Kylesa - Kylesa lyrics


01. No Remorse

This is the last time
That I will ever regret
The things that I have said
The things that I have done

No Regrets, No remorse

I harvest all my thoughts
And ask the questions why
Yet everything comes back to me unclear

Take it all and give nothing
Unless it's out of a guilty conscious
What we're supposed to feel
Like the turning of a bent wheel

I asked all the right questions
The answers all were wrong
The karma of my life
Has come around again

Burnt by my sins

02. Ceaseless Becoming

Look away, to return
Start again, never learn
Past echoes, ears bleed
Eyes blind, fires feed

Circle turns
Cycle set
Square one again
Life burns your regress
Becomes ceaseless

Lock step, hold the line
Never ask, burning time
Feeding in, giving up
Before death, life stopped

Circle runs
Cycle ends
Life burns your regress
Become ceaseless

It is now, yesterday and tomorrow
Tomorrow, yesterday, now

Time is a continuum
A ceaseless becoming

Face forward, echo stops
Cycle breaks, line drops
Eyes open, salient thought
Ceaseless becoming
What is not

Time is a continuum
A Ceaseless becoming

03. The Scarab

Trampled down
Sacred ground

Pick up the pieces
Just to get cut
You've got to laugh
It's fun to watch

Built from ruins

Bleed all over the floor
Roll around in it
Feel your insides outside
Know your system

Scarab will sustain

Decayed roots
Grow again

Is this the twilight
The days of new
Can you feel the presence
Shining down on you

Built from ruins
Scarab will sustain

Scarab builds again

Built from scratch
Scarab reigns

04. Point Of Stillness

Force-fed resurrection
Swirling misconception
Searching for the calm
Lost within the storm

Lasting contemplation
Hanging from a rope
Slowly burning through
The quest will conclude
Reaching a point of...

Stillness, stillness

Searching, praying, dying

Call it in the way we speak
Destined to answer
The prolonged question

Rope begins to snap
Return from the black
Light beings to shine
Reaching for the point of...

Stillness, stillness

Stretching belief when carving a stone
Initialize yourself to find your own
Choking stare, a vacant breath
Straining to find what should be mine

Point of stillness remains
Somewhere in my soul
Point of stillness remains
Lost within my soul

Point of stillness
Is somewhere around
Is somewhere inside
Cannot be found
Inside my heart or mind

05. Testing The Good Of Man

Puppet strings must be cut from below
There is no manifest destiny
Under the light begging for mercy

Poked and probed for the good of man
There is no more truth today
It washed away and no one noticed
But I did

And now I surrender
Under the laughing eye of someone long lost
Under the cold glow of purification
And now I surrender

Poked and probed for the good of man
There is no more truth today
It washed away and no one noticed
But I did

06. Descend Within

Current swill is sour
The intangible of never
Bitterness biting
Consciousness seething
Hiding the wave
A clouded grave

Stand alone to see the sky
Clouds form tearing open
Under weight pressure builds
Push up to fall down

I fight the rising swell
I die, tomorrow's dreams
Awake in sweat, a clouded realm
Fighting a twisted arm, a tangled moment lengthens

Tomorrow came far away
Another life, a different time

I fight, I die, awake

07. Dream Of The Freedom To Come

Dew soaked ring
Dawn's first light
Speak no sound
Blinders strapped on tight


Caged reflections
Staring back
Ritual begins
Caught in the grips of dawn


Dusk arrives
Rising up again
Blinder fade away
Life starts now

Dew soaked ring
Dawn's first light

Sleep it off, forget the rest
Form a new reality where you always come out on top
In sleep everyone wins at your command
You are in control here
There is no fury here

Awaked yet comatosed
Glimmer of hope remains
Dream of the freedom to come
Pray for a sunset at dawn
Answers lie in the sky
Cycle of rains has begun

Cycle of rains is complete
Sky breathes life into me
Grips of dawn fall astray
Sunset at dawn has arrived

Dream of the freedom to come
Pray for a sunset at dawn