Forgotten Silence - Kro Ni Ka lyrics


01. Brighton (The Streets And The Pier)

He gathered all his plans, stuffed them into his aching head
Got on a stage-coach and during the night he erased his past
Sometimes he did not care for the others and sometimes he cared too much
He looked for his face in windows of ships and listened to waves of oceans
Red lights of buses were the last thing he saw
He left for city L and stayed there for the New Year's Eve
In small beer joints he stared and languished
In the square he was breaking up flocks of pigeons
Smiled at people because he was so far away

To erase oneself from the world, to bury oneself, to present oneself with wings
To dissolve in evening air and go as far as the end of the pier
And to go where he is going...

He wanted to start and live everything from the beginning
To learn to read and not to stand by your side any more
He did not believe in what was, only in what will be
Bathed in colours and wept with happiness
Touched the end of the world and it was wonderful
Skidded through the first snow, which was melting
Colourful parties end so late in the morning
He let colourful smells and walls of rooms sleep
And in nightshades of lamps he lightly disappeared out of sight

To erase oneself from the world, to bury oneself, to present oneself with wings
To dissolve in the evening air and go as far as the end of the pier
And to go where he is going...

He has erased himself from this world
Gave no chance any more to anything and was friends with shadows
Nobody might not have understood him, but he did not want to be any more
In hustles of department stores, in audiences of restaurants
On wet pavements he returned home from night hunts
Looked at his strange face reflected in puddles
And sat in parks and among graves
And in the streets, which were not alight even during day
Shiny splinters of wild harmony

To erase oneself from the world, to bury oneself, to present oneself with wings
To dissolve in the evening air and go as far as the end of the pier
And to go where he is going...

I met myself walking down the street
It was a surprise I looked like a stranger

02. Declaration (The Marble Halls V.)

Welcome, you esteemed ones, at this meeting
At this time and in our situation,
Which can just hardly be excused
There are plenty of us here _ and I appreciate it
Because only few of us know the word "courage" today

In these marble halls
A new idea will be born
The light of the higher principle and human reason will shine on us
Let's raise our fingers with goblets
Let's call glory to us
Let's light the candles
Let's set fires and conflagrations

Certainly more of us feel the sour taste on the palate
You slip with your tongue and gripe with palms
Raise the chimera of obscurantism above your heads festively
And break it in the half
Phantoms of the past do not exist

Our manifesto is the new glare in the sky
Let's declare war on heresies grinning in corners
We are the parts of the universe, but our uniqueness,
Our individuality even loosens tongues of the infirm

Let's stand up in rows of long parallels
Let's adjust the uniforms taste the force
In our situation in this situation
Let's embrace the world the earth is small

Attaboy, full of strength
Always in our direction!!
Always up the stream!!

03. Mezzocaine

Empty space Ticking at dusk
Bulb sleeping under black ceiling I am looking for time which existed
A room, an old photo from album It's drizzling behind windows
On the other side of the glass Strange streets
Deserted bee-hives And people without eyes and lips
Walk with bags on pavements In strings of rain drops
There's dark-brown autumn Dirtiness is spreading
And loneliness frightened me to death Wet leaves make me mad
Pillars of smoke rising from sewers Supporting frowning fog
Not to let it fall down onto my head Not to let it fall apart to millions of words
The only man on the earth I know nobody and nothing
I don't belong anywhere I dream of unreality

I see no more than two steps before my nose
It's my bad luck I miss wings of migratory birds
I won't fly the whole distance to the equator with them
And the African sun will go to sleep without me

I don't expect the moon will come down to my window
And I will hear her silver fairy tale
And I don't believe in the smile and days of new strength
I don't know where the cold sea ends and begins

I will never grasp which direction to take I don't know its coordinates and day and time
I may not rise from dust I may not come to meet the long shining pier
I don't live in your dream and day light And I don't see the sun above my head any more
I am perfectly paralyzed

I am a rain drop sliding down the glass airports of airport windows
Running down eaves, dancing on pavements till I fall down exhausted
I am a melancholic tear from black clouds, I am everywhere when it rains
I will set flickering bus lights out of focus and will get on without waiting in rain
I envy people sitting behind windows, laughing and clinking glasses
I listen to buzzing radio, dreaming that I will live through it really
Rain in the middle of a city always sounds sadly and lonely
Everything slows down like in fairy tales, street traffic is made clear and beautiful?
You can breathe more freely and your heart will ache never more
Only at night... at night there will be more and more cold, each day and each night more and more
Till we freeze to death together like unwelcome first spring blossoms - will die together forever

This body cannot move This body doesn't move
These eyes cannot see These eyes are blind
What is lying here does not swallow The rib-cage isn't rising any more
Something has turned off the switch There's silence in the corridors
Drops of water Cooling scalpel
Metal snakes under ceilings Water mirrors
It's just a jigsaw puzzle A handful of components
Lying here plainly Completed by somebody
Lead by mood and taste And sensibility and liking
This body doesn't move These eyes are blind
I am perfectly paralyzed.......