Deceased - The Blueprints For Madness lyrics


01. Morbid Shape In Black

Music by Deceased
What lurks as the pesticides spray evil's dust,
Killing life's roses so red?
Hooded, defeated, as a cloak hides a name
Making my mind demented

It seems to be living, but yet it looks ill
Not moving onward with time
As dawn brings new day, eroding away
The sunlight now shelters my find

Believe, but can I trust my eyes to see?
To see, the unexplained in front of me
To me, this other side I must believe
Believe, that hell is now a part of me

Exhausted, I speak to all with an ear
My story, this vision unseen
I tell of this shape, appearing in black
But no one wants to believe

But they will believe
I live with that day, as only I can
I laugh, but only to hide
This inner fear, that something's out there

Just haunting forever inside
And time goes on.....
Why did I see? Do you believe?
The highway was dead, my mind was all alone

The grasp of the dawn surrounded me
A tunnel was dug, direct into fright
Leaving me hooked, into death's own eyes
Hooded shapes float above misplaced

The time frame the flowers are dead
So many ways, to justify and place
Thoughts occuring and conceived
And time goes on...
Morbid shape in black!

02. The Triangle

Music by Deceased
Columbus wrote of awful things, as he fortook the seas
And many men have spoke of doom, aboard the Flight 19
The devil's home, some do preach, a force beyond this world
A secret time, that's part of us, a place that is no good

Explain the missing men, lost throughout the years
And all the missing planes, snatched from out of the sky
The triangle, the legend lives, a tale for all to read
An unknown force, that makes us trust,

The horrors we can't see
And what of the soldiers? Astray from their ships
As over 100 are gone
For where are the answers, to all that is "odd"?

Turning all science undone
Has alien life, within our time, marked the planet Earth?
Do UFO's come and go, lighting up our sky?
Do they search and steal, for their own world,

The bodies of our kind?
And do we know, just who to trust,
What's real, and what are lies?
The sea erupts, the sky goes black, the air is numb,

The wind is full, but can't we see, are we blind?
Some time has passed since the last tale,
Of the triangle's disease
But as before, the doom will fall, unto the haunted seas

The triangle!!!
Is this the porthole through time?
Is this the center of mind?
For what has caused this to be?

For now the other world sleeps,
But just how soon 'til the unknown returns to feed?

03. Island Of The Unknown

Music by Deceased
A horrid task, the ship has left, the insane must survive
A one way path, that leads to death,
at one within their minds
There's no one here, to guide the weak,

From creeping, pending doom
A prayer is said, to take them from this island,
the unknown
This island, this wretched place, an awful piece of earth

As prisoners, they've been released, to wander into night
Fearful, alert eyes, gaze out and distort
Expecting, detecting, the awful thigns to come
Maniacal screams, a suicide pact, a lasting tone it rings

The so-called crazed dead, the final heartbeat ends
Dying, this coven's gone, at peace now, for all time
This twisted experiment, crumbles before life's eyes
Their world was torture for the living

Then fate led them onward into night
In life, they were different human victims
But in death, they are silent corpses, equal in mind
The horror, the terror, of what lies beyond

On the island of the unknown, this island of the unknown

04. The Blueprints For Madness

Music by Deceased
Deep in the mind, you slowly unwind
For reasons unknown, there's disturbance inside
Diluting this virgin brain, killing the thinking man,
Sanity tries to last, real world decides to stop

Enter madness, afraid your life isn't yours, as sickness greeds
Enter madness, the normal Earth looking wrong, destiny!!!
Twisting, muting, the loss of a living mind
Enter madness, with no control all is done, as hope retreats

Enter madness, and in the end there's no chance,
But true defeat
Feeling the reaper close in,
Speeding the distance of death before thee

In terror the mindless must sit,
knowing the end has now come
The end has now come!!!
Twisting, muting, schizophrenia, paranoia, twisting, muting

Dead minds
The blueprints, the blueprints, the blueprints,
The blueprints for madness

05. The Creek Of The Dead

Music by Deceased
It flows the obscene, a living death machine
Repent the day, this world first met your wondering mind
Stay at one with tears, the dark is near
It calls to you, now reach out

Amazed, as the wind is full and the night is day
Resist, to the golden sun and the virgin air
Release, as nature's spell was cast on you
Defeat, as your haunted soul breaks its shell

Bringing out the plead of instant death
Take your life, cross the line, don't be scared
Come to us
Below a wordly forest and beneath an awful sky

An always moving madness, creeps onward with the tide
A killer long and lasting, that washes all its sins
A silent shocking something, that draws us ever in
The creek of the dead, the creek of the waiting dead!!!

