Hangar - Last Time Was Just The Beginning... lyrics


01. The Secrets Of The Sea


02. Like A Wind In The Sky

Oh God
Give me the power
To fight with doubt
That rounds my mind

Tell me what should I do?
To understand
The suffering of the spirit
In this imperfect body

Show me the way
I must follow
To reach the sky
And save my soul

When I close my eyes
When the silence prevails
I may see the light
And send my sorrow away

My soul can fly
Like a wind in the sky

03. Voices

Voices inside me
Try to confuse me
Turning difficult my choices
But I have to fight to find

So many ways to follow
So many places to go
And always face the empty
The truth doesn't change

The voices begin to cry
The voices begin to scream
And try to exorcise

04. Absinth

The prophecy has just began
And the time is vanishing

The time of the blue of the sky rips
It's coming to make the way
To the star of the death

Absinth star of the death
Absinth star of the death

And the nature keeps following
Forced by the evil that exists

05. Last Time

Stars fallen from the sky
Down in the hell before the die
Take your gun and come to fight
Reading the book and waiting the night

Faces come and go
I feel disgrace begin to cry
But the truth will never die
And never change alone in my mind

Darkness coming
You can't hide
Pray now
And wait the night

Look at the mirror
Look at the sky
It's sign of the
Last time

06. Angel Of The Stereo

The time is passing by
You're breathing slowly
Open your eyes and feel your heart

Flying the sky tonight
Follow your spirit
Open your mind and feel your soul

Waiting the messenger of heaven
Look at the sky and see the angel
Waiting the messenger of heaven
Look at the sky and see the angel

Angel of the stereo
Angel of the stereo

Open your mind - Flying so high
Open your heart - Feel the sky
Open your eyes - See the light
Take the hand of the angel and go

07. Speed Limit 55

Rounding the world
In the speed of imagination
I see roads passing by
And I feel a great sensation

Be careful
Pay attention
Look at advice
Speed limit 55

Feel the wind in your face
This is a great fascination
See it get faster
Like the rising acceleration

Be careful
Pay attention
Look the advice
Speed limit 55