Autumnblaze - DämmerElbenTragödie lyrics


01. Mo(u)rningdance

Music & lyrics by Autumnblaze
A princess forged by giant notes
Inhale her golden glimmer
To celebrate thy mo(u)rningdance
Let harmful griefyards never shimmer"

02. Flamedoves

Music & lyrics by Autumnblaze
Let my flamedoves rise
Through the dark and gloomy clouds
Born in skyclad dresses
Floating through the starlit skies
Taste my crystal feathers
Forged in soulspawn tragedies
Join the firedances
Bathe in living symphonies
My dearest sundressed moonlit child
Let me caress your marble cheek
I weave you a home in my flameforged world
As nocturnal fires
Born in scarlet raging seas
I heard flowers breathing
Raging spirits we will be
And the gates of morning
Melt in soulgold diamond tunes
Hear the cosmos roaring
With our soulspawn melodies
My dearest...
Mein Kind im Sonnenmondlichtkleid
Der Garten blüht, du bist befreit
Entzünde die Fackel der Seelenbrut

03. Aonenturm

Music & lyrics by Autumnblaze
Glanz der Äonen,
dryadenhaft fern
lodern die Türme
des silbernen Herrn.
Elfen und Feen,
verzaubertes Quell,
Sühnbild aus Marmor
brennt nachthymnenhell.
gar lockende Saat.
Mit trunkener Gier
zerreißt sie die Naht.
Hört ihr das Klagen
am Weidenbaum dort?
Die sanftgrüne Leier
des Jünglings tönt fort.
verkümmerte Braut.
Lebloser Kosmos
von Innen beschaut.
Zürne oh Närrin,
dein Blut ist mein Wein.
Ewig sind wir,
ach quälender Schrein...
...der uns Melancholie
ins irdsche Herz gesät!

04. Those Evenings We Yearned

Music & lyrics by Autumnblaze
Oh marvellous gale
Did you ever feel lone
When a fairy of gold
Lost her evening tone
We have journeyed through gardens
To an old magic reign
Where our wind-mother danced
To the silence untamed
Words do not fade
Like those cold welkin leaves
Their fame is undying
While the dreamforger weaves
Pain is my father
Wounds have no guilt
Thy rose in my claws
Her marbleflamed build
We yearned for a silver lake
A moonshine lane for our love
She yearned for a flaming knight
A royal guide from above
Diamond enchantress
To thee doth I yield
Wane mounts force thine chaos
Thou wandering shield
Atop and upon thee
Beyond thy footsteps entwined
Raised a sungod his curtain
For thy moonrose to shine
Thy gate to thee-DIVINITY

05. Dreaming Moonspark Fairylands

Music & lyrics by Autumnblaze
Far away from mankind's woe
My dreaming fairyland does glow
A moonspark did arrive from there
Proclaiming me eternal glare
Doomhorses woven solitude
Pale flash of grieving roses nude
All pain shall force mine wounds to bleed
I am the dreamer bold indeed
Lustful mind and armoured shame
Moonlit throne nocturnal flame
Grinning witches mistress haze
October's velvet autumnblaze
Oh I yearn for restless love
Bronze horizons dressed in robes of fall
Kiss my limbs ennobled dove
Entering warm emerald halls
Oh I wish you may find the trail
Where angels ride on stallions brave
Thou shall smile thou dare not wail
I'll be your guard farewell doomwave
My dreaming moonspark fairyland
The flaming swarm is dawning beyond the earthly shrine
Ignoring mortal lifecodes
Look crimson nightfall's marble face
Come dance with me
Your bridal cloak reveals a noble graceful heart
Don't sleep alone
Bold fairylady
On feathered wings we meet again as cosmic darts
I'll dance with you
In goldseed ages
My bridal cloak reveals a noble graceful heart
But in this times
Of raging winter
I hide my crown and sleep in everlasting fear
My dreaming moonspark fairyland...
Sternenhelle Marmornacht
Funkelnd roter Morgentau
Jener Stille sehne ich
Wenn ich deine Augen schau'
Nebel hüllt der Bäume Kronen
Ein in tiefe Sinnlichkeit
Wehleid weckt die Walddämonen
Geisterwesen ohne Zeit
A sword into the demonwhore's welkin womb, a crown for us to rise!

