Before The Rain - ...One Day Less lyrics


01. Wounds Of Rejection

If I fall, will you follow?
For I am…down…
If you fall, I will follow,
Cause I am a part of you

My wounds will bleed,
From your…cutting words.
Your skin is the void…a sanctum of wreckage

My wounds still bleed,
From your…cutting words.
Your skin is the void…a sanctum, for my wreckage.

Enlightment is for martyrs
And you've built me a monument of light
A false beacon, where I'll wreak my ship.

The wise sometimes from wisdom ways depart
Rejection regains its wounds

02. You... My Ruin

Your silver tears fall
On a garden at your feet
Giving to the withered flowers
A taste of your eyes…so sweet.

My flesh beneath the trees
In a coil of shadows.
Under grasp of aged stones nourished…

Do you remember,
My heart turned to dust?
I still remember…before the rain,
You left…I still remember

Mountains collapse silent and absent.
As ephemeral years go by…
I've stayed beside you…
My ruin.

At your feet, these ruins decay
For your sake…
My ruin.

03. Paragraph

Time unfolds like unconscious writing,
A universe of words
Gathered by the fragile consistence of paper.
A godlike creative process,
Soliloquy and solemn.

I slept while thunderous waterfalls
Flooded narrow sidewalks.
The nervebreaking silence seemed a distant relic,
When dragonflies used to enjoy
The kindness of fading lullabies.

I slept while in the hills
Cities clashed for an obsolete reason,
Betrayal and treason.

I slept while thunderous waterfalls
Came washing over those who lingered,
Hopelessly regarding the marvels of self-demise…
What other reason could you otherwise…Imagine?

I do not wish to be history's typist.
I wish to be it's writer, not a mere spectator,
And to command a rebellion of stars.
A discreet, yet powerful seduction.
A thespian savoir-faire for whom may learn to dare,
How to conceal such discipline.

04. Framless

Shrouded, this mirror for the blind to see…
Crowded dominions,
Gather them to see…Asunder,
This distance come across the sea
To my captivity…

Elapsed seconds incomplete,
And a memory that will burden…
Who will replace me?

No one is here where silence bears no rest
Where embers turn to ash.
No one is there where frameless windows
Shed the sun where I insist to be.

Looked back in my threshold
And everything was ruinous…wounded.
The walls seem arid and the stones were broken.

Alone, in here
Roots deep into the earth
Arms to the sky like trees…
Join me, in here
Where flowers turn to thorns
Where beauty shades with scorn.

This igneous urge from where sins emerge
Where overwhelming freedom,
Turns to an immense prison.
This impious gorge,
Where I've known the scourge
Downtrodden and lorn,
Broken and torn…

05. Be Mine

Take me down, with your sorrow.
Make me smile, with your joy.
Let me cross, your river,
Let me burn, in your flames.

The ease of calm streams
Are the remnants of distress.
Bathed with golden beams...
In the ease of calm streams.

When all I needed was someone to hold.
Where did you stand?
Where were you?
When I needed...
Was someone to hold...
Loneliness Hurts.

Dreaming with the lines of your face
With your smile (and) With your hair
Imagining a paradise of roses
But far away from touching you.

06. One Day Less

Dusted paintings.
Sombre images of yesterday
These memories, chased by winds and clouds
Take me to consider, all left undone.

Can you recall our last sunset
A day close to eternity...

Hours rushing to end,
Uttering promises never made.
Afar the wind will take them,
Astray and strange.

Shadows rush to blend,
Years are are made of sand
I'll watch your hair grow,
While I hold your hand.

Maybe each day should be our last
And each hour devours the past.
Bring us, a feast of gods
Before the closing choir echos.

Can you recall our last entwine
A moment close to divinity...

I crave, for the evening...
In a garment of stars everlasting,
Fragile radiance...
If the dawn never rises.

I crave, for a new beginning,
And write this history over...
To sculpt a flawless tale,
In my imaginary world.

One day less, I have...
To feel your skin.
One day less, I have...
To see your smile.
One day less, I have...
To taste your lips.
One day less, I have...
To see your eyes.

One day less, I have...
To see you fade.
One day less...
One dream less I have today...