The sun shines on your worldless tomb
As life permits your soul to die
The creek it bathes, while nature blooms
With blood that flows, to bring new life

The life you gave is nothing now
While death reveals a sign of joy
The creek of the dead!

06. Mind Vampires

Hissing like serpents, rabid and crazed
Nuclear evil, thrives on the brain
Army of madness, grown from the dead
Creatures of horror, contaminated

Beware your mind
Coven of mutants, mass twitching fiends
Vampire killers, attacking unseen
Winged mangled monsters, take to flight

The taste for thought, brings delight
Beware your mind
Fiends, brains, blood, red
Strange, weird, dark and dead

Born from the womb of radiation,
an embryo of nuclear man
Straight from the grave of dark energy
The weak!!!

Mind vampires, mind vampires
A whirlpool of atomic death, with nowhere to hide
Ravaged skulls of knowing life, torn out from inside
Brainless you drop, as all your thoughts now stop

A victim forever unpure
Worthless to live, your life you now give
Possessed you fall to the floor
Beware your mind!

07. Into The Bizarre

Music by Deceased
My mind's eyes, they see what I can't see
Imagination enslaves my only life
Fear feeds fear in all minds
Laughter, taunting, sickos haunting

My last chance a game to thee
"Tarnished outcome", yells their "leader"
But there's no one, I'm alone
In darkness, I witness disease

At work, unfolding my mind
Blank, numb, cold, I leave Earth
My mind blank, my thoughts numb, my world cold,
My mind blank, my thoughts numb, my world cold

I have lost touch with my own reflection
I must now find the one real solution
My place in life has been chosen for me
This piece of maze leaves no map to guide me

For what is this, who's reaching hand?
I shake with fear, now I fly
Doomed insanity, trapped infinity
In this place, without sound nor time,

This strange and moving world
My past is torn, my future none, all memory is no good
But there's a price that I must pay, to fall into this void
A darkened secret to be told, and nothing can avoid

Do I dare challenge this?
The trip begins, my thoughts go numb,
In shock of what I'll see beyond
An aura rises, building fate, then suddenly I am awake

Into the bizarre, a guest to the weird,
into the bizarre, bizarre
Feeling changed, a different man, slowing down,
This journey's gone into the bizarre, my doom is real,

Into the bizarre, bizarre
A garden of flowing fear, endless terror appears,
My travelled trip returns, I grasp my eyes and scream
A never ending vision!

Do you believe? Yes, truly believe?
Do you challenge the strange?
Do you wish to be sane?
Forever I ask, do you cherish your mind?


08. Alternate Dimensions

Music by Deceased
Feeling the moment at hand, in this dimension
A siege of overcome fear, a needle of medicine weird
I visit my mind from afar, it floats weak, sick in a jar

The pain, the strength, to fight
This lesson of deviate kind
Drugs, with time are weak, my mind returns to me
the glory of suffering, a pig, and live to think again

I visit my mind from inside, growing and thinking with I
The pain, the strength, to fight
Has saved me from turning inside
Dancing with fiends, disturbing fiends, almost insane,

But chance comes again
Adrift in between, moving unseen, fragile and weak,
Haunted by things that no one shold see
Amazing sadness, the grip of madness, to be the madman

The pig of lesson and depression, at war with illness
The straps are lifted, the fear now distant, I am alive!!!
The slumber, the funeral for that mind
The hold unleashed, the madness free, forever onward

Lock up the dark side of life, what's real is what's deep inside
Reality comes from the mind, release and fall from the light
Mystery brings the destruction of mind
Misery's creeping, enticing decline

Ignore the strangers of doom, the outcome is all up to you
Believe in all that is wise or madly adrift you will fly

09. Midnight

Music by Deceased
It's midnight!
The sharpened clock, it tells the time, and yes,
It all stands still
The missing link, a thousand worlds,

