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Morphia - Unfulfilled Dreams lyrics


01. Unfulfilled Dreams

"The need to know beyond
is planted within ourselves"
I whisper in your ear

Unspoken dreams fill
your eyes with gazing shadows
And in this ominous silence
you scream:

Death is frightening me!!

But you must die
but you must die

you must die
for certain
The ending
Unfulfilled dreams

You live in fear
of what will become
of you

your anguish
is unbearable
just a thin fragile hope

There's was a question
so here's the answer!!

For you will die!!

Do you want to stay here or die?
That's only the question left
That is the essence
Do you want to die?

I don't wanna die!
Nobody wants to die

One las embrace
One last Goodbye
To your dreams

02. Ab Inscientia Depositus Sum (A.I.D.S)

In my heart I'm an ordinary man
Though I may seem old and ill
I have had believes and dreams
Believe me, I Have got them still

As though my future looks black
yet my blood is also red
I've never felt so blue
Since They've told me, I'll soon be dead

My hopes and joys have vanished
as sorrows and despair have vanquished
I think of beautiful memories long gone
knowing they're never to be returned
Sometimes I fall down on my knees
God, can't even Thy cure my disease?
I'm crying, still no one hears
Behold me for this vale of tears

Although I don't have much time left to live
I still have got love to give
What I've done wrong?
Please tell me why
Ab inscientia depositus sum
tell me am I?

03. How I Feel

Death is all I see
Depressed is how I feel
I feel sad
Is it all in my mind?

Death is all I see
Depressed is how I feel
It's like I find
My spirit separated from my mind

Death, depression, sickness
That's what I feel
Nobody, only emptiness
That's how I feel

But I know, somehow, somewhere
You are near
Someday, sometime I know
You will hear

My cry for life is here
Don't let death interfere
You know I want to live
Please will you forgive me

04. My Endless Death

Look at me
My spirit mourns
Here I am

I am dying, an endless death
Endless visions, haunting me
Come and take me by your hands
I reach my hands to you now

Here I am
In despair
Endless tears
I'm crying
Help me to
Believe you
Through my tears
I want to see you

I'm crying
I want to see you
Here I am
I reach my hands to you now

Lord, please, don't let this man
die in his own sorrow
Don't let me pay for the sins
that I've done
I didn't understand your will
So I did mine
And how I reach my hands to you
In despair
Just one question remains
Can you help me??
For here I am

05. Thor's Symphony

Imagine the wind freshening from
the calm
before the oncoming storm. The trees bow deep
before Thor's presence, while the birds seek
safety in flight.
It rumbles in the distance as the first
raindrops cautiously descend
upon the woodsland soil
The village, with all its shuttered windows
casts a spectral image, reflecting the fear for
Will he be kindly disposed
this time...?

06. Desire

Come, to my garden
In the mist of broken dreams
And feel...
And feel my burning desire!!
Come with me
Come, with me my love
The shore with its white sand
Your beauty, under my hands
Screaming to the stars above our heads
They're twinkling in her eyes
While She gets wet
Drowning, in sweat and fire
And feel our burning desire

And the moon reflects the sunlight
Over the cold black sea
Like my mind
And there's a warm breeze
Over the wrinkling surface
And over me
And it reminds me of the beautiful night
That we have ha
I'm sad. am I dead or in love
I cry!!

I scream your name
with loving passion
I scream your name
I cry a tear
Cause you're so dear
I cry a tear

And while time fades away
I still want you
You're still there
deep within my cold black mind
Come to me!
Come to me my love!!

07. The Day I died

As her eyes opened
By touch of the evening light
I just stood there mesmerized
Embraced by twilight

In the falling dusk nature subsides
Into the silence of the night
Her stunning beauty blinds my eyes
She cries

Was it a dream?
Was it reality?
Was it all inside of me?
Who is she?
And who am I?

She ran away into the night
She looked terrified
I never will forget her sight
And still I die, for her
...for her!

08. Ithiniëlle

Have you ever looked at the stars?
Watched them twinkle?
Brighter than the brightest star
Her eyes were always laughing
Never dying, sparkling, caring
Blue they were, like the vault of heaven

Have you ever looked at the moon?
It's pale beauty?
More beautiful was her skin
Smooth and soft, brighter as the moon
But whiter, warmer, younger
Alluring when caressed by sun

Have you ever seen a pitchblack night?
A moonless night over Illion?
Darker even was her hair, yet brighter
Long, like an arctic night
reflecting the sun like the northern lights
Blinding, while attracting your eyes

Have you ever tried to speak of something
That could not be matched to words
Thousands of words could not describe
One gaze, one glare at her
Ithinielle, queen of thy people
Supreme of thy stars

Ithinielle, queen of thy people
Supreme of thy stars