Hirax - Raging Violence lyrics


02. Evil Forces

You, you will go down to the demons
When you get there you'll be down in hell
Sinners are wrong sinners are weak
Got top be strong can not be weak
Down to the demons, down to the demons
Down to the demons

Black is the night cooled it's the air
Prepare for hell get ready if you dare
Lucifer is his name he is a liar
Hell is his home down in the fire

Evil forces you must face the beast called by the holy one you are the priest

You must believe in me my son

I am the Lord God the Holy One

03. Blitzkrieg Air Attack


04. Guardian Protector

On thru the night
Praising what is right
Angel of Mercy
Looking over the
He must defend
The weak and the strong
Fight for the good
Conquering the wrong

Ah Ah Ah

Guardian protector
Looking over the domain
The brave warrior
Against the wicked insane
From Hades the wicked come
Trying to penetrate
Wait for the night when it's black
Thunder roars as they attack

Scream in pain the call of war
All hell's breaking loose
Holy man prays to God
That this will all soon end
The nightmare bloody death
It is real you are there
The capture the torture
When you wake up you're dead

05. Bombs Of Death

The feeling of fear
Death is near
This will be the last war
Politician out of control
Play deadly games with our lives

Bombs of death it's over drop from the sky
Nuclear war get ready prepare to die

No more love full of hate
This world is doomed to end
Judgment day soon will come
Dividing the good from the bad

Nuclear war dust in the sky
The holocaust has begun
Women and children and men will die
They'll be no one left to fight

No one will live to survive
Life will not exist
Women and children and men will die
They'll be no one left to fight

06. Defeat Of Amalek

Day of Christ Christian war
Barbarian chivalry
Attack the land Israel
The place of the Lord
Moses said Joshua
Choose me for the fight
A top the hill Moses stands
Power in each hand

Die defeat terminate amalek
Cry defeat holy victory

Joshua fought amalek
Time came to pass
His faith God would decide
If he'd live or die
Moses Aaron and Hur
Held their hands up high
The sun went down
It was done amalek had lost

Strike to win
Fight the sin
Battle of brave
To the top

07. Raging Violence

Children murdered to death
Death toll twenty dead
Killer finally caught
Set free a technicality

Parents of the victims
Hunting the killer down
Track him to his place
Fire burned it down

Raging violence
Killer from Hell
Feeling no Pain
Raging Violence

Dream being chases
Terror in your face
Claws cutting you
Scream as you die

Nightnmare frightening to death
Scared stiff cold sweat
Is it a dream or is it real
Evil man haunting you

08. Call Of The Gods

No belief oh how the children sin
Over and over they do it again and again

Call of the gods evil ones
Burn in hell you will rot

Breaking the cross turning it upside down
Acting like fools they are the devil's clowns

Call of the gods evil ones
Burn in hell you will rot

Wicked misled throwing their souls away
No mercy Satan is why they will pay

09. Warlords Command

Warlord take the land
Armies march by command
Wounded left for dead
Rip to shreds like a doll
Ten days the fight goes on
More soldiers fall and they die
When the battle's won
Who will be left to carry on

Attack kill everything
Butcher stab till no life
Abolish wipe them out
Murder them in cold blood
Who's the next to die
No one knows for sure
Bloodshed everywhere
The smell of death in the air

The warlord he commands
Must obey his command

Ah ah ah!

Warlord take the land
Armies march by command
Wounded left for dead
Rip to shreds like a doll
Nobody knows for sure
Bloodshed everywhere
The smell of death in the air

10. Suicide

Neglected treated bad
Outcasts no gall
Obsessed with hate
Vengence death's call

Crazy out of his mind insand he's cracked
Desperate to take his life
Rifle gun or knife

Plead for help silent scream
No one cares now it seems
The weapon to his head
Trigger's pulled no he's dead

Die for no reason but we do not know
Why he killed himself death by suicide

Everyone wonders why
The young man took his life
Unsolved mystery
Evil let it be

11. Executed

Innocent man walking home
Police pick him up
Fits the description of the villian
The law is looking for
Convicted of murder, first degree
He is on death row
Sentenced to death for a crime
He did not commit

Blind fold, firing squad
The wrong man will die
Executed, shot to death
The dead man's family cries
Investigation into the case
No one can deny proof revealed
He told the truth the dead man
Did not fucking lie

The state is sorry so they say
But nothing can bring him back
The fact remains he is dead
The guilty's ones on the loose
There must be precautions taken
So this won't happen again
The innocent die, the criminals live
What's this world coming to?

12. The Gauntlet

Infiltrate mutilate slaughter instigate
Strike again decapitate impale rip flesh

Gauntles striking rushing through the town
Corpse laying rotting on the ground
Rabid death the plague has won again
History repeating a war dying sin

Lightning thunder starving hunger
Kick down pissed on hell to pay bastard

Pressure mounting the clock counting
Fighting dying children crying

13. Destruction And Terror

Can you feel the power
Vibrating all around
Anarchy in the city
Bad people all around

Shooting screaming people cut down
Killing bloodshed death all around
Running hiding this is a war
Caught in the middle the center the core

Destruction and terror taking the land
Survivors together looting command
Those who survive will become scavengers
Killing each other and taking what's theirs

Ooh! People stop this hate
Learn to love before it's too late

Lying stealing anything to live
No food or water nothing to give
Starving to death barely living
Torture and pain to main it will bring

14. Destroy

Kill all in sight
Defend with your might
Break the man's skull
Rip out his eyes - destroy

On to the fight
We will go
Kill them all
To the Fight

Evil in his soul
You must take control
God's on your side
He is your pride - destroy

Strike make him bleed
Death dying speed
When he is dead
Cut off his head

15. Bloodbath

A killer a leader they think he is God
Demanding commanding obeying his word
Crazy psycho out of his mind
Followers believers loyal to the man

Kill for their master murder when he says
Torture all their victims
Bloodbath they look dead

Animals savages sick people they are
Praying sinning for their fake God
Wild dirty together they ride
Their home the desert cult they live

Mayhem death shoot them down
Take no prisoners kill them all
Cutting breaking thrash to death
Banging the head breaking his neck