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Becoming The Archetype - The Physics Of Fire lyrics


01. Epoch Of War

The number of men who carried the flame continued to increase
And a massive force was gathered just outside the prison, where the evil one had trapped the souls of men
Then with a sounding trumpet, in an instant the siege was underway
The forces of humanity swarmed the enemy camp
They stormed the gates relentlessly
Waving their torches and shouting together
There is none that can stand against the power of fire

02. Immolation

Oh, the misery of my people
I've heard them crying out
Their lamentation
The deafening sound of sorrow
Clothed in anguish
They've been enslaved for generations
But now the time has come
I will deliver them
One fire burns within my soul
Consuming all of the doubt in my mind and infusing my soul with purpose again
Awake from sleep my chosen people
Break the bonds of slavery and step out into new life
Hear the word spoken through flame
A fire that cannot be quenched

03. Autopsy

If my body was broken open and you could look inside, would you only find flesh?
Just useless parts of an obsolete machine?
Would there be any sign of life?
Or would you only find death?
Would there be any evidence of a human soul trying to escape?
If a flame once burned within this shell
Set me on fire one last time
Is there a clear division of soul and spirit, marrow and joint?
Can the human body still give you glory even in death?
May the ashes tell the story of what work was done within
May my soul pause to witness as this body goes up in flame
Set me on fire

04. The Great Fall

In the time before the great fall, the power of fire was known to man
Imparted at creation as a vital component of the human soul, and the only knowledge that the enemy did not possess
And the reason that he deceived humanity
Many ages have passed since that time, when the evil one made his pact
When men were yet ignorant to the truth and easily deceived
In exchange for the keys to knowledge, mankind gave up their immortal souls
Corrupted by the enemy, the souls were held
Encased in ice

05. Nocturne


06. The Monolith

I stood at the foot of the mountain and watched the fire descend
The earth trembled
Smoke filled the air
I heard the sound of a trumpet calling me into the darkness
I ascended to the top of the mountain
I stood in the center of the flame, yet I was not consumed

07. Construct and Collapse

These are the times that try men's souls
In this, the age of obscurity
The world awaits its own demise and all creation cries out
Unleash your devastation
Like a pestilence throughout the land
Bring utter desolation
Let your judgment fall
Pour out your power
Pour out your wrath
Assail the gates of sin and death, and scatter the council of the wicked
To devour evil where it dwells
End persecution
End torment
End despair
Reclaim your creation

08. Endure

This life is an open wound that will not heal
I cry out to God with all of my strength
Desperately, I reach for him in the night
This misery keeps my eyes from closing, keeps my mouth from being able to speak
Is this as far as the arm of God extends?
Has the fire burned itself out?
There is no profit in this way of thinking
I must escape this frame of mind
And when I think of all he has done, when I consider all that he is, I am complete.

09. Fire Made Flesh

And so was the plight of man for generations
Their souls remained frozen
Enslaved in darkness
Until the day that fire fell from Heaven
Those who witnessed the blaze took up torches and carried them into all the earth
Bearing witness that fire would be the key to undoing the enemy's grasp on their souls
Yet there were those who refused to believe, since they had not seen the source of the blaze with their own eyes
Still, many others left all they had behind
They took up torches and carried the flame
I will carry the flame to the end of the earth with me
This fire that burns forever is the only thing that sets me free
They marched deep into the depths of the earth to reclaim their souls from the enemy

10. Second Death

Surrounded by darkness
My body cold
My spirit weak
My greatest attempts to start a fire have proved to be in vain
The flame always fades
The warmth never lasts
And the freezing grip of death is at my throat again
Consumed by despair
My final breath escapes
I can hear the sound of a fire burning all around me, yet I see no light
I feel no warmth
I find no rest

11. The Balance Of Eternity

They stood just inside the walls of the fortress
And looked out upon an endless sea of ice
At first the only sound was of burning torches
But another sound was rising
That of thousands of souls groaning in bitter agony
Trapped just below the surface and awakened by the presence of fire
The sound of the souls crying out for rebirth continued to grow
It became deafening and caused all of the men there to fall on their knees
They drove their torches into the ground and watched as the ice began to melt away
The enemy's grasp was broken by the power of fire, and a great multitude of souls were reclaimed from the ice
But there were many others that did not respond to the presence of fire
They remained frozen
Enslaved in darkness