Isis - Wavering Radiant lyrics


01. Hall Of The Dead

Red lights
Stone walls
Rise above our heads
Golden sun
Ray of light
Across the room

The sun makes its way in
Destined to wake
You're in my
sight again
Faithful guide
Of vanity
Here we stand
Among no others
From within
Hall of the dead

They start going through
The room with white lights

Push forward
Lifeless body at the sign
Lay around us
Listening above us
Over our heads
they all lay
Lifted above us

We must leave this land
Of deathly decay

Don't look back, press on

02. Ghost Key

Ice cold
Burnt eyes
The shadows

A fire
Burns with
Failing light
Against the growing darkness

Taking over the dying flames
You were with me then and always

Drowning the fire out
Frozen now
I'd beg your case
Though they deny

Burns out at
Fullest burning
All the rest

In them above the ground
A remnant of us long ago

This is the ghost key
This is our ghost key

03. Hand Of The Host

It is here
Inviting though
These are living
On their trust

And now the
Chosen children play
Never to
Lay rest

Hand of the host
Extending out
Forming figures
They who day dream wish

Bodies often scarred
From a thin lie
Perfect in it
Empty conception

To be devoured
By my lustful heart
I am called by her
Two as the wind

Through the halls
I am led

I am led

Why then know
Each other's death?

Here lies another
This ancient myth
Heart pressed to the bone
Hurry anyone
His lonely soul
Fills the room

Our memory lies broken
Broken on the floor
Cast their all into the bout
Out and too alone they left her

04. Wavering Radiant


05. Stone To Wake A Serpent

We've found the weapon
Standing at the crossroads

On the other side of the earth
Waiting as the world turns

Here, we see a coiled serpent
Mad and naked in the sun

Stone is flung, serpent wakens
Arrow of poison pierces our hearts

Taste the angel cancer flesh
Michael flies too fast to tame
We see sorrow folding to them
Paves their way, fight for laughs

Slow infection
Dose of poison
Eyes closed in
And merciless


In Pascal's brain
In hurried arms
No hell found here
Only dreadful tears

06. 20 Minutes / 40 Years

Tendrils extend
From the glaring blackness
They steal in, inside through the ones and zeros
Prophecy of collapse unfolds
Last grains of sand spiral down the hole

Chance has graced me with a gift
Rest that cold me from the dark descent
Sun beats down in hailing rays

In this time of anything
I should pray that through this journey I'm unprepared
I won't go
Save me now
See your life
I see your life

One. All.

Does he know the way
I wish to stay

See what his aim
Compromise the road, I will not burn

Pray I'll always know what they
Those away failing hearts

07. Threshold Of Transformation

I've arrived
King of
Lucid dreams

They call me
A building
Lungs Caved in
And he cried

The act unknown
Actor in sleep
Here I am turned
Then here I see
The circle in
Bones made in haste

He waits to
Anoint the

In all things left unturned
Fear all too new
Rising fate beside me
Will he wait for the quiet fire
To be known and realized
Embodied by a boy
His voice small and weak
Wisp of smoke to be chosen

Upon their heads
He places crowns
To witness entire towns

The boy blesses whispers into words
In the painted valleys they await rain