Virus - Carheart lyrics


02. Carheart

Last one through the jungle
Of cars and wires
Opens heart and angel
Spits the key at me

Rear view mirror scenery
Crime of the Century
Flashing metallic adultery
Places between car and man

Turn loose the road
The engine and the wheels
They roar

03. Queen Of The Hi-Ace

Sirens make the air coagulate
As we dance silently over the ocean
You and me as king and queen
Over the high end as the panorama builds

We are wheels
Kings and queens
We are ships
Legs and heels
Radiant trips
Causes erections and guilt
As we whip ourselves to sleep

It's not a she
It's the queen of the hi - ace
There on the carpet
In my embrace

It's further
Into the woman
It's the queen with the wise face

It's the queen of the hi - ace

05. Gum, Meet, Mother

Join the father, son
Soon to met the mother
Covered in concrete
And a pile of dreams

Adorned with the sights and smells
Of Insolence
Join Iniquity
Soon to meet up with the smoke

Gum, meet mother
The aluminum spoon

I went smilingly
Like a Classic obsession
Like an eruption of birds
Dressed purely in skin
Well, this is my dread
Steaming with honesty
It's the fluid in my agony
Adoring and gentle in its mockery

The liquid, the boundless sea

07. It's All Gone Weird

Bicuspids are on and my shield is [fully/pulling]
M mirror reflection scorch my eyes

With my voices like whispering [into/in turks]
Like howling dogs i sing

Before weeds, we must feed and water
The animals
And before we sleep we must be free
Of distractions

Eyes are trembling [wet/let] warm and wet
And the ocean is seeping
A glitch in the system
Stillborn waters stillborn and coolant
And waves are shifting in turns and respect

It's all gone weird

Escalating madness in a [fluffy white/floppy light] white dress
The crowd rejected through exhibitant [mirage/mirrors]

Whence do i felt the sweat of the youthful
From the laughter the highway; hear the engine roar

It's all gone weird

It's all gone weird

Bicuspids are worn and my shields are all sticky
With the semen of gods
With my eyes peeled and closed and [trickled/rippled] with laughter
And the boiling car heart angel [wreck/wretch]

10. Bandit

With me now
Is the eye of the bandit
His ways of shame
Between my clenched teeth
The sores of the road
The sores of the road between us
Sees the glimpse
And stares at the sun

I deliver
I deliver the eye of the bandit
Through a crack in the window
He smiles through the fumes
And the road opens
It appears as his crime

The morale of the bandit
Tattooed on my neck
Its ways of nature
Scribbled on our wreck

The engine, bandit
Fueled on women and men
The vehicle raging
Through heaven and hell

11. Be Elevator

Be elevator

Why are you here
Insect of the mind
Flying high over the rooftops
Tiny insect wings
Displace the ray and rusty
And the sketches in my brain
Are erased

I increase and deny
The tainted, raw and dusty
Highway to the psyche
And the promised love of something

Be elevator

Steamer juggles with sands of time

Somewhere below the high speed clouds
Losers belong in paradise
Somewhere below the elevator
Somewhere below the sky