Celestia - Frigidiis Apotheosia: Abstinencia Genesiis lyrics


01. She's Dead (Valse Funeste De Decomposition)

Dried Petals,

"pleure le marbre que l'on éventre."

The last traces of Her Macabre scent.

Sleeping on my Coffin of Tears.
Candles light Her skinny corpse.

Closer, closer...

Death takes me.

02. A Plaintive Cry Merely Echo

I'm crying far away.
Tears are rolling along my corpse.
Obscurity is Chanting.
Voices are crying.

Around the temple of my thoughts.
I can hear them...
I can hear the voices of the Dead.

03. Admirable Eros Abstraction

Return to the genesis of the Abstinence process.
Chanting the words to evoke the purity's splendour.
Shaking facing portraits of holy divinities.

I wish to destroy...

I wish to kill this infectious part of flesh...

04. A Regrettable Misinterpretation Of Mournfulness

I'm afraid that my own self-judgement failed.
I've faced a fake court of illusive queens of lies.
Not able to understand what was hidden behind me.
Not able to express what was inside me.

I remembered these tears.
Permanent Acid Pain.
Broken pieces of glass dormant in my corpse.
Pushing me to evolve by weakness.
Reaching that limit of unconscious.
My Eyes cannot be closed.

I faced what I wanted to consider as purity.
I felt regrets when I touched her hand.
I was hurtled when I kissed her lips.
I thought I felt sadness.
But it was disgust, only.

I wanted to swallow what I was not able to vomit.
I wanted to fly away and return to that embryonic foetus state.
Something has to live again. Death do not give life.
A creature without that repugnent capacity of procreation.
Sumptuous Endrogyna.

Unemotional unborn nature.
Liquid crystal shining through eyes.
I walked without leaving traces on the sand.
I wish I could breath like those humans I refused to hurt.
But they refuse to share what they have in abundance.

05. Death Of The Lizard Queen (Necro Phaanthasma)

Trapped inside the glass of ice,
Insecta was not able to move,
I thought she was dancing because of my presence.
A dance of fear, a desperate way to implore my feelings to let Insecta get out Her prison.

This idea of freedom was like a spear piercing my old man hand.
I noticed this was painful, an old experience...

I was also previously very tormented by the fact of not being able to define the identity of Insecta. I was scared and I cried tears who had the taste of blood. Then, I started to ask myself if I really knew the taste of blood...

After several days of trapped pré-putrefaction, Insecta finally died.
I was saddened by this regrettable fact. I had the feeling to loose a part of myself.
Something I knew it existed before, but something, once again, impossible to define.

I suddenly remembered the taste of Blood. The smell of Death was close of this taste.
The Night after, I had expected menstruation Blood, this red liquid collapsing toward myself.
But Frustration came as usual. I was not hurtled, no blood, just tears...

06. Morbid Romance (Arcana VI Revisitae)

I open churchyard's old portrait.
A long strident howl tears the Night...

I follow the dancing white Spectral lights.
Suddenly, I start to feel... A terrible Nocturnal presence.

Hidden behind the decomposed door...
Some black candles are burning inside the edifice...
I enter the monument and I see a dormant entity.

I wonder if she is asleep... I don't know if she is Dead.
The color of her long white dress shines on this obscurity.
I'm blinded by all this purity... My Blood is freezing.

I'm totally hypnotized by her Astral Demonic Beauty.
I start to caress this dormant body, a marble pure corpse...
It is so cold, so pure... So fascinating...

My goddess is here, dormant, for eternity...
I will now sleep with her now, also for eternity.
My place is here in the bottom of this obscure graveyard.
Death will take me soon... I will die with her.

07. The Seed Of Negation (Abnegativia Rejections)

(Texte integral)

First, it appeared like an averse of tears, a non important detail, like a spring wing breath, that wind who do not hurt but on contrary let that feeling of freedom slowly, caress your face. That sweet wind left a seed in his hand, that seed was softly swallowed and it taste started to develop inside his mind. Eyes were closed, hands were opened and then, he was suddenly projected in the middle of an ocean of clouds, all was calm and peaceful first, sun was present as a force guiding his moves.

The sunrays caressed his face like his mother once did in a forgotten previous life. After closing his eyes, he finally felt asleep in the middle of the void, surrounded by moving cotten clouds and dancing spectral moon rays. Some images started to appears, it was clearly easy to define these visions. All started with harmonious notes of baroque music, played with an antique harpischord. All evolved suddenly to a kind of discord, something felt on the ground, it created a delicious sound, something really soft... It is tears? Or maybe the sound of blood chanting into obscurity while collapsing? Nobody will ever know, why this Seed had some strange marks on its body?

He opened his stomach with a sharp scalpet. It was vital to find back what has been swallowed a few days earlier. But, that leaded as to an huge disappointment, all was apparently rotten inside! It's quite difficult to imagine someone bleeding like that and meanwhile puking... But let's go closer to see what is happening... Oh! Finally there's no real need to worry since what he was puking was just dead Insectas, some larva's also, every sorts of dead and non dead things. You know, those who are dead and looks still have their minds. Feelings of immense disgust, shapr inner pain crying till piercing the flesh...

So, it became more convenient to look to another direction. But what was going to get outside his rotten stomach? It was blood first, but also some genitals organs who were getting implanted in other organs. Oh! What a failure!! This is unreal, this is not possible!
No, this is not possible because humanity are certain it is not, but what's this creature is enduring is real as a matter of fact. After all, when he will have finished to bleed, he will die and everything will be fine at the end. Death is deliverance to life. Life only lead to Death?
There's many ways to reach Death. But still we wonder where is the most pleasant one. So, I will wait, sit on my throne, gazing at the sky, in search of answers and time will fade out, slowly over my corpse... Day after day, I rot, expecting light that will bless me for the rest of eternity. I will tend to forget the taste of all the Seeds I had to taste...

08. Frigidiis Apotheosia (Dormant Rests Of Raped Necrosia)

The Crystal doll fainting fit on the infinity of thoughts.
She final reach to the temple of Eros damnation.
The explosion left thousand pieces of tears on the ground.

A non emotional taste of steel.
Silence before and after the Rape.
Slow flesh penetration.
Apotheosia reached at the level before Pain.
The scratch of the painful blade lead me to silent inner screams.

Tears of the sleepless beauty, flows on the pale grey sky.
Desolate state of bitterness mixed with the most macabre serenades.
The silent screams of the emotional tomb who has now been forever closed.