Vile - Metamorphosis lyrics


09. Prophetic Betrayal

Music by Vile
Prophetic proclamation unfold!
Astrological alignment -

The magical card of cards
The age has begun
Son of the morning
Step up to your throne!

One thousand points of light
Converge and merge to the Nine
Sacred torch bearers unite
The power of light is combined

From this vantage point, all is revealed
No longer a need to conceal
Our children may now see the light
Lucifer shining so bright!

Might makes right
We crown ourselves
And declare our rightful place
MY rightful place!

No! What is this? How can this be?!
We were deceived!
All of our hopes - all of our dreams
We were betrayed!

What will become of our grand empire?
Our torches of light and Promethean fire?
We return to the gods what is rightfully ours.
Cheated, betrayed, but we'll never, ever concede!