolve into your realm
Of placidity

07. Asylum

Music & lyrics by Vitaly
Slumber fury that's hidden inside
Has possessed me and confused my mind
Evil... beware the demon inside
Evil... overcome the demon inside
Eyes of beholder never sleep
The watcher is following in the step
Goodness, your garden is desolate
Goodness, my soul is desolate

Dreams giving life to the dark
Waiting to be unleashed

There is someone in my head
Living and controlling my movement

I've got away to my asylum

08. Threshold

Music & lyrics by Vitaly
Things get out of control
Until you fall asleep
(But) You will never be saved
In your illusory world

Could you see the sky
Through the dust of life?
Could you hear the echo
Of fading light?

Let the spirit take your soul away

Just look inside yourself
And go beyond
Find inner peace
Cross the threshold

Let the spirit take your soul away

Remember the sun
You're waiting for to come

One instant, one touch
Weightless ghost is calling us

09. Condemnation

Music & lyrics by Vitaly
I roam in insane alarm
I languish for morbid wait

Night changes the day
And spreads the wings
There is my mournful way
The world where I'm confined
Empire of solitude
Keeps my condemnation
In times when I was seeking madness
In times when I was begging for a threat
Forgotten happiness
And sadness over past years
Empire of solitude
Keeps my condemnation