Pretty Maids - Planet Panic lyrics


01. Virtual Brutality

Hit without a warning
Comin like a diverbomb
As the twins are falling
Strike upon the pentagon

Can't believe my eyes
Staring at the t.v screen
It's gotta be a lie
Murder in extreem
Like a horror movie scene

Virtual brutallity
Right in your face
In the heart of the nation
Virtual brutallity
This is no nightmare
It's happening right here and now

Suicidal pilots
die a martyr for their cause
sowing fear inside us
and nevermind the human loss

Evil never sleeps
The devil always finds his way
Panic on repeat
Hell on earth today
Terror on display


wake up to a new reality
is it ever gonna be the same again
penetrated our fragility
and stole away the lives of innoscents
what happened to the world we knew so well
how do we restore ourselves
i guess the winds of time will tell

there will be justice
together we'll be strong
all for one


02. Playing God

We seek immortallity
The wish to controll
In the face of tecnology
We reach for our goals

We deny the laws of nature
Breaking the genetic rules

Playing god
Playing with fire
Playing god
The quest and desire
Determined to evade our destiny

We're chasing the code of life
We got to explore
In building the perfect tribe
to open new doors

there's no limit to our venture
no cure for our curiosity


The lust for knowledge like a modern day frankenstein
Genious or madness where do we draw the line
Science dreams we're going off the rails
We hold the future of mankind we can't afford to fail


03. He Who Never Lived

Don't you tell me right from wrong
You're not the one
You're not my mother
You who never improvise
So systemized
Why even bother

Clear your head and free your mind
Loosen up the child inside

He who never lived

Everything I say or do
Is wrong to you
You allways complain 2
Never asked for your advice
Your nine to five
Your moral campaign

Take a look inside yourself
Free your mind and crack the shell


I am just another face in the crowd
Wasn't born with a silverspoon in my mouth
But I believe in life itself
There's more to it than words can tell
I believe in what I am I'll always be
I believe in what I do is my destiny

Don't tell me how to live my life
Don't critisize
It's my decision
Who are you to save my soul
From rock'n roll
It's my religion


04. Face Of The Enemy

Where are you hiding
now who am i figting
What I can´t see that's what I fear
some kind of weirdo
whell thats what i'm scared off
i feel your spycotic stare

The face of my enemy
let me see
the face of my enemy

Under the surface
your purpose to hurt us
is spawned by fanatical fire
Is it concieved
by relegious belief
Or some kind of pervert desire

Who are you
the face of my enemy

Someone behind you
beside you around you
The neighbor next door
Or the loner upstairs
rising suspecion
devilish mission
I know you're out there somewhere

Your wraith is your weapon
Your hatefully driven
As fast as the speed of your pain
Something compells you
There's something that tells you
That someone should suffer the same


05. Not What You Think

Cover me
protect me from myself
From my pivate hell
From depravation

The mirror speaks
But the reflections lie
I see a different I
My condemnnation

Oh here it comes again

I'm not what you think I am
I'm mentally subsidin
I'm loosing it I'm slidin
I'm not what you think I am
My common sense is broken
Slowly decomposing

Save me from
The suicidal threat
The gun against my head
The voices calling me

What am I gonna do to stop myself from sinking
How am I gonna chase away the thougts I'm thinking
How am I gonna stop my deathwatch ticking
Someone kill the pain

Take it away


The fragments of my sanity
Is all that is left of me
I'm falling of the track
Over and over again

Out chorus

06. Natural High

You know this feeling
You've met a girl
you think you're dreamin
You're on top of the world
It's like a full deck
And anoter trick of your sleeve

Love can derange you
It's plain to see
How It can change your
you loose your senses
your breath and the power of speech

love makes you strong
love makes you blind
love is the key
to make a grown man cry
love is a healer
Love is a natural high
That's right

Love is magnetic
A sparkling glare
You feel pathetic
When it's not there
That's when you're feling blue
That's when you realize

It's comprehensive
It takes controll
Makes you dependent
and stirs the soul
You can walk on water
You can ride the skies


Love is a miracle
Love is alive
Natural high


07. Who's Gonna Change

This world is cynical
Theese are the times
Unlawfull principels
And mindless crimes
Love is devoured
By the brotherhood of hate
Like Carniwoures
In a cannibal state

And we all wan't something for nothing
Rarely we give in return
From cradle to coffin
Never a lesson is learned

Bless me with the hope of a child
Give me back my innoscense

Who's gonna change our world
Give us a hero
Who's gonna change our world
Give us a hero

Well at the end of the day
Would it save us anyway

The war is over
Nobody's won
there's no solution
down the barrel of a gun
History repeat itself
Recycled news
You hit me once
I hit you twice
it ain't no use

And it lies in our nature
Running from father to son
an endless crusade
The spiral of violence goes on

Tell me will the sun rise again
Will we ever be as one


You can't give hope when there's none
You can't give love when it's gone
Kill or get killed
Blood being spilled
And so the world rages on


08. Worthless

Just another piece of trash in the public eye
Another day of bitterness in the unemployment lines
The way that people look at you like your not even there
You're less than zero and who the hell cares

Cause you're Worthless
Out in the cold
Taintet heart
Tortured soul

Some would rather see you dead no one takes your side
And everyday you die a bit just to stay alive
A face whitout a name
A heart whitout a home
Your next to nothing
On your own

Out in the cold
Taintet heart
Tortured soul
No second chance
No way out
Of your no mans land

Cause nothing ever seems to come your way
There's only dead horizons
There's only fractured dreams and you can't save yourself
from the demons that you're figthing

Yet another casualty
Treated like a dog
There's no mental sanctuary
Drowning in the flood
Mr worthless
Your living a lie
Your future is dead
And your past won't die


And if the sun would evver shine a little light upon you
Would you feel loved
Would you live on and nevermind the pain inside that haunts you
Would it be enough

No faith in life
Hope in sight


09. One Way To Rock

I've heard it called by different names
All over the world but it's all the same
There's so many ways to make love
A million ways I've been thinking of
Oh yeah

But there's only one way
There's only one way to rock

So many things can get you high
I'm gonna try them all just once before I die
And you can analyze this situation
To me it's all just mental masturbation


Now quickly check the hands
On the clock it's 8.05 it's time to rock

And this world can disagree
They don't understand how it can be
And it's not my point of wiev
It's a fact and you know that it's true


10. Enter Forevermore

Listen to me
There are things that our eyes can't see
things that our ears can't hear
something bigger out there

Something divine
something good that could change our minds
there must be something way down the line
to lead us safe from here

And when you dream
when you can't figure out what it means
you know somethings can only be seen
by the eyes of the blind

Whatever brought us here
that gave us the gift of birth
there's more between heaven and earth
more than meets the eye

Ah ah ah ah ah
enter forevermore

Do you believe
in what is now forever will be
what comes after eternety
can you comprehend

And here we are
so close and yet so far
at the end or ist it all gonna start
all over again

Was it all worth it
Did we deserve it
Enter forevermore
Have we acomplished
Or did we miss it
Enter forevermore
Did we stand up to the test
Did we really do our best
Enter forevermore