Slough Feg - Ape Uprising lyrics


01. The Hunchback Of Notre Doom

Alone in the bell tower
Paying for my crime
Born into exile
Servant to its chime
Beware the gypsy's kiss
Sermon to us all
Cathedral's dark abyss
Summons her to fall

Born in the bell tower
Ringing only lies
Despotic sacrament
In the Vicar's eyes
I roam the halls back-bent
Silent, vacant room
A lonely malcontent
Ringing in his doom

02. Overborne

We came from the ocean
We saw though the sky
We went through the motions
Brave enough to spawn and die

With our waking
Born to die
No escaping

Born in caves that surface
Dry and hungry spells
Turning void of purpose
Future never tells

Promise making
Born to lie
No mistaking

03. Ape Uprising

You called us animals
We found the right and used it
Kingdom of cannibals

It's fight or flight
Our strife continues on

We shared your ancestors
You kept us caged like monsters
Simian manifold

It's fight or flight
Our strife continues on
You found the might in
Your opposing thumbs

But our battle's begun
Just a step on the rung
Thought you buried my brain
All your efforts in vain

But our battle's begun
Now you're biting your tongue
All the world is your stage
Until you rattled my cage

Now that your missing link was
Found in the shackled chain
Death to the noble savage
Life to the spoils of Kane

Prodigal Caesar rising
Rolling in leaves of rage
Swinging on vines you'll find him
Locked in his human cage

Dragging this out through centuries
Paleolithic maze
Caught in an endless circle
Chased in a fossilled craze

Corpus of ill-intention
Oedipus bound in chains
Bored of his new inventions
Bankrupt for all his pains

04. Simian Manifesto

Never coming down from the trees
Never bending down on my knees
Your attempt to shackle my brain
Still afraid I'll put you to shame

I'm up here walking on air
It's like I'm not even there

Never coming down from the trees
Never bending down on my knees
With bad intent you stand and you stare
If I come down you'd better beware

You're down there fighting for air
From here you look pretty square

Never coming down from the trees
Never bending down on my knees
You attempts to shackle my brain
Only seem to add to my fame

I'm up here swinging in time
Survival's my only crime

Never coming down from the trees
Never bending down on my knees

05. Shakedown At The Six

Racing down the naked highway
Three AM is coming my way
Brother it's another shakedown

Tank is down at less than zero
Painted savage, nasty hero
Brother it's another shakedown

Mirrors breaking in the shower
Hear them outside, feel their power
Brother it's another shakedown

Sirens moaning in the street
They're kicking doors in, feel the heat
Brother it's another shakedown

06. White Cousin

We wanted to stay,
You cancelled the sun
We hide underground
And worship a gun

White cousin - When will it end?

The jungles we shared
Are all in the past
The all-seeing eye
Is closing at last

White cousin - When will it end?

They come with pink eyes
And lily-white skin
They hide underground
And burrow within

White cousins - Albino slaves

07. Ape Outro

As I turn water to wine
Shackle the unholy swine
You thought you'd captured my brain
Animal spirits remain

You found a cage for your prize
Simian anger defies
Atop your temple of sties
Prodigal Caesar will rise

As I turn water to wine
Turning the trees to my shrine
Tear down your temple of pain
Prodigal Caesar will reign

08. Nasty Hero

Here in my sanctuary
I will spin another kind of lie
About a species out of time

I ain't your plastic hero
I won't be the victim of your crime

You lost your hold upon the flame
With no direction and no name
And only ravaged by the slime

I'll be your nasty hero
And you're gonna pay for all my crimes

Some people say
You can only save yourself anyway
Can you say my name?
You'll only put your mind to shame