Blood Red Throne - Souls Of Damnation lyrics


01. The Light, The Hate

Use the mask
I don't want to see your inside
I will not kill you
I will watch you die by your own hands
They once called it spiteful malice
Now, in anticipation of you being helpful
You only destroy
It is so
Mind chaos
The dying inside
Your scars, gone
Under your skin

Living in what you call your soul

Your words when you reach for the bell
God, I wish for hell
A world of dead prophets
A world of not yet spoken wisdom
This primitive machine
Eating your heart out
Reincarnation... ?
I say pulverization
My coffin will not exist
It is eternally, it never stops
You want to hate
Take my scars
Create my pain
But your mind sleeps
Sealed by your belief

02. Harme

Dyrk ikke skjonnheten fordi den er falmen
Dedyrk ikke kjaerlightened fordi den er deoende
Dyrk ikke troen fordi den kan svekkes
Dyrk ikke hapet fordi det kan mistes
Dyrk forratnelsen fordi den alltld blomstrer

Dyrk hatet fordi det alltid spirer

Dyrk mistroen fordi den alltid gror
Dyrk haplosheten fordi den er evig
Gi ikke latter naering
Et sil er den visse dod
Vis ingen tegn til amsorg
Vis ingen tegn til svakhet
La ikke dagen gry
En morgen er den visse dod
Vis ingen tegn til anger
Vis ingen tegn til frykt

03. Your Cold Flesh

Dead eyes in hollow shells
a distant rumbling in this hell
clinging to existence, infected lives
fungus of humanity, in decay thrives

How morbid you are in total failure

a leading star, but also descending
formless, disengaged and mordant in reason
(by all means) vindicate your action,
but we see your ending

isolated and dead congregation
no longer in exile or in hibernation
an epoch is over, rejoice, rejoice!
prepare for a head count of our enemies loss
no room for believers or erratic behavior
rid the world of this pestilent plague
don't care for those craving heartbroken
in times of enlightment they've been outspoken

You have conquered the throne of damnation
all there is to inherit; a world's demise
you have conquered the throne of damnation
crown yourself king of everything despised

04. Human Fraud

Some issues will stay unanswered
making room for speculation
the one thing we know for certain
religious beliefs are based on mythology
confirmed by history
and the very essence of human beings
only the narrow minded
refuse to acknowledge and accept this
we can not destroy you
or convince you with logic
but we'll wait and rest assured;
your faith will come to an end
The truth is without limit
who's o claim it on behalf of a human creation
it's the fear of decide
when killing is an act of a non-existing god
history repeats itself
it always has and it always will
it's a question of viewing
humanity in the right context

Therein lies the answer to the secret
it isn't hard to grasp or even understand
but it is threatening in its simplicity
and you cannot see it

05. Demand

Manipulate the beast. Serving, control
Swallow the praise of dirt
Salvation for me
There is no such thing as salvation
Chaos supreme...
Cut out my tongue, and I will tell you the truth.
It grabs me. It makes me remember the evil...
The curse stands as a monument in time. Forever...
These are the skulls of tomorrow
Kill... fade away
And once again
I use my knife,
This time I cut to your bone.
Your flesh falls to the ground.
Your blood hits my eyes.
I crawl inside your head, bringing out your dead.
Watch them cry
22 days of struggle,
Praise, Fight, Desire, Demand
And we bring you the glory
The Throne will never fall...
No longer dead

06. Throne Of Damnation

Your cold flesh covers my eyes,
From the burning of chapels we rise.
My nails under your skin,
makes your blood touch the air.
Keeping you down, wearing the crown,
the crown of salvation, the divine erection,
fading your light.
You will wake up, just to see a piece
of hammer inside your eye.
You will be eaten alive. You will fall to the ground.
You shall feel the wrath. You shall no longer live.
You will never die. You shall make me smile.
You shall feel the curse. You will be left alone.
You will be unknown.
You shall never again be strong.
You will never be saved. You shall be killed.
You shall be killed by me.
...turns cold. Never see the stars again.
Trapped like inside a womb, death prevails.
Killing the monster; Killing the master.
The psychic terrified god licks my hands.
The killer... Feast on your flesh.
Could we go even darker?

Blood red...

07. Prove Yourself Dead

The mark has been set, there is no escape
Progression is gone
Weak imitations infesting the world
With infected beings, incurable hoax
I lament mankind, proclaiming our death
Progression is gone
How can we breed, continue to grow

Blinded and caged, feeding on hate

Prove me wrong, and you'll dethrone yourself
By proving me wrong, you will prove yourself dead
Slowly, Slowly I ran my knife into your chest
Units force me to stab you down
They cannot let you have this world
Cause its turning into a living hell
Once your home, it was
Prove them wrong,
and you will prove yourself dead

Prove him wrong,
and you will proove yourself dead

08. Not Turgenjev, But Close

I dress in the skin of
what is already dead
I take the on the part
which the sorroundings expect,
though they're unaware
of the anti-life inside
my thoughts circle around
the opposite of asphyxia,
because that's what I am
(I haven't been anything else
for a very long time)
it has been written a lot about
the overwhelming darkness,
but it didn't clearly state
the amount of insight it contains
it knows more than the light
it wreathes me and observes me from all angles

Maybe I am to be born now?
I look upon that day with fear and horror

I have reconciled myself
with my thoughts and visions
it took ages, but now it's over
I can accept the obvious,
because it's what you see
I can live with the hatred and self-contempt,
but I cannot survive the disgust and nausea of others
if they were to experience me from inside,
beneath the unasphyxiated exterior
I look upon that day with fear and horror
the day when suicide becomes inevitable
because it will arrive. That, I know.

09. Ten Steps Of Purgatory

A gateway before menothing more than a simple door
I walk towards it, shivering
as I reach the threshold I hesitate
aware of the pitch black darkness
ready to take hold of my soul once I'm inside
one step forward and my life is irrevocably lost
though this is no time for second thoughts,
it is impossible not to be affected
by the dismal and uncanny presence of doom:
the hounds of hell call out on me
The abyss is already glaring in my eyes
now, in this very moment
my left leg has crossed the line
the first step and the mind is absorbed
disembodied from the spirit and soul
i do not know this place I'm at,
though it feels familiar
suddenly it all becomes very clear and silent
and the silence is piercing
whatever's left of mean oxymoron in Limbo?
how pecullar ...I cannot stay here for too long
as it's not the place I'm meant to be
My fate is to finish the ten steps of purgatory
someone is drawing an invisible circle and
forces me to count it, nine times
is this hell?
I ask, but no answer
am I being judged by actions I couldn't control
suffering sins and crimes I did not commit
just because I got drawn towards the darkness
why do you claim that, there are nine steps,
when in fact it's ten.