Dead Congregation - Graves Of The Archangels lyrics


01. Martyrdoom


02. Hostis Humani Generis

Goat burned god of plagues
In thy name I carve my flesh
I wish to be reborn!

Cast your darkness so I can see the light
Let it perforate my soul
The sun will set no more...

Lay me down on the bed of death
Allow me to return redeemed
Quench my thirst with vigorous bile
Bestow upon me hate

Hostis Humani Generis

Purge the earth from human pest
Manifestation of satanic might
Spit forth thy utmost wrath
An epitome of doom!

03. Morbid Paroxysm

Morbid paroxysm leads to despair
Insanity springs eternal
Lucidity fades to its demise...

Disintegration of the soul
To the existential void

Sanity ordains me not
A servant of paramount chaos
On perpetual orbit in the cosmos

04. Vanishing Faith

Wrecks of vanishing faith
Long lost herd of self-deceitful
Entrapped in pseudo morality
Sanctimonious disciples of blatant hypocrisy

Sin after sin, you commit
Yet hide in the veils of repentance,
only to sin again!
You repulse me...

Terminate... the bigotry

I assail your paltry messiah
I deflower the immaculate whore
I invert your symbols of worship
For I am the envoy of Satan!

05. Voices

The dry heads of the young ones
Staring at me await the hour,
Mouths halted mid-scream
Eyes black with death

A golden lament 'neath each tongue
Adorned by sings obscure
A body of weeds 'neath each wreck
Ritually prepared and bound

In the lamp's flickering light
I stare them in the eye
Shadows dance their faces
Their gaze returns mine

Demons howling backwards
Trees move in the breeze
My mind starving for reason
When with one voice they speak

06. Graves Of The Archangels

Rotted bones turn in earth
While eye almighty gazes
Sealed behind its lid
Bound by triangular coffin.

Rotted bones turn in the earth
Beetles crawl undivine tissue

Soil shifts by movement
Remnant seeks another ---

A predator's decayed wing
Decorates foreign torso
A lion's claws, old horns of ox
And a manlike face rises monstrous

Rafael, Sandalfon, Michael, Uriel
Fourfold immortality rid of life
Debased in mortal graves
In a shameful uprising rejoined

Fourfold immortality rid of life,
Fourfold renunciation of Λογος
Fourfold blasphemy of death.

Denying their father once holy:
On arbitrary anatomy
This hideous mass rises
To replace Μεσσιας

07. Subjugation

Soul and flesh segregated in a quest
Baptized in raven's blood
Prolific entities vegetating -- longing for
The revival of our father Satan

We are subdued

08. Source Of Fire

Glane of desire
Towards what was once needed
Now that all got obtained, used and consumed
Lack of hope force-fed
Energy tuned into fire.

Starving, craving, feeding
The endless process

Curving, forcing, bleeding
Sins never confessed

Glorification of other
Icon revealed through needs
Icon eaten, swallowed
Turning the outside into inside
Vortex of fire
Vortex of will
Vortex of power

Make me whole
Let the rise reach its peak of transcendency
Go through mind conspiracy
My own soul private enemy

09. Teeth Into Red

Teeth in flesh, red deep
Dead on the floor
Your lord consumed by rats
Twenty hundred years now
Why the fuck can't you forget him?

Eating His flesh
And drinking His blood
I pray for total death