Royal Hunt - Land Of Broken Hearts lyrics


01. Running Wild

I am just a number, I don't know my name
Unknown faces - a part of the game
Out in the desert the madness begins
Who's talking mercy? We're playin' to win

Better run around, there's no easy way out
If you you loose - take the stand
So do whatever you can- again and again

Running wild like creatures of the night
We're born to run - we never trust the light
Running wild, we're so afraid to try
We're all alone and everyone is blind
Runing wild.

You'll start the fire and livin' on a lie
Rats get fat while good men die
They got you running to follow the track
You'll face the trouble with fear on your back

02. Easy Rider

Somebody's gonna win one in a million, on of a kind
So tell me it's a sin, I'm pushin' it up and crossin' the line

Nobody's gonna run, Nobody's gonna hide
So if you are lookin' for trouble - you'd better stand up and fight

Easy Rider - takin' it day by day
Easy Rider - drinkin' the night away.
Easy Rider - livin' it day by day
Easy Rider - trouble is on its way

Since I was a kid, never looked back, never slowed down
Ridin' the street, lookin' for a one way ticket to the promised land

03. Flight

Eye's of the night, keepin' me right
Engine's roaring like hell
Wing on my side, shakes of the light
Ready to go - I can tell

You better sit upright or you'll fall down
No one's gonna help you miles around
There's no place for tears or fear of heights
Nothing- just the thunder of flight

Fly forever and try -
Cross over the sky-
Feelin' the wind blow.
Cry for losers who died
They're watching you fly-
Over the rainbow

Scary how fast you're down in the dust,
Watching the sign in the sky
Kill or get killed, glory and thrill
Waitin' for one who'll survive
I had a dream last night and I say you burn
Right on the edge of the point of no return
No more excuses and no more comin' back,
Light of the sun - it's turnin' black

04. Age Gone Wild

All I need is to turn the page
I can see a man - he's twice my age
Proud face, a lot of scars
I can see a shadow of the bars

Hold on - can you feel the sorrow
hold on - he wont see tomorrow.

Yes, he was proud as hell to the end of the line
So he's got a story to tell of the age gone wild
The magic and the spell and eye for an eye
Now, he's got a story to tell of the age gone wild.

Just a kid but he was told
He will be the one to rule the world
Such a shame - with the speed of light
He became a beggar over night

05. Martial Arts

I've always been the perfect man for fightin'
I've always been the one who'd never lose
Get up'n'play - It used to be exciting
A chance to win - but there is no excuse
But now I feel I've spent my life for nothing
no chances left - confusions like a rain
One step ahead won't help - I'm losin' something
Another victory will bring another pain
And I feel like a stranger - lost and found
In the heat of the danger - another time around
One by one - we're fallin' on the burnin' ground
One by one - keep movin' round 'n' round
One by one - just fallin' like shootin' stars
One by one - we'll just rust behind bars

I'm on track - no matter how I'm movin'
From light to light - another dusty place
No one around - aware of you're doin'
Forgotten hero - an unknown face
Straight through the heart - no pain
'cos there's nothin'
back to the past - just injuries insight
No way to stop - watch out, 'cos evil's laughin'
No use screamin' - it's sinkin' in the night

Take a look in the mirror - see if you're blind
Keep chasin' the hero - in another time

06. One by One


07. Heart Of The City

Can't see no changes, I wanna be free
I'm a brid on a wire
My blood is boilin' it's burnin' in me
Overkill by fire

Sun goes down and the moon's risin'
Chasin' evil shadows in town

Just like a junkie, I can't see a thing
Feelin' the chill that surrounds me

I can't get out 'cos I'm trapped in the ring
Something's comin' to haunt me

Set me free - don't try to put a chain on me
Page was a turn - you're gonna learn
Right in the heart of the city
Another kid from downtown - you see
Born to live in sorrow
I owe you nothing and that's how it is gonna be
By the morning - it's over

08. Land Of Broken Hearts

See a thousand bodies crakin' 'n' fallin' back
Rows of loaded weapons ready to attack
Sharp pain screams like heel in a victim's eyes
Wanna say to everyone - promises were lies

And here we go again, back to back
round and 'round
And here we go again, back to back
One shot, buddy, and you're hittin' the ground

Land of borken hearts
One more shot and another friend's gone
Land of broken hearts
Pray to your god, 'cos the killing's begun

See a million facs - can you let it go
Try to stop this bloody rain paintin' on the snow
blood, death - all around - livin' on the edge
Look smashed flesh and bones prayin' for revenge

09. Freeway Jam


10. Kingdom Dark

Run, you better run as far as you can
Why - I'm gonna die and nobody cares
Stop wastin' my time, I'm gonna fly high
You'll find out, the way to survive - follow the light

Watch your steps, it's Kingdom Dark
There is fear behind your back
Help me out or let me in
Watch me die for someone's sin

Out, somebody shouts, but who - I can't see
Age, blesses to the rage, callin' for me

11. Stranded

I see a face in the night, why do I feel I'm in danger?
Image of me get pushed to the side, just by the eyes

Anyway, all the faces I've seen,
Over and over again
Everytime, when the sun goes down,
Act the same - just the same
Stranded - so far away from home.
Stranded - I've made it happen all alone.
Stranded - so far away from home.
Stranded - in the eye of the storm.
(it's written all across the wall)

Open it up, turn it up - wild! Can you just give me a reason?
Livin' it up, give it up, wakin' up blind - leavin' yourself in a

Anyway, all the places I've been,
Over and over again,
Everytime, when the lights goin' down,
Looks the same - over and over again.
Keep your head above the ground - trouble
wants you to drown.
Don't get pushed and kicked around - don't let
them put you down.
Someone'd like to see you fall - tear the sucker down
Let the whole world crash and burn - keep your
head above the ground.