What does this all reveal?
A given time, another plane, a place for all escape
As every night, without the light, I am possessed with hate
Unlock the haunted room and gaze into dreams

Alone with the dead, rebirth is near
A zombie stare comes over me, begin my rushing pulse
The dark invades my open mind, which leads me to convulse
My tortured soul, my every thought detached away from me

My quest to kill has been fulfilled, for death's my only need
Unlock the haunted room and gaze into dreams
Alone with the dead, rebirth of an ongoing fear
It's now the time to begin your fate, when darkness falls,

You will obey
The gift of evil has come to thee,
And as my servant chant with me.....
"It's midnight, a time of killing ghouls, an hour of bloodshed,

A world where evil rules"
Yes, midnight, the time for all death to rise, at midnight
I feel the urge to kill!!!
I call death's tune and create doom,

My heart is black, unpure
My soul flies free, as insanity has now been reborn
Through evil's door
I lunge at the corpse, I tear out the throat,

To drink the blood of death
To all mankind, I wish the Earth, a cemetary mess,
A nightmare of death, to never rest
The sharpened clock, it tells the time, and yes,

It all stands still
The missing link, a thousand worlds, what does this all reveal?
My tortured soul, my every thought detached away from me
And once again, as my slave, you must now repeat

"It's midnight, a time for killing ghouls, an hour of bloodshed
A world where evil rules"
As the clock strikes the hour, it's midnight forever

10. Negative Darkness

Music by Deceased
A vision of intensity, the bringer of cruel velocity
And the angel of sorrow will fly
Witness this horror unveiled, the story, this every day tale
The ending of precious mankind, as powerful darkness unwinds

It searched for man, to truth his fear
To haunt the night without a care
An act of evil, an act of shock
An ugly end, the fall of life

At one with death, black wreaths surround this evil game
Round and round, the reaper's voice now calls your name
Negative darkness fills the air and grasps the soul
Fall from Earth and join the ranks of those before you

The chosen one, to complete fate
A life long fear, you won't escape
The instant end, a murdered corpse
With eyes of tears, the loved ones cry

Negative darkness (negative), negative darkness (darkness)
Negative darkness (negative), darkness!!!
Negative darkness (negative), darkness!!!
Madly, drifting ghoul, you are the parasite

Thrill seeking fiend, the living devil's mind
Morbid killing man, you're now the haunting night
Dark and moving slow, the twisted stalking fright
Torn and churning mind, the twisted stalking fright

Living for the dead, the rotting stinking dead
Torn and churning mind, the twisted stalking fright
Living for the dead, the rotting stinking dead
Forever you shall stalk, on Earth, in the dark

The killer in the night, twisted stalking fright
Death lives on, deep in the mind!

11. A Reproduction Of Tragedy

Music by Deceased
A loved one dies, you witness the funeral, the grave
But you have the past, the memories go beyond
The time has come, the loss of a dear soul to death
The end of a life, the start of what's beyond

With time you'll forget this passing of a friend
And when all is done, it's hard to just go on
But wait fragile fol, there's something awaiting
A wish for a soul

Can this all be? Can the dead reek of life
A second time around?
So you sit and you wonder how will it happen?
And can you believe

For what has been done, some sort of magic,
some sort of rite?
Can they return, is this the end? Is death the final world?
Asleep with your dreams, as the terror surrounds

To take you from all peace
The tension increases, for soon you must know
As you shed from your mind
A shriek seals the horror, as you awake from your world

To see an old morbid friend
You're frightened and panic, turning away
Into a dark eerie night
And all will feel loss, the distance between, within our time

We all witness life, we all witness death
The memories are yours, the casket is theirs,
For all of man, there is a gift
But still there is no end, we go on and on

But time shall ease the pain, the pain of all dying man
And still that torment goes on
To hunt and stalk this morbid prey
For death eternally awaits

Is this the final living dream?
The torture of this reborn fiend?
No more reproduction!!! Stop the reproduction!!!
To destroy this awful beasts remains

With fire, I feed it to the flames
The corpse is laughing and burning,
Its mind is shrunken and torn,
My life revolves around the heartbeat

Of its dark and everlasting pain
A reproduction of tragedy!