06. Dryadsong

Music & lyrics by Autumnblaze
Dryadmother angelic queen
Enhanced by thy mellow lily-scent
She is weeping marble rain
Still her children's worldly bane
Honeydwarves and steeds of bronze
Yellow-red orchids with universe horns
Alas! We'll loose our majesty
For strangers have stained the gardeners key
Golden fairies
Fervant arcs of silent woe
Ebon water
Sent by bitter elfin-bows
Flaring chants of a nightspawn iris
Candlelight fields in violet dew
Spiritodes were onc so close
Ashamed of mortal dreamless view
Like a starving deer I shun
To drown in wintercharm as one
Thy rainbow sighs
Pale and weary
Crowned by falcon swarms
And widowed evengold
Bloodveiled moor
Wildgrown fairydome
Mirrored countenance
Portrait of the dryad's home

07. Her Golden Robe In Silence Veiled

Music & lyrics by Autumnblaze
She's standind here like carved in stone
In silence veiled, her withered cheek
A childhood queen without a throne
My dreamless sleeping child
Red sorrow's grinning through my veins
My voice unheard, unseen the tears
I'm waiting where the moonsun reigns
My garden whispers tunes
Hear my voice and drink my tears
I await you with firetunes
Veiled in everlasting silence
But once your heart was full of tunes
As we danced as one with the dryads of July
Autumnal storms of endless grey
The harvester will sorrow reap
You saw the spring, the spring in May
Mein Feuerlilienstern
Hear my voice...
Wenn Wesen, die die Sonne schuf
In Schlaf und Weltennacht versinken
Wenn ungehört verhallt mein Ruf
Will ich den Kelch des Todes trinken
Remember my voice and sink in your soul
I wove you a solar crown

08. Garden Of Slumber

Music & lyrics by Autumnblaze
Oh this burden
I can't bear it's weight anymore
Oh this everlasting battle
I've grown tired and yearn for sleep
Once more again I raise my voice
To bleed the symphony of Sol
Once more again I raise my sword
To save the garden of the lord
Once more again I call the knights
To guard the portal to our world
Once more again I raise my sword
To save the garden of the...LORD
Dryaden tanzen längst nicht mehr
Verschleiert weint das Marmorbild
Lilienglanz versinkt in Schlaf
Und Sommerblüten sterben
My goldfairies the garden
My goldfairies the garden
All tunes starve to grey the garden of s-l-u-m-b-e-r
Auf goldgetränktem Boden
Wo Menschen Götter sind
Wo Blütenstürme toben
Brennt still das Zauberkind
Es ist ein Hauch von Leben
Ein warmer Feuerschein
Ich will ihm alles geben
Mein herz als Brot und Wein
Die Welt wird es verschlingen
Sein weißes Kleid wird rot
Mit blutgetränkten Schwingen
Umhüllt mich dann der Tod
I dance towards a marble sky
In restless search for fairy-tunes
On silent ruins of human dreams
My tears fall as endless rain
I danced through spheres of dying tunes
With empty hands I must return
I set ablaze my chalice-heart
This death is my rebirth in tears

09. The Emerald Widower

Music & lyrics by Autumnblaze
Farewell I say to you my dear
But thou cannot turn thine head around
Once we danced on naked stars
The magic of a tragic love
Nightwoven dreamtales and silkwooden kingdoms
Mornings as pure as thy moonshine itself
The sun was your crown
She brightened my heart
And comets did wait to tear us apart
Why did you leave this velvet paradise
I think you've lost thine unicorn eye
Remember the nights when we wandered alone
You had the choice so you preferred to die
I've teached you to weep like a withering rose
You kissed me indeed like noone of those
The sun was your crown
She darkened my heart
And comets did fall to tear us apart

10. Heraldic

Music & lyrics by Autumnblaze
As flaming knights we meet again
Severe upon thy moonshine lane"